PIPSQUIGZ LOOPS for the Baby Adventurer!

PIPSQUIGZ LOOPS for the Baby Adventurer!

Posted on April 22, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

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It's a big, big world out there! Babies don't know it, but they're born explorers. They learn about their world by using their senses to interact with people and things in their environment.

There's so much to see, and baby's wide-eyed visual examination of his surroundings provides the much of the first input his brain receives about how to interact with the world around him. Over the first two years of life, he's learning everything from how to track movement and make the eye muscles move in a coordinated way, to recognising faces and objects, depth and distance.

Touch is another sense that is highly developed in newborns, and it is essential in creating the initial parent-child bond. Babies as young as two months can even recognise the difference between hard and soft textures. He begins to reach for objects in early weeks, and by six months, he can grasp objects and even transfer them from hand to hand, making this an ideal time to start introducing toys. This sense of touch continues to develop as baby grows and explores throughout his first year. 

It's super-cute when baby puts her fingers and even toes in her mouth, but she doesn't stop there--when she learns to grasp, objects find their ways to the mouth, too! Oral exploration is an important stage in a baby's development. She is learning about taste and texture and even shape by using her mouth.

Imagine the hum of a lullaby, the songs of birds in the early hours of dawn, the cooing voice of a mother soothing a fussy baby. The world is full of sounds that provide baby with information about what's going on around her. She also learns to sort out the sounds in speech so that she can build her own vocabulary and communication skills.

With the little explorers taking in so much information in the first few months of life, it's important that they are provided with toys, textures, and sounds that provide vital stimulation in a safe, healthy manner. If it goes into the mouth, it should be toxin-free. If it is squeezed, snuggled, thrown, and waved around, it should feel good. If it's played with, it should be interesting and colourful. If it makes noise, it should be calming or surprising without startling.

So if baby has a naturally inquisitive nature, what does he need to fulfil his curiosity and teach him about this big world he's come into? We at KidzInc have an answer for him: PIPSQUIGZ LOOPS by Fat Brain Toys.

PIPSQUIGZ LOOPS provide numerous benefits for the baby adventurer:

Soft silicone that is BPA-free, making it safe for baby's mouth and especially soothing for teething gums;

A brilliantly colourful and bumpy texture to provide exploratory excitement;

Large suction cups that stick to any non-porous surface, but which make a surprising "POP" when pulled from it; and

Durable plastic rattle rings for further sound and texture discovery.


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    PIPSQUIGZ LOOPS is a stimulating toy to introduce at age 6 months when baby figures out how to hold objects, and it will hold her interest for months to come as she continues to absorb messages about how to interact with her environment. Because it is manufactured by award-winning Fat Brain Toys and has been tested and retested to ensure quality and safety, it will be a quality addition to baby's collection that will undoubtedly spark curiosity through toddler-hood.

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    KidzInc. is committed to providing parents with the very best resources to stimulate development, creativity, and intelligence throughout various stages of a child's life.

    Please visit our baby range and get ready to enter a world of exploration for babies and beyond! 

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