Teeter Popper: Gross Motor Skills, Balance, and Fun!

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

If you're looking for a great toy that will allow your kids to get out some of that never-ending energy when they're stuck inside, the Teeter Popper is the perfect solution! This fun toy allows kids to rock, bounce, wobble, and move, all without needing more than a few square feet of space in which to play. If you've got kids who are bouncing off the walls during a long stretch of rain or when it's too cold to play outside, the Teeter Popper is a great way to get that energy out while building many of the gross motor skills they need. 

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Improve Core Strength

Core strength is critical to so many of the activities that your little one engages in every day. As their core strengthens, your little one will be able to accomplish a wide range of tasks that might not have been possible previously, including improving their stability, balance, climbing skills, and more. When they play on their Teeter Popper, your child will be building that important core strength without realizing that they're getting any exercise at all. It's just having fun with their new favourite toy in a way that will have them giggling for hours.

Build Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills, or the skills that your child uses to run, bounce, and play, are an important element of many future athletic endeavours. With gross motor skills, your child will build coordination and improve their success at a variety of endeavours--and on a Teeter Popper, they'll be able to build those important gross motor skills in a series of steady movements that will help soothe and steady them when they're bursting with energy and ready to climb the walls. As their gross motor skills improve, they'll also be able to build athletic skills and endurance that will help carry them through their future goals and activities. 

Improve Leg Strength

As your child rocks back and forth on their Teeter Popper, they'll be instinctively building leg strength. Stronger legs lead to stronger movements and a higher level of control, allowing your child to complete more exciting movements and tricks on their Teeter Popper. Over time, this will lead to increased leg strength for running, climbing, and other activities. Stronger legs will also help your child walk longer distances, joining the family in a wide range of activities without getting tired quite so early. As your child gets older and stronger, building leg strength can help them participate in sports and accomplish more of their dreams. 

Increase Balance and Coordination

As you build gross motor skills with the Teeter Popper, you'll find that balance and coordination improve, as well. As the Teeter Popper moves from side to side, it's necessary to balance on top of it. Since it's low to the ground, a tumble won't hurt--but it will help teach valuable lessons that will improve balance and coordination in the future. Each coordinated movement will help your child learn how to manipulate the Teeter Popper exactly they want it to go--and the more they play, the more it will increase their ability to accomplish similar tasks in the future. 

Teeter Popper comes in a variety of fun colours, allowing you to choose the one that your child will fall in love with the most. With a fun popping sound as they rock back and forth and a great wobbling motion that will encourage your child to engage in a variety of activities with their new toy, this toy is gross motor skills, core strength, and coordination in motion. Appropriate for children three and up, the Teeter Popper is an excellent addition to any child's collection. 

At Kidzinc, we have sold the Teeter Popper in Australia since it was first released back in 2016. You can read our happy Customer Reviews too. 

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