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How to Select Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds

Posted on October 15, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds

By the time children are eleven, they are trying on new ideas and getting into some cool stuff. Being cool is fast becoming a central concern.

Social position and the objective value of ideas weigh more heavily as your eleven-year-old gains knowledge and personal depth.

Giving a great gift to an eleven-year-old can be all over the map; they are each so uniquely different at this phase as their personalities become stronger and more defined in pre-adolescence. 

Eleven-year-olds have many different interests and favourite activities, but there is always the coolness factor. If something is cool enough, it transcends individual interests.

And nothing is cooler than applied STEM in new and complex ways. Here are our favourite educational and yet oh-so-cool gift ideas for eleven-year-old girls and boys this year.


CyBot, the Hydraulic Robot Hand

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds

Prosthetic hand technology has come leaps and bounds in the last few decades, so much that we can make them as toys!

This cyborg's hand is a really nifty implementation of hydraulic technology, gentle and precise enough to grab an inflatable ball or small-ish toy. No batteries are required. 

Cybot the Hydraulic Cyborg Hand is mechanical, actuated by a finger-specific control in the base allowing children to choose precisely how they grip. The innovative design allows you to switch from right to left-handed operation for left-handed children or ambidextrous play.

The hand can be adjusted for any size, making it not just a great gift for your eleven-year-old, but a gift they will be able to play with as they grow into their adult size over the next decade of teen years.


The Amazing Chemistry Science Kit

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds - Chemistry

Home chemistry sets are a fun kit project for any child who enjoys mixing and chemical reactions. Every year, some families get their little scientist a new and bigger chemistry set, looking for classic experiments and gear innovations.

Some children also get more deeply interested in science at around eleven as they become interested in world events and think about their future careers. If your middle-schooler is ready to try some chemistry at home, a well-organised chemistry set is a perfect place to start.

What makes the Amazing Chemistry Science Kit great is its construction. This is an all-in-one stand that forms its own organised and decorative workstation.

The kit is less messy, more organised, and more attractive to leave out for the occasional experiment straight out of the homework books. If you want to make home science an everyday type of play, this is a great STEM gift for your scientific eleven-year-old.


Mega Hydraulic Robot Arm - Lever Action

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds - Robot Hand

What can you do with hydraulics and four simple lever controls? The answer is quite a lot. With the Mega Hydraulic Robot Arm toy, first, your child will build their own Robo-arm from a nifty hydraulic flat kit.

Then they will become The Claw, the dreaded opponent in every grab-toy arcade game. Able to extend, turn, swivel, and pinch, the claw is a super cool example of applied physics and engineering that eleven-year-olds of all interests will love.

From Robo-sipping soda to poking their siblings, just idly playing with the hydraulic arm will teach your eleven-year-old the basics of modern mechanical engineering and what makes the manufacturing sector tick.


Nifty Sensory Putty

Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds - Putty

Silicone is unbelievably nifty. Have you noticed all the crazy things we can make out of silicone today? This is a conversation that should be occurring in households across the world right now. Just how much can we make out of silicone?

What can and can't silicone replace, like metal baking pans, plastic cooking spoons, and rubber safety mats? Well, we've made something new out of silicone that is just as fascinating: Sensory putty.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, "Scent" sorry putty is an infinitely fidgitable gloop of perfect scented silicone. This soft, not-quite-plastic material is safe, non-toxic, soft and easy to manipulate but never pulls apart. It also never dries out, wears out, or loses its soft colour in whichever scent-colour combination you choose.

Give your eleven-year-old something to work at when they are nervous or thinking, to enjoy the scent of at their desk, and to contemplate the bizarrely cool results of molecular chemistry.

Toys for kids at this age is something we specialise in, and while we know they are young adults, a remote control STEM toy will make them feel like they are Elon Musk or Marie Curie.

Please also see our full selection of educational toys for 11 year olds. 


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