With Schleich Toys anywhere is a playground

Posted on August 08, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Schleich toys, one of my husband's favourite range of toys. With Schleich anywhere is a playground, and we carry an almost complete range. Some history on Schleich, they are a German company, and if you have seen any of their toys, you will know the quality is second to none.

They began way back in 1935, and did not release their first figurines until the 1950’s. Would you believe that included Snoopy and The Smurfs?

Around the same period, they included animal figurines. The production of the Schleich range is made in Germany, and hand painted in China, and each and ever piece is still hand painted.

As you know they make an endless arrangement, and have knights, animals, dinosaurs, pets, elves, The Smurfs, and also American frontier pieces.

In 2007 Schleich released the Northern Elfen in the battle of light and dark. For us, it is the quality and variety of the Schleich range that stands out.

Whether your son or daughter wants to re-create battle like scenes with the knights, or medivial periods (a little like game of thrones for us older ones :)). Or they have more peaceful lifestyle with the farm. The choices are endless.

The range includes Elf’s, pets or prehistoric dinosaurs wondering through the beginning of time.

The other thing we love about the Schleich range is that they are small enough and robust enough to take anywhere. So whether you are going on holiday, to a friends place or to a local Cafe they can come for a ride.

Who knew a toy that travels well:) Of course the question is how does this range help my little one? My child.

A fair question, the Schleich is great for the imagination and cognitive skills, it enables your child to create different scenes, and story tell.

Because the toy is so versatile, it can be used almost anywhere, allowing for great adventures for your child. It also teaches them about periods in history with the dinosaur, and knight range.

The farm life helps them understand where some of our resources come from. Whilst the wildlife teaches them about the jungle and all the wonderful animals in the world.

The Elf range encourages their imagination through fantasy. Last but not least, Schleich also have an app. The app has over 150 tasks and is interactive.

The great thing about the Schleich app is that your child does not need the ability to read out loud. The app reads about the task and animals out load for them.

We are proud to stock this range in Australia, and we believe you will be happy with any purchase of this product.

The Schleich toys are made with precision and of the finest quality, so whether it is a horse for you daughter or a knight for your son. They can be fun for the whole family.

As Schleich says, anywhere is a playground and isn’t that how life should be? For our full range of Schleich please click here.


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