Bonikka Dolls and the Benefits to Your Child

Posted on March 25, 2022 by Lubica Misevski

Choosing a doll for your child is often a tough decision. How can you know whether your child will appreciate and enjoy a specific doll? Bonikka Dolls are an amazing choice. These soft dolls, rag dolls, and cloth dolls are handmade with gorgeous fabrics. They come in both contemporary and traditional designs that are soft and huggable and safe for babies and toddlers as well as older children. This timeless, classic soft toy is sure to become a favourite for your child or children. 

There are many benefits associated with allowing kids, including both boys and girls, to play with dolls, and Bonikka Dolls, with their timeless design, are some of the best options available. 

Bonikka dolls help encourage imagination.

It takes a lot of imagination to play with Bonikka Dolls and other toys. Children get to imagine who their dolls are and what their relationship is to the other dolls and toys around them--as well as to the child themselves. Playing with dolls encourages creative thinking skills and encourages the child to explore imaginatively. Playing with dolls, including Bonikka dolls, offers endless opportunity for creative exploration and a wide range of potential scenarios that can help encourage creative thinking. 

Those vital creative thinking skills often help kids in many other areas of their lives. Children who are creative thinkers are adaptive, ready to handle challenges, and often highly engaged with their environments.

Playing with dolls can help develop motor skills.

As your child plays with their doll, they will have the chance to manipulate the doll, bounce it, and hold it. Soft dolls are great for little learners who are developing their early fine motor skills and for older learners who may want to pose their dolls, put food or other items in their hands, or engage with them in a variety of activities. 

Motor skills are incredibly important at all stages of a child's development. A child with strong motor skills is often better able to handle schoolwork down the road as well as being better able to take on a number of tasks, including dressing, eating, and picking up toys after playing. 

Doll play can help encourage and develop caring and empathy.

Playing with dolls is a great way to encourage little ones to develop a strong sense of empathy that may carry them later in life, too. Often, playing with dolls helps encourage children to view concepts and situations through the lens of someone else's experience. Playing with dolls also helps them imagine what future life, including life with kids, might look like. Many of the children playing with dolls today will be parents in the future, and the skills they develop playing with those dolls may help carry them as they parent their children.

In addition, many children will relate and talk to their dolls, sharing their secrets with them and taking comfort in them when they feel sad or lonely. Bonikka dolls, with their soft construction, are ideal for developing empathy and connection. 

Playing with Bonikka Dolls may boost independence. 

When children role play with a doll, they have the opportunity to pretend that they are the grown-up and that the doll needs their assistance. Playing with dolls can help encourage children to take on more independent tasks, from setting the table to tying their own shoes. As they "help" their dolls with those tasks, many children will develop a deeper understanding of how to perform the task on their own, which may better prepare them to take on those tasks in everyday life. 

Bonikka Dolls are beautiful, soft, timeless toys that can help bring your child immense comfort and encourage a variety of creative play opportunities. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find a doll that will fit your child's unique needs and personality. 

You can go to our Bonikka Doll Range to purchase your next soft doll.

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Why We Give Rag Dolls to Younger Children

Posted on March 24, 2022 by Lubica Misevski

Rag dolls have a wonderful history over centuries of family life and child-rearing. Mothers in the 17th and 18th centuries would save cloth from sewing projects to make into dolls for their children, earning the doll's name. Each doll's body would be stuffed with rags, while the clothing would be made of cloth scraps. Rag doll faces would be stitched into simple happy smiles by the mother or even painted on by the children themselves.

Today, we rarely make rag dolls by hand, but rag dolls still serve an important role in early childhood development.


The Importance of a Young Child's Soft Toys

Rag dolls play an important role from a very early age. A baby's first soft toys become essential to their comfort and sense of safety. When a baby sleeps with a rag doll, it acquires a familiar scent, just like their blanket. The doll can be used to provide familiar comfort when traveling and make a new crib feel like home. Babies are comforted by the presence of a beloved rag doll. When your child is old enough to sleep on their side or stomach, a rag doll becomes a snuggle buddy, and less bulky than a typical stuffed animal.

Rag dolls can be made to be safe for infants and young toddlers by minimising the small or detachable pieces. Rag dolls without hair and with stitched instead of button features are safe to snuggle in the crib.


Simplicity, Imagination, and Open-Ended Play

One of the wonderful things about rag dolls is their simplicity. Young children need simple toys that inspire open-ended play. Young children are learning how to think, imagine, and explore. Their toys can become anything or anyone - provided they are not too specific. This is why young toddlers love toys like blocks and soft dolls that can become anything they want.

Rag dolls typically have simple features, often without even requiring a gender for the doll. This leaves everything to your child's imagination. Rag dolls provide a companion and a prop for many adventures, from their first game of House to riding on the back of their trike as your toddler grows up.


Role-Playing with Rag Dolls

Dolls are an important part of play for both boys and girls. A doll is a pretend person who can play the baby in a game of House, the patient in a game of Doctors Office, or the damsel in a game of Super Heroes. A doll can live in your child's block castle, ride their largest stuffed animal, or become their closest friend to tell their secrets to. Rag dolls, with their friendly yet simple design, let your child write them into every role-play adventure.


Bedtime with a Rag Doll for Young Children

Finally, rag dolls can make bedtime easier for children from babies to elementary school. A comforting soft toy helps to ward away nighttime worries, provide something soft to snuggle, and that familiar smell that means "my bed" for small children. A rag doll can stay with your child for years as a favourite bedtime toy, even after they stop being a part of daytime playtime.


Are you looking for the perfect set of toys for your baby, toddler, or preschooler? A rag doll can provide comfort, imagination, and companionship for a young child by letting them write everything except the snuggly softness of the doll itself. You can find a wonderful collection of handmade, organic, and baby-safe rag dolls at Kidzinc. Explore our selection to find the perfect rag doll for your toddler or a young child in your life. Not sure which doll is the right choice? Contact us for pointers from our natural toy enthusiasts.

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How to Select Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds

Posted on October 15, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds

By the time children are eleven, they are trying on new ideas and getting into some cool stuff. Being cool is fast becoming a central concern.

Social position and the objective value of ideas weigh more heavily as your eleven-year-old gains knowledge and personal depth.

Giving a great gift to an eleven-year-old can be all over the map; they are each so uniquely different at this phase as their personalities become stronger and more defined in pre-adolescence. 

Eleven-year-olds have many different interests and favourite activities, but there is always the coolness factor. If something is cool enough, it transcends individual interests.

And nothing is cooler than applied STEM in new and complex ways. Here are our favourite educational and yet oh-so-cool gift ideas for eleven-year-old girls and boys this year.


CyBot, the Hydraulic Robot Hand

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds

Prosthetic hand technology has come leaps and bounds in the last few decades, so much that we can make them as toys!

This cyborg's hand is a really nifty implementation of hydraulic technology, gentle and precise enough to grab an inflatable ball or small-ish toy. No batteries are required. 

Cybot the Hydraulic Cyborg Hand is mechanical, actuated by a finger-specific control in the base allowing children to choose precisely how they grip. The innovative design allows you to switch from right to left-handed operation for left-handed children or ambidextrous play.

The hand can be adjusted for any size, making it not just a great gift for your eleven-year-old, but a gift they will be able to play with as they grow into their adult size over the next decade of teen years.


The Amazing Chemistry Science Kit

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds - Chemistry

Home chemistry sets are a fun kit project for any child who enjoys mixing and chemical reactions. Every year, some families get their little scientist a new and bigger chemistry set, looking for classic experiments and gear innovations.

Some children also get more deeply interested in science at around eleven as they become interested in world events and think about their future careers. If your middle-schooler is ready to try some chemistry at home, a well-organised chemistry set is a perfect place to start.

What makes the Amazing Chemistry Science Kit great is its construction. This is an all-in-one stand that forms its own organised and decorative workstation.

The kit is less messy, more organised, and more attractive to leave out for the occasional experiment straight out of the homework books. If you want to make home science an everyday type of play, this is a great STEM gift for your scientific eleven-year-old.


Mega Hydraulic Robot Arm - Lever Action

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds - Robot Hand

What can you do with hydraulics and four simple lever controls? The answer is quite a lot. With the Mega Hydraulic Robot Arm toy, first, your child will build their own Robo-arm from a nifty hydraulic flat kit.

Then they will become The Claw, the dreaded opponent in every grab-toy arcade game. Able to extend, turn, swivel, and pinch, the claw is a super cool example of applied physics and engineering that eleven-year-olds of all interests will love.

From Robo-sipping soda to poking their siblings, just idly playing with the hydraulic arm will teach your eleven-year-old the basics of modern mechanical engineering and what makes the manufacturing sector tick.


Nifty Sensory Putty

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds - Putty

Silicone is unbelievably nifty. Have you noticed all the crazy things we can make out of silicone today? This is a conversation that should be occurring in households across the world right now. Just how much can we make out of silicone?

What can and can't silicone replace, like metal baking pans, plastic cooking spoons, and rubber safety mats? Well, we've made something new out of silicone that is just as fascinating: Sensory putty.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, "Scent" sorry putty is an infinitely fidgitable gloop of perfect scented silicone. This soft, not-quite-plastic material is safe, non-toxic, soft and easy to manipulate but never pulls apart. It also never dries out, wears out, or loses its soft colour in whichever scent-colour combination you choose.

Give your eleven-year-old something to work at when they are nervous or thinking, to enjoy the scent of at their desk, and to contemplate the bizarrely cool results of molecular chemistry.

Toys for kids at this age is something we specialise in, and while we know they are young adults, a remote control STEM toy will make them feel like they are Elon Musk or Marie Curie.

Please also see our full selection of educational toys for 11 year olds. 


How to Select Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds

Posted on October 14, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds

Being ten years old is a unique experience for every kid. Ten-year-olds are getting more involved with friends and forming deeper emotions.

Ten-year-olds are also starting to grow out of the childish toys of their earlier years, focusing more on what they can do with a toy or game than having fun with an object's properties alone. And sometimes, it is hard to find the perfect gift idea.

But alas, no more, from solar systems, STEM Toys, board games, or building toys for pre-teens, we have an extensive collection.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your ten-year-old or a bright growing child in your immediate circle, look for creative and STEM project kits that will be challenging to work on and rewarding to complete. Here are some of our favourite educational and STEM-inspired gifts for ten-year-olds this year.

Not all toys for kids at this age are created equal, and this is why we have put together a selection that kids learn from as they hit those double digits.


DIY Solar Robot Kit, 14-in-1 Ways to Build

Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds -  Robot

Robots should be infinitely rebuildable. One of the most excellent parts of being a robot is swapping out your limbs for wheels or claws or boat-pontoons whenever you want. Most of our favourite educational robots come with cute names.

The crab, row, boat, zombie, turtle, rolly, dog, and beetle are only a few. Still, this post-Wall-E solar robot is called 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit. It is a DIY kit your child can rebuild into 14 different operative mobile designs.

It walks, rolls, floats, and skitters with an infinitely rebuildable modular body. The robot also doesn't require batteries or a cable; it moves on solar power.

This toy teaches applied mechanical engineering and solar electrical engineering. It inspires your child to rebuild technology to their purpose- an important lesson for modern adults.

Ten-year-olds often experience a boost in fine motor and hand-eye coordination, so they will enjoy the challenge of building their robot and infinitely rebuilding it.


String Art Dreamcatcher Kit

Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds - Dream Catcher

For many children, their earliest expressions of mathematical skill come out through art. Dream catchers are a classic example of aesthetic geometric design using the tension physics of string around a frame.

Ten-year-olds often dive into creative projects and skills as a way to express their developing logical and emotional depth. Dream catchers make excellent projects that become wall-worthy art and early expressions of your child's artistic talent.

The Dream Catcher Craft Kit is a work of string art that teaches children how to make woven patterns and then craft their own images in the string. This is an early hands-on way to practice geometric design and can be infinitely recreated once the skill is learned by buying or building new frames and skeins of yarn.


DIY Robot Hedgehog Pet

Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds - Hedgehog

Ten-year-olds often go through a phase where they absolutely must have a pet, and robot pets are an excellent stand-in.

We love the DIY Robotic Hedgehog Kit. It's a little mechanical hedgehog that walks, curls up, and plays with a child like a pet. But it's also a robot they have built from pieces and can rebuild to alter or repair when they want to. This hedgehog is more than a pet; it doesn't make a mess and can be rebuilt for fun.

Give your ten-year-old the pet they've been asking for in the form of a fantastic STEM project that friends and siblings won't be able to resist. For ten-year-olds, the feeling of accomplishment from building their own pet is rivalled only by the glow of social approval for having a cool robot pet.


Physics and Engineering Experiments STEM KIt

Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds - Engineering

Is your ten-year-old always seeking new experiments? Little Scientists and engineers have the most fun with experiment science kits like the Physics and Engineering STEM Kit by Clementoni.

This kit includes experiment kits for physics, chemistry, and engineering in action. Make science visible with tons of kits that explore science in interesting new ways. Not to mention, the kit supplies become an awesome mad scientist kit to be replenished and repurposed for years of creative fun.

This is a great gift for ten-year-olds who like cool supplies and nifty experiments you can see. Big kits also make a good gift for siblings who may have interests in different areas of STEM so everyone can find a cool experiment to try.


Unicorn Crystal Growing Kit

Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds - Unicorn

Crystal growing is a beautiful and unforgettable part of childhood and has been since the 1970s; the first crystal growing kits became popular in toy stores. It's a fascinating science project to do at school or at home, and it's the perfect blend of science and art for more creative ten-year-olds.

The Unicorn Crystal Growing Kit grows your crystals in a gem-cut terrarium with individual jars for different crystal growing as well. Two tiny toy unicorns gallop around the crystals as they grow, crystals that match the unicorns in colour.

This is an excellent example of STEM applied in an artistic project kit. Your ten-year-old will explore the fascinating chemistry of crystal growing while also growing their own glimmering room decorations that they can feel proud of each time they see crystals on their shelf or desk.

Creative STEM projects and kits make excellent gifts for ten-year-olds because children like to feel challenged and accomplished.

From building robots to weaving dream catchers, give your child the gift of creative applied STEM learning. We love these kits because they're not just educational; they create a final product a child will be proud to keep for years as decorations and rebuildable projects.



How to Pick Educational Toys for 9 Year Olds

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

educational toys for 9 year olds

Nine-year-olds are bright, curious, and starting to develop inner depth. Children at this age are often more thoughtful and have started considering things they've never thought about before.

Nine-year-olds often become more social and friend time becomes very important. Many become distinctly more or less interested in athletics, and high-quality board games are a must for group and solo play.

What do you give a nine-year-old who is clearly experiencing and processing all sorts of new thoughts?

Some of the best gift ideas for a fourth-grader are STEM toys, active play toys, and games that inspire their creative application of learned skills.

Nine is an important year for cognitive and emotional development together, so consider gifts that encourage your fourth grader to take on challenges on their own with hands-on activities.


Stanley 3-in-1 Keypad Robot

Educational Toys for Tweens - 12 in Solar Robot

If your child has ever wanted to build a robot, Stanley is an excellent place to start. This robot doesn't come pre-built; Stanley, the multi-purpose keypad robot, comes in 182 pieces that will teach your nine-year-old early robotics and mechanical engineering as they build their own electric remote-control toy.

Why 3 in 1? Once built, Stanley has three modes, a nerf gun, a doodle marker, and a sweeper. This is a fantastic robot kit for kids.

Gift your nine-year-old with a friend they can build themselves. The robot will draw for them, clean up (a little bit), and be remote-controlled as a sneaky unit in a house-wide nerf battle. Older kids love this one too! A brilliant STEM learning toy.


My First Chemistry Set by Clementoni

Clemontoni Chemistry Set

Chemistry is fun for kids who love hands-on play. There are so many ways to see chemistry in action.

With the My First Chemistry Set by Clementoni, your nine-year-old can test, mix, and experiment with both chemical and household products. They can watch chemistry cause things to change colours, bubble and fizz, dissolve and condense, mix and separate, and create multi-step reaction chains.

This is the perfect gift if you plan to explore with your nine-year-old. The kit comes with a few chemical substances like copper, tartaric acid, and litmus paper, along with a wide range of test tubes with caps, stir sticks, tweezers, droppers, and safety goggles.

Encourage your child to get into the physical sciences early with the fun of Chemistry.

This science kit helps children learn about chemistry and is sustainable for 8 years and older age groups.


KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit

Educational Toys for Pre-Teen - Finger Prints

Is your nine-year-old a super sleuth? Some kids love detective and crime stories. They crawl around with their first magnifying glass. A classic Kidzlabs Fingerprint Kit

They love both classic and modern detective novels, from Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew to the latest crime-stopping cartoon heroes. Kids who are serious about catching criminals will dive into forensic science with the KidsLabs Fingerprint Kit.

Most kids wonder how fingerprints work, pay attention to the dusting, and think about catching criminals with those special marks.

This could be the gift of the season for a nine-year-old who has been soaking up detective strategies and is ready to fingerprint the family. Get ready to have your hands inked and your surfaces lightly dusted by an extremely curious justice-driven grade-schooler.

Kids and adults will both love this one, teaching kids that no two fingerprints are the same.


Door Pong Game

Educational Toys Pre-Teen - Door Pong

Of course, nine-year-olds are also growing fast physically as well as mentally. Nine is a common year for growth spurts and a need to burn off energy between schoolwork and science projects.

Door pong is a great indoor solution to a need for sports, activities, and a way for siblings to play together.

The door pong game clamps to the centre of a doorway and attaches to a ping-pong ball by a string.

You control how long the string is and, therefore, how far the ball can swing (and how tall the players have to be). Your nine-year-old will appreciate a way to jump, play, and practice their gross motor skills as they grow new inches in every direction.

A fast-paced, enjoyable toy for kids when they are stuck indoors.

Finding the perfect gift for your nine-year-old relies on balancing their interests with games and toys that will challenge them at their current level.

Encourage your nine-year-old to dive into STEM skills, use their existing knowledge, and practice all-new skills they discover along the way.

Whether learning new math skills, science skills, or about the human body, it should be fun! At KidzInc, we sell child development packaged as fun.

Our collections of Pre-Teen Educational Toys

How to Pick the Best Educational Toys for 5-Year-Olds

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

educational toys for 5 year olds

Every holiday season, relatives see just how big the youngest family members have grown.

Small children who were toddlers just a year or two previous are now bold young kindergarteners this year.

Five-year-olds are ready to put on their big-kid hats and face the world with a whole new attitude of exploration, science, and play. Where younger children focused mainly on learning how their hands worked and then how to take charge of a playroom, five-year-olds are starting to see the big picture for the first time.

It's hard to choose the wrong gift for a five-year-old, they are enthusiastic about everything, and anything is a new learning experience.

However, this holiday season, the best gifts for a kindergartener are toys they can build and rebuild into new challenges all year long. STEM learning, puzzle games, and games they can play with new friends made at school will make your gift a playtime favourite.


Machine-Building with Georello Tech Gears

Educational Toys for 5-Year-Olds - Georello Tech Gears


Gears are infinitely interesting, but gears with shafts, belts, chains, and tall multi-gear structures are even more incredible.

Five-year-olds are ready to master 3D puzzles and explore the STEM possibilities of early simple machines.

Levers and latches are a great place to start, but gear shafts are really what get the mental gears turning. Inspire your little engineer to build their first complex machine with the Gerorello Tech Gears set by Quercetti.

This incredible machine-maker incorporates all sorts of moving pieces that all move together when combined with the Quercetti universal joint piece that transmits spin over distances and to new parts of the machine. 


The Multi-Level Snakes and Ladders Game

Educational Toys for 5-Year-Olds - Snakes and Ladders

When we played snakes (or chutes) and ladders as children, of course, we imagined a 3D world where the pieces could really climb or slide down.

Of course, we acted out the climbing and the sliding, complete with sound effects. Well, now someone has finally built the game we all imagined: a 3D snakes and ladders game with multiple levels of stacked game boards.


The Multi-Level Snakes and Ladders game will not only fascinate your five-year-old, but it will also become a centrepiece of your holiday celebrations. Everyone from all generations will take a shot at this reinvention of a classic favourite board game.


Bye By Mr Fox, a Board Game for Saving Eggs

Educational Toys for 5-Year-Olds - Bye Bye Mr Fox


What do you get when you combine four wooden hens, a spinner, and 26 barnyard tokens? It's a game called Bye Bye Mr Fox that kids love.

Blue Orange Games brings us a cooperative board game for five-year-olds and older where the goal is to rescue the hen's eggs before Mr Fox gets a chance to steal one.

Each spin of the spinner determines who gets to move. Getting three eggs into each player-hen's nest is what it takes to win. This game teaches cooperation, math, problem-solving skills and fine motor control with an adorable wooden barnyard aesthetic.


The Ultimate Wooden Marble Run for Young Kids

Educational Toys for Five Year Olds - Wooden Marble Run

Of course, if you want to be the coolest gift-giver in your five-year-old's holiday, there's always the marble run.

There's no explanation why we love marble runs so much, except that humans of all ages can't resist watching marbles spin, track, jump, and roll down track after creative track.

Babies love marble runs from an early age, but they are old enough for something truly complex and life-sized at five. A wonderful building toy for developing fine motor skills and to teach your kids cause and effect. Young children love this one.

The Quadrilla Marble Run: Race to the Finish is a block set, a marble track set, and a city-building kit all in one. 


Five-year-olds get their first collection of marbles (now being old enough for pretty glass orbs). The 58 pieces set includes an incredible spinner twist, riser blocks, track pieces, marble shutters, and 30 individual marbles to send down the run. 


In addition to endless hours of fun, your five-year-old will also be practising fine and gross motor control, hand-eye coordination, and an early exploration into gravity, velocity, and architectural STEM learning.


This holiday season could be the best possible experience for your five-year-old with engaging, educational games that will keep them interested and learning for months after the gift is given.

These great games and toys for kids are inspired to create bright childhood experiences and learning opportunities with every new play session.

Kids of all ages learn through play, and when kids learn, we all win. Our full collection of educational toys for 5 year olds. 

Some of the Best Educational Toys for 8 Year Olds | KidzInc

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

educational toys for 8 year olds

What is the perfect gift for a unique and explorative eight-year-old? We have put this selection together as we know age recommendations are useful for kids and adults alike.

No two 8-year-olds are the same. By the time your child turns eight, they are rapidly becoming their own individual person with strong opinions and an ever-changing sense of style. 

They take on big-kid school, learn interesting real-world subjects, and form their first opinions about the world. 

Every day, they try on new thoughts and ideas the same way they try on costumes. Anything they try might be their career in the future, which is why now is the perfect time for inspirational STEM games and science kits.

Eight-year-olds love interesting new board games that use facts they learned in school. 

They love handicrafts that turn into something useful or beautiful and experiments where they get hands-on with science. This year, introduce your unique explorer to one of these tremendous inventive and STEM toys inspired games and activity kits.

This gift guide includes many award winners and includes some brilliant toys for kids.


Planet - The "Board" Game

Educational Toys 8 Year Olds - Planet Board Game

Have you ever thought, "If I designed the planet, I would have..."? Well, now you can. PLANET is an award-winning strategy "board" game that starts with each player holding a magnetic-sided decagon representing your planet. 

As you play the game, each player builds their own planet by choosing magnetic "continent" tiles that define each side of their decagon planet. Win animal cards and complete natural habitat quests to construct the most bio-diverse and balanced world and win the game.

This is a game eight-year-olds will play for months of unique play sessions alone, with siblings and friends, and with interested adults. 

The game pieces are beautiful and indeed evoke the feeling of creating natural biomes and ecosystems through gameplay. Eight-year-olds who like science, nature, space, and animals will all delight in building their own planets again and again.

A great addition to family game night, and teaches kids about science, space, nature and critical thinking skills.


Tobbie the Robot Building Kit

Educational Toys 8 Year Olds - Tobbie

Children who love robotics, building, and electronics will love the opportunity to build their own Tobbie robot. 

The set includes 70 pieces and instructions to guide children 8 and up to put it all together. Not only will the initial construction be an incredible dive into STEM engineering skills, but they have also built themselves a friend. 

Tobbie's computer chip guides a robot with emotional complexity and builds a personality before your child's eyes. 

Give your eight-year-old an early experience with AI in action and put the power of science in their talented little hands. Many children will love their robot pet so much they'll want to build another one. 

Tobbie can inspire any child to see the potential in science and hands-on engineering.


12-in-1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit (Hydraulic Tinker Toys)

12 in 1 Solar Robot - Educational Toys 8 Yrs

Some children build like they were born to it. They fit every gear and shaft and lego plate they can find into new constructions every day. 

If your eight year old loves legos and tinker toys, give them a tech-level upgrade with the 12-in-1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit. The title is a mouthful, but the kit speaks for itself. 

This kit can build countless walking and articulating robots that move on their own using solar power and tiny hydraulic pistons.

Give your eight-year-old a taste of mechanical engineering and green energy innovation. 

They can build a monkey, t-rex, bird, car, elephant, crocodile, and many more creative mechanical designs using delightful sets of gears, levers, and hydraulic controls. This is a gift that will be built and rebuilt all year long.


Deluxe Kitchen Science Kit by STEAM Powered Kids

Educational Toys 8 Yrs - Deluxe Kitchen

Every eight-year-old loves kitchen science. There's something extraordinary about combining household stuff into cool science projects, from dying eggs with food colouring to baking soda volcanos. 

The Deluxe Kitchen Science Kit is an excellent collection of supplies and guidebooks to do all sorts of kitchen-safe experiments, some of them even useful or tasty. STEAM powered kids is an entire line of toys based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

This kit includes making rock candy, getting power from oranges, putting bubbles into prisms, creating a mini weather system, using chemistry to shoot nerf rockets, and more.

The kit contains over 30 unique experiments and an easy to learn guidebook that can be followed with renewed supplies to repeat the show for friends and siblings. 

Eight-year-olds love hands-on gifts they can learn from and show off their learning.

STEM games can not only entertain your third-grader but also inspire their future class and career choices as they discover what real-world skills are the most fun and interesting. This holiday season is an opportunity to introduce your little explorer to a new glimpse at applied science and technology for fun.

Our full collection of educational toys for 8 year olds 


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