Five Reasons To Buy Wooden Toys

Posted on October 25, 2016 by Lubica Misevski

Wooden Toys at KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toy Shop

Wooden toys or plastic? When you're choosing toys for your kids, it's tempting to buy into the excitement of brightly coloured plastic that represents their favourite television characters. What's not to love about tiny plastic princesses, plastic blocks in bright primary colours, and more? While those toys are an good choice, selecting wooden toys for kids is a great way to encourage their creativity and help them play the way kids were meant to.

1. Wooden toys are safer. Wooden toys tend to be larger, designed without small pieces that can easily go missing, and created without the use of toxic chemicals that can be damaging to young minds and bodies. Even better, they don't run on batteries! Whether you're looking for a peg puzzle or checking out an assortment of musical toys, choosing wood as the material for your kids' toys is the best way to make sure they're getting the safest toys on the market.

2. Wooden toys are appropriate for kids of all ages. Many wooden toys, like this wooden block set or this set of pattern boards and blocks have a timeless appeal that will keep your kids playing with them for years. If you have children of many different ages in your home, all with different interests, this is particularly valuable in keeping the clutter down. Even a single child, however, will get benefits out of wooden toys, which they'll keep playing with for years. 

3. Wooden toys are long-lasting. Those wooden toys that you purchase for your kids today are durable and tough enough to stand up to multiple children and still be around if you want to keep them for your grandchildren. Many plastic toys are crafted with cheap materials and end up breaking soon after you bring them home, especially if you have a high-energy child who is often hard on their toys. Wooden toys, however, are designed tough. Check out these great options for play food that will strike your child's creativity and teach them about healthy eating all in one, or take a look at these great wooden dolls that will keep your dollhouse filled with fun for years. 

4. Wooden toys encourage creativity. Creativity is a vital life skill for kids. They need creative play to teach them to think outside the box later in life, to develop problem-solving skills, and to help their brains develop to their full potential. Many plastic toys come with bells and whistles that distract from creative play: flashing lights, electronic sounds, and interactive screens that do the playing for your child. Many wooden toys, however, are designed to help creativity thrive. Whether your child is pretending to blast off to the moon or creating their own fairy town, wooden toys are exactly what they need to encourage that creative spark.

5. Wooden toys are created to support problem-solving skills. From early colour and shape sorting to mazesgames, and more, wooden toys are designed to help your child learn and grow. Most manufacturers of wooden toys acknowledge that their toys are more expensive than their plastic counterparts. As a result, they go the extra mile to ensure that their toys come complete with hours of play time. No matter what skills your child is working on, there's a wooden toy designed to offer hours of play. 

Choosing wooden toys for your child is a great way to encourage creative play. Your child doesn't need a huge variety of toys. In many cases, that variety just results in play frustration that makes it hard for them to choose what to do next! Instead, investing in wooden toys will enable your child to enjoy creative play for a lifetime.


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Award Winning Baby Walker at KidzInc Australia

Posted on August 20, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


So do you want to know what the best baby walker is on the market or at least the best walker for your baby? Well, today we are going to review our award-winning baby walker collection.

Starting with the Hape - Little Red Rider. If you are after a baby walker with versatility, longevity, and stunning good looks, then the Hape Little Red Rider might be the one for you. Sure to be the envy of every baby on the block :). This baby walker can transform from a balanced walker to a foot-powered ride on.

It was recently awarded Toy of the Year 2014 in Finland. We just love this baby walker. One of the things we did not realise prior to buying our baby walker was weight is an important factor.

We originally bought a light plastic walker, but when our little one pressed down it would lift up and also slip on our wood floors. This is why we love the Hape Little Red Rider with its rubber tires, solid design, as well as good grip rubber handles it is in our opinion a perfect walker.

The Hape range of Baby walkers has been built with baby in mind. Next in our selection of award winning baby walkers is the:

Hope Wonder Walker - Now this baby walker won the Parent Choice Award. It is beautifully designed with rounded edges that make it safe for baby. The design encourages your little one to pull themselves up and take those first few steps with confidence.

Another great aspect about this baby walker is the interactive features. So when baby needs a rest from all that walking they can play with the abacus needs, tracker shapes or the spinner. This one even has a car key that turns so baby can feel like mum or dad.

Now if your little one loves animals, perhaps this is the baby walker for you?

The Hape Galloping Zebra Cart is also an award winning Walker. This baby walker is crafted from maple and plywood and has colourful wheels and two Zebras. The design is encouraging your little one to push the walker along. The cart has been designed so your little one can place items inside, and also learn about spatial awareness at the same time, as learning to walk.

It is probably why the Hape Galloping Zebra Cart won the 2013 - Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award. One of the most prestigious toy awards in the world.

Last on our list of award-winning baby walkers is the Plan Toys baby walker. Winner of Parent Choice USA the unique aspect of the Plan Toys Baby Walker is that the handle can be adjusted to suit baby’s height. This is a rather obvious, but often left out design feature.

Choosing the right baby walker for your child matter, when we were inexperienced parents, we choose incorrectly. We chose plastic and lightweight, and this did not help our little ones with walking at all. This is why we only sell baby walkers that do what they are meant too. Help baby walk.

So if you are after a baby walker, please take a look at our collection of award winning baby walkers and decide which one is right for you and baby. Please click here for the entire range of baby walkers.

Any questions, please let us know, and until next time, remember learning should be fun.

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The Best Wooden Toys For Your Children

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Lubica Misevski

If you would like to understand the benefits of buying wooden toys for your children? Or just understand the amazing collection that is on the market today, then this is the article for you.

At KidzInc, we love wooden toys, because well they just have that natural feeling that no other product on the market has. What you may not be aware of is just how far Wooden toys have come since the days we were playing with them as little ones. Those were the days, building towers knocking them over :)

One of the first of our collection that we would like to share with you is the Dynamo Dominoes from Hape. As you can see from the image below, these are not your ordinary dominoes. They are colourful and come with a bridge, rails, and spinner. The collection is a full set of 100 dominoes. They make for hours of fun, creating different paths, only to watch them tumble down.

There is no right or wrong answer; there is only creativity and fun. Wonderful for developing your child's fine motor skills, and cause and effect.

We are going to stick with the Hape brand for a second because they do make some of the coolest wooden toys on the market. This one we love, and while it is on the pricier side if you are looking for something special to add to your toy collection, this is it.

It is Hape Quadrilla the Challenger. This is simply an amazing toy as you can see below, where your child can build structures that marbles run down. Enabling them to bring their creations to life. Included are high-velocity funnels, curved rails, seesaw, accelerators, levelers and 50 marbles.

Wonderful for developing your child logic, reasoning, and imagination. Not to mention giving them endless amounts of fun.

Anyone for Croquet? This beautifully made little set from Hape is wonderful for child development. Developing their gross motor skills, maths skills, colour recognition, and social skills.

Now one for not for the land lovers. Hape Stormy Seas, a brilliant awards winning wooden toys game for children 3+. Your little one will need to use all of their strategy skills to keep this one from tipping over in the ocean.

Whilst our children would love to have one of each toy we sell in the house, we do not. However, we do have the little sister to the Hape Vibrant Guitar. The benefits of this one are obvious. They get to learn music, practice fine motor skills, and, of course, do family concerts.

Our daughter loves her ukulele, and we sure your little one would enjoy either equally depending on age.

For the artist in the family, or just as a learning and fun activity board this wooden easel from Hape is very versatile. Obviously painting, drawing, or writing with chalk are all possible. The wooden easel has compartments for everything, as well as the magnetic whiteboard. The whiteboard is great to stick letters, words, or numbers on and supplements as a teaching aid. It is of course also just good fun.

Height adjustable as well. Some of the best artwork in our home all started from a wooden easel.


But what about outdoors, well the Hape e-Off Roader is the perfect little wooden toy for this adventure.


Perhaps you are a fan of the game of thrones and after something a little more old world? When it comes to wooden toys, almost anything is possible. This fabulous little lionheart castle from Le Toy Van, with a drawbridge, turrets, pull-up portcullis, winch, ladder, and flags is a special toy. In terms of wooden toys, this should bring your little one our fun.

Great for role play and building imagination.


A winner of the right start best toys award is the Le Toy Van Mikes Auto Garage. It is a very retro, 1950’s wooden garage. Including a working up and down lift, Helipad for those getaways, two spiral ramps. The garage is mounted on a big race track, and should offer hours of fun for child and parents alike.

Now if your son or daughter likes Bob the Builder, then they are going to love this one. With Plantoys Robot Wooden Tool Box, they will fix the house in no time, and then moving on to build the very own cubby house. I can see it now.  

Brilliant for coordination, creative, fine motor skills as well as logic this wooden tool box will be a hit. Oh Yes, almost forgot, you can flip the whole set upside down and make a robot! What other wooden toys can you do that with?

The last of the wooden toys we would like to share with you today is the Tegu Future Magnetron Solar Station Magnetic Wooden Block Set. This is the future of wooden building sets. The 32 piece set has 14 unique shapes, a charging plug, magnetic wheels and a solar panel.

Your little one can build a magnet tank, junkyard crane, solar station, rock crane or whatever they can imagine. If you are new to Tegu, these little wooden blocks, are the type of quality of toy Steve Jobs would have built. Yes, they are that good. The whole range is wonderful, and you can click here to see them.

Magnetic wooden blocks, who would have thought?

That is it today for our collection on wooden toys. We hope you found this article useful. For our full range of wooden toys click here.

Or if you like the look of Hape click here, Tegu click here, Le Van Toys click here or PlanToys click here.

Of course, if you have questions, please let us know. Otherwise Happy playing..

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The Best Building Blocks for Your Child

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Lubica Misevski

A question a lot of parents ask, is what are the best building blocks I can buy my child?

In today's article, we will share some of our ranges and also make recommendations on which set might be right for your child.

Building blocks, as you would know, are a foundation toy that no little one should be without. They are wonderful for developing motor skills, spatial awareness, and confidence for your children.

There are many to choose from. Including magnetic blocks, blocks that aren’t quite blocks, wooden, rubber and cardboard building blocks.

So let us start!

K’s Kids Knock Building Blocks. These beautiful little coloured soft blocks are made for babies and toddlers. There are little peek-a-boo windows and house type shapes, so your little one can have hours of fun.  

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks - Suitable from baby to adult. Beautiful blocks let your child create some unique structures from little birds to weightlifters. Fun for any age. For our whole Tegu range, please click here.

Tegu Pocket Pouch Prism Jungle | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys











                               Tegu Pocket Pouch Prism (Jungle) 

                                          Tegu 24 Piece (Tints)     


                                     Tegu 42 Piece (Jungle)

Kapla Planks - Suitable from three years + is a wonderful wooden construction toy encouraging children to learn about the inherent power of the mathematic ratio and its application to architecture.

               Kapla Planks Wooden Blocks | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

                      Kapla Planks 200 Wooden Blocks 

                   Kapla Planks Octocolour 100 Wooden Blocks | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

            Kapla Planks Octocolour 100 Wooden Blocks 

Plan Toys 50 Blocks - Suitable for two years + this set is a combination of natural wood and colours. Great for stimulating your child's imagination.


Melissa and Doug Wooden ABC and 123 Building Blocks. Hand painted artwork, numbers, letters, and images on the one set. It just makes this set not only economical, but a wonderful learning toy.

Fatbrain Toys Tobbles Neo. We love this one. Your child can have the blocks wiggle, spin, stack, and balance even when the second block is bigger than the first. Not quite blocks, because they are not round. But they do everything blocks do and more.

We feel this is a wonderful way to show children there are many solutions to any problem and many options.

They are easy for Babies to hold, and we feel one of the best stacking toys on the market.


Hape Maple Building Block Set - Another beautiful little wooden and coloured block set.

Hape ABC Building Blocks - Ok so you caught us out, we have more than one Hape set of building blocks. Why? Well, value for money and quality these are great building blocks for your children.

Suitable from 2 years + they are great blocks to own.

Melissa and Doug Alphabet Truck - Yes an alphabet truck set. I mean who does not want a truck with so they can carry their building blocks from one room to another :)

Hape Fantasia Stacking Block Train. A train set that you can stack the colourful building blocks on also carries from room to room. These little blocks are also great at building fine motor skills for your child.

Fat Brain Toys Squigz. This colourful little set won “Best in Play International Toyfair 2013, Parenting Magazine.”

Not a classical set of building blocks, the variety of options and they way the stick together for your little one are amazing. For the lateral thinking little one. Suitable three years +

Hape Fantasy Castle - A 22 piece building block set that you can make into a castle. Need we say more?

Hape Undersea Building Blocks - Want an octopus in your blocks? Ok. How about a starfish? You get the idea. Just a novel way for your child to have more fun with building blocks. Suitable from 2 years +

Now you know just how many blocks there are to choose from. Of course at the outset of the article we stated that we would also make recommendations.

Now the simplest way to do this is to let you know is what we have bought or own children, and what we wish we also had :)

Having a 2-year-old and four-year-old, we bought a couple of sets for each of them.

Our experience with building blocks and each of our children has been very different.

Our daughter gets the greatest sense of achievement by building towers. And once they were complete we would sit there either counting the numbers with her or explaining the letters and words.

The Melissa and Doug Wooden 123 Building Blocks, Hape ABC were the ones we initially used with Sienna. She loved them, and she still does today at the age of 4.

With our son, he was lucky because when he was born so was our toy store. For him, he got some of the latest building blocks as well as the benefit of using some of Sienna’s.

Little Zach loves his Tegu, which was perfect for him even as a one-year-old. They are beautiful little wooden blocks that connect via magnets and safe from baby right through the ages.

He also loves Fatbrain Tobbles Neo because of the shape and how easy they are for his little hand to hold.

But you know what he loves most of all, knocking them all down. A bit like his father when he was young.

We have personally hand selected every building block in our range like we were choosing them for our children.

No matter which one you decide on you will be happy. Whether learning the alphabet, numbers or how to stack. We have a building block for every occasion and every munchkin. For our whole range of blocks, please click here.

Why? Well, because learning should be fun.

Got more questions, ask away..

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Hape Toys Made from Wood and Love

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


We are proud to stock an extensive range of Hape Wooden Toys. The craftsmanship that goes into each piece, there is no doubt that each and every one of the Hape Toys are made with love.

When we first bought our daughter the Hape Guitar, we were not sure what to expect. The beautiful little Guitar that turned up exceeded all our expectations. Not to mention that of our daughter's expectations.

Hape Guitar

The collection is not only musical, and these beautiful wooden toys also have a walk-a-long Puppy, push and pull Giraffe, and walk along Hedgehog.


Walk-a-long Puppy


Push and pull Giraffe


Walk along Hedgehog

One of my Husbands favourites in the range is the Hape Rock and Rhythm Band, and this is a Christmas present for our son and Dad :).


Rock and Rhythm Band

For the real little ones, the Hape little red rider is very popular and can be used as a car or as a walker. It is very versatile, and it will be the envy of every little kid. This little Hape Red Walker won the 2014 Toy of the Year Award in Finland.


Little red rider

Hape happens  to be a global leader in high-quality and bamboo toys. They are one of the largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials.

They are very particular about design, production, and packaging. This shows in their workmanship.

Our collection of Hape Wooden Toys is building every day, and we currently carry over 100 of their products.

So whether it is a Hape Fridge, Marble run Quadrilla Autobahn or Quadrilla Cyclone set or Hape Little Plane you are after we will have them in stock.







Quadrilla Autobahn


Quadrilla Cyclone set

Little Plane

As you are probably aware, all of the Hape toys are brilliant for child development. Dependent, of course, on the product you select will depend on the area they impact most.

This can range from developing motor skills, math skill, cognitive skills, through to social skills.

For us at KidzInc it is not only critical that the toys we sell are of the highest quality, but they must also add something to the child’s life skills.

We feel learning should be fun, not one time, but every single day. Even as adults, because when it enjoyable we all learn quicker.

Our little one’s are little sponges, and the absorb everything so quickly that is why having the right toys is critical.

We know Hape toys fit this ideal, and we are proud to sell them. For the complete range please click here.

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Tegu Baby and Toddler Wooden Magnetic Blocks

Posted on November 14, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


Tegu wooden blocks must honestly be the most beautiful wooden magnetic blocks in the market. To see them, first hand is like receiving a gift from Apple.

From the packaging to the product every millimetre has been made with the utmost care. Tegu is clearly a company that creates products with the baby, toddler, preschooler and older child in mind.

The finish is smooth, and the colours are magical, taking nothing away from the fact they are wooden blocks. Everything is very natural.

All the Tegu blocks are magnetic which means your little one will have hours of fun playing with them, and help them learn cause and effect as they go.

They have taken the concept of toy block to another level. Whether you are after wooden baby blocks or wooden blocks for your toddler, or even older child these will not disappoint.

The Tegu magnetic wooden blocks are painted with water based colours leaving that natural wooden block look. These magnetic blocks are a lovely to hold and for baby or toddlers blocks; they are just ideal for little hands.

Tegu have made these blocks as heirloom quality blocks. So you can tell by this statement they have been made to last, and they are actually fun to play with regardless of age. But just perfect as baby blocks.

They come in a range of different options so you can start out small and build from there.

There is the Tegu 24 piece, where your baby or toddler is starting to build some interesting structures.

Tegu 24 Piece (Tint)

The Tegu Travel Tote for those trips were you want to bring something fun along for your toddler or baby (blocks sold separately).

Tegu Travel Tote


The Tegu Pocket Pouch which is perfect for keeping your child entertained when eating out.


Tegu Pocket Pouch Jungle

Or the Tegu 42 piece if you want your little one to have them all.

Tegu 42 piece (Jungle)

Tegu 42 Piece (Blues)













Tegu 42 piece (blues)

Tegu Sticky Monsters Beans and Tum Tum

New in 2017 is the Tegu Sticky Monster range, with the above Beans and Tum Tum winning the Spielwarenmesse Toy of The Year Award 2017 for the Baby and Infant Category. 

And finally, the Classroom Kit for those families with more than one child, or if you want to create amazing and large structures.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Classroom Kit

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Classroom Kit


There are some other options in between, and this link will take you to the full range. We have the entire range available in Australia for you to chose from. 

The Tegu magnetic blocks are great for babies or toddlers to develop fine motor skills. They learn cause and effect, patience and are awarded for the achievement. They can look back and be proud of their magnetic wooden block structures. Even if it is only 2 blocks sticking together.  

So you have no doubt how much we love this product; we bought it ourselves. We bought this one for our son, as he loved his sisters Magna Tiles, but he is too young for that toy at the moment. That one will have to be a hand me down.

If we knew when our daughter was born this was such a good product we would have bought her Tegu magnetic blocks. As they have two Tegu colour designs.

One is very natural with earthy colours, whilst the other has pink in the collections, which most would suggest suits females more?

These magnetic blocks are first class, and if you are looking for that beautiful present for your baby, toddler, preschooler and the older child you will be very happy.

Please click here through to the full collection available in Australia of the Tegu magnetic wooden blocks. 

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