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Hello and Welcome to KidzInc | Educational Toys and STEM Store

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KidzInc Australia is a Leading Educational Toys Company and STEM Store founded in 2009.

Parents and Carers often struggle to know what toys to buy to develop their children. At KidzInc we solve this problem, through educational based toys designed to be fun whilst developing their natural talents.

The first 11 years are critical to child development, and we provide you and your loved ones with everything you need to develop those beautiful minds. 

Dedicated to sourcing only the best developmental and educational toys for children from 0 to 12 Years of age.

We research all our products thoroughly, and if they do not pass the KidzInc test which is based on fun, quality, and educational benefit, we will not sell them.  

Our purpose is to provide you with only the best educational toys, STEM resources and supplies, games, and puzzles for your children, child care centres, preschools and class rooms sourced from all corners of the world.  We go to every corner of the globe to find you the very best toys.

All our toys are hand selected to ensure they assist in developing children to the best of their ability. We use child development principles when selecting our range and believe in the "Whole Child" concept and Multiple Intelligence. We specialise in educational toys and games, STEM toys to help develop children in the following areas: 

Emotional intelligence and Mindfulness
Financial skills
Spatial awareness
Sensory skills
Fine motor and gross motor skills 
Last but not least STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills.

With over 2,500 products to select from we have something for every age and need. From Baby, Toddler, Preschool stages, through to the Preteens and Teenage years.

Our range is updated frequently, and we bring many new lines to the Australian market every year. If the toys pass our test, you will find it here first.

A very high percentage of our toys are award winners, many winning multiple international toy awards. They are also some of the most popular educational toys and STEM toys on the market.

Latest Neuroscience research states that a child's brain is developed by 90% in the first five years of their little lives. And play is an integral part of your child's development. Connecting the highways of the mind.  

As Albert Einstein states, "Play Is the Highest Form of Research".

About Our Founder

Our Founder, Lubica was featured on the SBS Small Business Secrets show on Television in December 2018 for leading the Australian Market with STEM toys and preparing kids for the jobs of the future. 

See our interview by clicking the image below:

In August 2019, Lubica also became an Ambassador for the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI CHOOSEMATHS)

As a Mathematician, Lubica is passionate about developing the next generation with all the skills they need to succeed in the future, especially in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) space.

We are proud of our products and welcome you to our journey of enhancing our children's mind through play.