Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run: Rolling, Wobbling Fun For Toddlers

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Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online


When you choose a toy for your child, you want to be sure it's one that has value: one that will encourage brain development along with allowing for hours of playful fun. The Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run delivers. 

This classic ball run toy adds a twist that little ones are sure to love: a wobbly base that shifts back and forth as the balls roll down the slope, creating even more engagement and movement for your little one.

The Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run also offers several advantages for your child's overall brain development. 

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are incredibly important for developing little learners. As they grasp the balls in their hands and maneuver them into the appropriate spot, little ones will continue to develop these vital skills. Balls can quickly roll away or out of their grip, encouraging them to keep trying again and again. These balls are ideally sized for little hands, so they're easier to hold on to than the marbles you might find in a smaller marble run.

Developing fine motor skills can help your child learn how to manipulate small pieces and even help improve handwriting skills long before your little one first wraps their fingers around a crayon. Fine motor skills can prove imperative in navigating everyday life--and providing the right toys, like the Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run, can make it easier to develop those skills. 

Cause and Effect Learning

What happens when you drop the ball into the track? How does it impact the toy when you wobble it from side to side? What if you poke the ball and set it rolling? The Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run allows plenty of opportunities for cause and effect learning. Through their interactions with the toy, little ones will get a better idea of how the world works and what they can expect during specific interactions. Their play will teach them that the same things happen each time they perform those familiar actions, enhancing their overall understanding of the world around them.


A willingness to experiment is incredibly important, both in childhood and as your little one grows and develops. Experimentation can help show your little one what happens when they take specific actions, how to adapt those actions, and what they need to change in order to get the desired response. Through that experimentation, your little one will learn what happens when they drop the balls, rock the base, or move it around in their play space. A willingness to experiment will not only encourage your little one through play, it will provide vital adaptive skills that will aid them in many areas of life. Satisfactory experiments in this arena can encourage your little one to explore in others, too! 

Sensory Exploration

Like many of the toys in the Fat Brain Toys line, the Wobble Run allows for sensory exploration. The balls are weighted, providing a satisfying heft in your little one's hand. Each of the tracks comes with a unique texture, which your little one can explore as they learn more about the world around them. This sensory exploration is ideal for little ones, who benefit from bright colors, unique textures, and other interactive learning opportunities like those offered by the Fat Brain Toys line. 

The Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run works much like a traditional marble run, with removable run pieces that can be put back together in any order and different textures for your little one to explore. It also, however, offers the advantage of being ideally designed for little hands, making it the perfect toy for little ones between the ages of one and three. 

You can buy your Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run here

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Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory: Unique Shape Sorting Fun

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Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory | Shape Sorter | KidzInc Australia

Sorting shapes has never been so much fun for little ones as when they sit down to enjoy Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory. This unique toy adds a twist to the classic shape sorter many children play with in early childhood. While the toy contains only four slots, it has ten unique shapes that fit into those slots. By twisting, sorting, and playing, children can determine how each of the shapes fits through the slots. With the push of a button, the slots change, the top twists, and children have a unique opportunity to explore the toy all over again. 

Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory encourages a number of developmental skills that can serve children well as they grow and play. 

Spatial Reasoning

Not only does spatial reasoning help children learn how shapes fit together and interact with their environments, spatial reasoning skills can serve as a predictor of future problem-solving and higher-order maths skills. Children with solid spatial reasoning skills have the ability to take abstract pieces of information and connect them together in effective ways, allowing them to solve complex theoretical problems. Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory allows for an early look at this style of spatial reasoning as children shift and adapt the blocks to fit them into the spaces more effectively. 


Not only does Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory allow children to explore complex spatial reasoning challenges, it encourages problem-solving skills. Children can explore the shapes in their hands, twisting and turning them until they fit into the spaces. Children must also consider when to press the button to change the shapes, shifting the problem in front of them--and once they have the shapes in place, they must evaluate the toy to figure out how to release the shapes and start the fun all over again. Problem-solving skills can help children adapt and flourish in many areas of life. With healthy problem-solving skills, they will have a better idea of how to approach challenges and how to navigate solutions, even in complex scenarios. 

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are incredibly important for little learners. They need fine motor skills to manipulate small objects and eventually to learn how to write and operate with precision. Early fine motor skills success can help encourage children to further develop those skills and interact with more complex aspects of their environment. Due to the precision needed to move each shape into the appropriate space, Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory helps children develop and practice their fine motor skills in an age-appropriate way. 


Every shape does not fit into every hole. In order to get the shapes into the right spaces, children will have to experiment and explore. Will this shape go here? What happens if they turn it this way? Throughout their play with the Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory, children will have the chance to experiment with their environment and get a better picture of how it will respond. Not only does this provide them with a more solid idea of the world around them, it can help encourage an attitude of experimentation that can carry children through the rest of their lives. A willingness to experiment can help children develop flexibility, problem-solving skills, and enhanced ability to cope with challenges around them--not to mention preparing them to come up with creative solutions to real-world issues.

Appropriate for children age two and up, the Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory is a great choice for encouraging learning and development through play. If you're looking for an excellent STEM toy addition to your child's toy box, this toy is an excellent place to start. 

To purchase your Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory, please go to click here or you can explore our extensive range of Fat Brain Toys

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How Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction Inspires Early STEM Learning

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There is something inherently delightful about physics. Children love to play with dominoes, marbles, and fans. Anything that moves in response to nature's forces can create an inspirational play. Children can learn physics from first principles with just a few essential toys, called "rational toys".  Children can build worlds and understand early STEM concepts with little more than a few blocks, balls, ramps, spinners, and other simple items that can be carved out of wood.

The only question is which elements to add to your child's toybox? Fortunately, child development is a science that has been studied for hundreds of years and dates back further than ancient Egypt. From pre-historic boardgames to the balanced physics blocks of today, we can now assemble an ideal collection of rational toys to inspire young children in early STEM learning.

The Action-Reaction Series of Cause-and-Effect Rational Toys

The Djeco team has been making child-development toys since 1954, proudly advancing toy design with each breakthrough in developmental science. Today, we understand that STEM basics can be learned through play at an early age. The key is to have the right toys and the freedom to explore. To this end, Djeco has developed the Zig & Go Action Reaction series of rational toy collections.

Each Zig & Go kit contains a synergistic set of carved wooden toys. Each explores a unique element of physics, making them essential elements of a rational toy collection. Levers, dominoes, hoops, and tracks create a fascinating set of cause-and-effect adventures to build and trigger.

Learning Through Cause and Effect

Cause-and-effect is the core principle of all scientific thought. When a child drops a ball, it falls every time. This is the beginning of rational logic, reasoning, and a deep personal understanding of physics. Tipping a domino or setting the fulcrum point on a lever can reveal the relationship between gravity, force, and torque. 

Children also learn that their actions have concrete results. Rolling a ball down a ramp has the same effect every time, and can tip over a domino at the end. But they can also change the result by making a choice to change the ramp or move the first domino. Cause-and-effect is the first step to the scientific method and can be discovered through inspirational play.

Why Combine Rational Toys

The purpose of each Zig & Go Action Reaction set is to combine different types of rational toys into an interconnected cause-and-effect game. Each set includes dominos and a unique collection of other wooden physics elements. There are levers to tip, hoops to roll through or around, and tracks with balls to roll down. One set includes a small xylophone played by a rolling wooden ball. One has a rolling car track, or a rolling ball track, or a rolling spool. One has a large hoop and a bell that rings when struck, another has an adjustable marble track pegboard.

These toy sets are designed to inspire children to build unique combinations of action-reaction elements. One element triggers the next no matter how they are combined. They can also easily be built into a larger collection of rational and imagination toys. The elements are so simple that they naturally interact with other toys and play pursuits.

Inspiring Early STEM Learning

STEM learning stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This all starts with a basic understanding of physics. Just as children can learn biology from caring for pets, the basic STEM concepts begin with rational toys. These toys inspire rational learning through play, exploring the basic rules of our world with a variety of cause-and-effect reactions to be explored.

Djeco presents the Zig and Go Action Reaction series to help inspire children toward their natural STEM potential and talents. Let these elements become the foundation of your child's toybox, providing developmental inspiration for years of STEM essential play.

The Zig and Go Action Reaction Series contains the following sets:

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 25 Piece Set

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 25 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 27 Piece Set

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 27 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 28 Piece Set

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 28 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 45 Piece Set

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 45 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 48 Piece Set

Djeco Zig and Go Action Reaction 48 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online




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Magformers TileBlox Magnetic Tiles: The Perfect Toy for STEAM/STEM Education

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Magformers, one of the world's leading manufacturers of magnetic children's toys, produces the TileBlox Magnetic Tile line: the ideal STEM toy for children ages three and up. These fantastic magnetic tiles, which come with magnets in each piece for the creation of sturdy buildings, are available in a variety of sizes and colours. You can get them in 42-piece, 60-piece, or 104-piece, and they come in bright primary rainbow colours from the Rainbow line or an array of pastels in the Inspire line--or mix and match sets for extra building fun. 

The STEM Advantage of Magformers TileBlox

Magformers TileBlox line offers a number of STEAM and STEM advantages, making them an ideal toy for little learners. In fact, magnetic tiles are a staple in every child's toy box. Consider these key advantages:

Magnetic tiles help build fine motor skills. While these tiles are large enough for little hands to wrap around them easily, as little builders work with and manipulate them, they will continue to improve their fine motor skills. Magnetic tiles offer a great deal of development at every stage along the way, with little learners putting together stacks or pulling apart the magnets and putting them back together again and older learners building increasingly complex designs that require steadily more skill.

Magnetic tiles can help kids learn about magnets and their effects. Little ones fascinated with the way things work will enjoy manipulating magnetic tiles to get a better idea of how they work together: how polarity influences the way magnets connect as well as how those interactions help them stick together or pull apart. 

Magnetic tile play helps children build problem-solving skills. Many learners quickly discover that magnetic tiles can provoke a variety of challenges. What happens when a magnetic building does not have enough support? Why does this wall fall apart? Why is a particular shape not strong enough to hold together during play and manipulation? As they interact with their magnetic tiles, children will also learn to solve problems in the building process, sharpening their overall problem-solving skills. 

Magnetic tiles help children build creativity. If they can imagine it, they can build it! Magnet tiles are perfect for building a host of projects: castles, rocket ships, playgrounds, animals, and more. Thanks to the variety of shapes available in the Magformers TileBlox sets, children can put together a variety of shapes and creations. As they continue to interact with their blocks, they will enhance their creativity and learn new ways to interact with these toys. Over time, their creations will grow larger and more complex, and they will be able to embark on many creative adventures--all with simple shapes and magnets. 

Magnetic tiles help improve hand-eye coordination. As they work to manipulate their magnetic tiles, children will improve hand-eye coordination as they work through the associations between each piece and develop a better understanding of how to manipulate them. These continued actions can help build overall coordination, including a better overall sense of spatial awareness that will help children with a variety of activities in their future.

Including STEM and STEAM toys in your child's toy box can help build their understanding of the world around them and help encourage their overall interest in science and technology-based fields.

By including magnetic tiles, like the Magformers TileBlox line, as part of your child's regular play, you will assist them in building the vital skills they need to be successful in those fields even from a young age--all without children ever realizing that they are learning.

Check out our extensive line of STEM and STEAM toys to learn more about the options available for your child as they learn and grow or explore the Magformers TileBlox Magnetic Tile collection today.

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Manhattan Toy Company's Baby Stella Dolls: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

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The Manhattan Toy Company not only highlights incredible products that are sure to delight your kids, they've created a line of toys that encourage diversity. You can choose a baby doll from the Baby Stella line that reflects your child's skin tone, or you can select from a variety of skin tones and product designs that will help encourage your child to play. Baby Stella comes in beige, brown, peach, and even a boy doll to offer a selection for everyone to choose from.

These soft, cuddly dolls are ideal for little ones twelve months and older, but they're also the perfect cuddly dolls for older children, too.

Each soft doll has a life-like belly button, toes, and plump tummies.  Teaching fine motor skills, responsibility, nurturing and caring.  

Why Choose Diverse Dolls?

There are several key reasons why many parents choose diverse dolls for their children--and you may find that these same advantages make a Baby Stella doll, or even several dolls in various colours, well worth the investment. 

You can find a doll that matches your child. Whether you have a little boy who needs a cuddly doll just for him or you have a little girl with a beige or brown skin tone, you will love being able to place a doll whose skin matches your child's in their arms. Many children, especially those with darker skin tones, are delighted the first time they finally have a doll that looks like them. A doll that reflects your child's appearance affirms them and that appearance. Not only does it serve to delight little ones who have never had a doll the colour of their skin before, but it can also encourage and uplift them as they recognise that they are just as important as their friends. 

You can encourage diversity and acceptance from a very young age. Many children live in areas where they do not experience a great deal of diversity on a daily basis. Even if they don't see that diversity in person, however, they can see it through the toys, books, movies, and games that their parents bring home. Offering your child a diverse range of dolls to play with can help encourage diversity and normalise various skin tones. 

Diverse dolls can help you start the conversation about the importance of acceptance and diversity. Most children are not inherently racist. They are, however, curious. They may want to know about why their doll has a different skin colour--and it may be more comfortable for you to have that conversation as it relates to a doll, rather than as it relates to another shopper in a store. Diverse dolls can also allow you to speak with your child about the importance of acceptance and including children of all colours and backgrounds in their play. 

Diverse dolls can help change the standards of beauty. For years, even black children considered white dolls more beautiful. These standards can devastate young children, causing them to doubt their own beauty before they even have a chance to expose themselves to other cultures. Through diverse dolls, however, children can start to see a different idea of beauty, including accepting that everyone has their own natural beauty that they can show off. Baby Stella is just as beautiful no matter what she comes in--and your child and her friends are equally beautiful regardless of the colour of their skin. 

The toys you purchase for your children can have a huge impact on their later lives. As you encourage diversity and inclusion in your child's play, you'll find that your child is naturally more accepting and loving of others. These Baby Stella dolls are an excellent way to start promoting diversity from a very young age, allowing even your youngest children to explore diversity and acceptance. 

For the Manhattan Toy Company Baby Stella Doll and the entire range from this award-winning toy company, please click here

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Green Toys to Delight and Entertain: The Geomag Green 100% Recycled Plastic Range

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 The Green Collection, newly released from Geomag, offers toys made from 100% recycled plastics. Not only will these toys delight and entertain little ones in a wide age range (and maybe a few adults, as well) they're made from sustainable practices.

Each year, plastic toys contribute immensely to the buildup of plastic in oceans and landfills. By choosing toys made of recycled plastic, parents can practice environmental sustainability and provide that important basis for their children. These toys are built strong, to help survive the test of time. Since they're made of all recycled materials, they have immense potential to reduce the environmental impact caused by plastic toys. Equally importantly, the Green Collection from Geomag provides immense benefit for little learners. 

These 100% recycled plastic toys come in a variety of sizes and kits for the Classic Colour and Classic Panels Range, including:

The Geomag 100% Recycled Classic Colour 42 Piece Set:


Geomag Green Recycled 100% Plastic Classic 42 Pieces | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

 Classic Colour 42 Piece Collection

The Geomag 100% Recycled Classic 93 Piece Collection:

Classic Colour 93 Piece Collection,

The Geomag 100% Recycled Panel 52 Piece Collection:

Geomag-green-recycled-plastic-panels-52-pieces | KidzInc Australia

52 Piece Green Panel Collection 

The Geomag 100% Recycled Panel 78 Piece Collection:

Geomag-green-recycled-plastic-panels-78-piece | KidzInc Australia 

78 Piece Green Panels Collection 

The Geomag 100% Recycled Panel 114 Piece Collection:

 Geomag-green-recycled-plastic-panels-114-pieces|Kidzinc Australia

114 Piece Green Panel Collection

 All of these collections can work together to create larger, more intricate structures. 

Building STEM Skills

The Geomag Green 100% recycled plastic magnetic toys help build vital STEM skills at many stages of development. Magnetic building tiles and rods are ideal for children over the age of three. Even adults, however, will enjoy building with these magnetic pieces. 

Coordination skills. Magnets are perfect for developing coordination in little learners. They can explore their world as they experiment with the way magnets pull together or push apart. Little ones will learn how to manipulate magnets, including flipping the magnet around to get the response they're looking for. 

Fine motor skills. Both the magnetic panels and the magnetic rods are small pieces that little ones must manipulate carefully in order to get them in the perfect position for their building. While the panels are easier to grasp than the smaller rods, they still require fine manipulation to position them perfectly for each construction the child chooses to create. Through continued efforts with their building toys, many little ones will notice an improvement in their overall fine motor skills. 

Problem-solving skills. Through their interactions with their magnetic building blocks, children will have the chance to develop their problem-solving skills. Sometimes, the magnets will not form the shape they want. Other times, the limitations of specific pieces or a specific set will influence the way the child can interact with the pieces. Through their continued building efforts, they will be able to create stunning constructions and work to solve problems that stand in their way. 

A better understanding of magnets. Magnets see a lot of uses in the scientific community. Through their play with the Geomag Green 100% recycled plastic magnetic toys, children of all ages can develop a better understanding of the way magnets work. These toys can also be used in a variety of other experiments and STEM activities. 

Instruction-following or pattern duplication skills. In addition to free play with their Geomag magnetic building blocks, children can work to follow directions or recreate increasingly complicated patterns. The more they interact with the toys, the better children will be able to follow those instructions and learn more about pattern duplication. 

With so many STEM activities and skills to choose from, the Geomag Green 100% Recycled Plastic Range has the potential to offer children hours of play and brain-building activities. Not only are they an excellent way to introduce STEM concepts through fun play, but they also offer an eco-friendly alternative to many of the plastic toys currently filling the market. These toys are an ideal addition to any child's toy collection. 

For the entire range of Swiss Made Geomag Green 100% Recycled Plastic Range click here

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Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy by Fat Brain Toys: The Benefits to Developing Minds

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Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy by Fat Brain Toys | KidzInc Australia

Like many of the toys in the Fat Brain Toys line, the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy has a number of exceptional benefits for developing young minds.

It's little wonder that the Parents Choice Gold Awards has recognised this toy. With multiple textures and concepts to explore, the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 toddler toy, which includes a watermelon, a pear, and an orange, offers several options for play. 

The toy comes with an orange, which breaks down into four pieces; a watermelon slice, which breaks down into 3 pieces; and a pear slice, which is just a single piece. Each piece offers a range of sensory experiences: as the pear wobbles, it offers soft chimes to delight little ears, while the orange, which has four thick slices, snaps back together with magnets. The watermelon pieces stack together on a peg base that wobbles back and forth, with little silicone seeds that offer a fascinating texture for little fingers to explore. 

The Benefits of the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy

The Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy offers several advantages to developing young minds, including:

Building fine motor skills. Both the watermelon and the orange in the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy can be taken apart and put back together again, encouraging the development of fine motor skills. The toys are designed to allow little fingers to easily put them back together but require enough maneuvering to help encourage fine motor skills and improve overall development. 

Sensory learning. Each piece of the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy offers a different sensory experience. The soft chimes coming from the pear engage listening skills and delight little learners, while the silicone seeds on the watermelon offer a unique texture for little fingers. The magnets in the orange can also offer sensory exploration as they connect to one another. 

Tactile learning. Little ones will love the tactile experience offered by the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy. Each piece offers a different tactile experience, making each toy a unique hands-on learning opportunity. Little learners develop their skills best when they're allowed to interact with their world in a safe environment, and the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy provides the perfect opportunity for tactile exploration. Toddlers can explore how the pieces interact together, fitting them together and taking them apart, as well as enjoying the rocking of the pear and the watermelon or turning the orange on the floor. 

Cause/effect learning. When toddlers shake or rock the pear, it makes a delightful chime that engages the senses and encourages further interaction. Likewise, when they pull the orange apart, the pieces separate--and when they put the orange pieces close to one another, they connect again. This cause/effect style learning allows toddlers to explore the relationship with the world around them while playing with the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy. 

Imaginative play. Not only does the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy encourage many types of sensory learning and integration, but it also allows children to further explore the world around them through imaginative play. Does your toddler want to talk to the orange? To pretend to eat the bright, colourful figures? As your child grows, he can continue to engage in more imaginative play with these toys.

The Fat Brain Toys line focuses on providing developmentally appropriate toys for little ones--and the Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy certainly fits the bill. With plenty of options for exploring and playing, this toy is sure to delight the toddlers in your life while providing an excellent learning experience every time they play. Contact us to learn more about toys that can help your little one grow. 

To purchase your Fruit Friends 3 in 1 Toddler Toy, please click here

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