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SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Australia | KidzInc | Online Educational Toys

Kids of all ages love construction play, and the process of creating and building fosters both physical and cognitive development. Building toys teach problem solving skills, enhance fine motor skills and stimulate hand-eye coordination and spatial perception.

One of our favourites in this category is the SmartMax Magnetic Discovery construction sets, an ideal introduction to the fun of building and the wonders of magnetism.

The sturdy SmartMax system is specifically designed to encourage imaginative play by toddlers and preschoolers. The extra-large (3 cm and larger) pieces are very easy for little hands to manipulate and are safe for even the youngest builders. 

The bright-hued SmartMax bars provide a simple, colour-coded STEM lesson in magnetism: opposites attract. Kids will soon discover that the "cold" coloured (green, blue, purple and white) bars repel each other, and will only connect to their opposite "warm" coloured (red, orange, yellow and pink) pieces.  

Classic SmartMax Sets

Your little ones are sure to enjoy these classic sets, some of our best sellers. All SmartMax sets are compatible; combine several for maximum fun as your child grows.

The SmartMax Basic 42 Piece Set  provides everything your child needs to get started: 18 short magnetic bars, 12 long magnetic bars and 12 magnetic balls, as well as an illustrated model building guide. Suitable for age 1 year and up.
    SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Basic 42 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia | Online educational toys


    The Build and Learn XXL 100 Pieces offers plenty of creative play with 100 of the colourful, oversized SmartMax building blocks. The set is suitable for kids as young as age 1. The attraction and repulsion of the magnets provides amusement for the youngest builders, while older builders can create towers and other structures. The uniquely designed container provides a useful building grid on both its lid and bottom.  An illustrated building guide is included.

      SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Build and Learn XXL 100 Pieces | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys
      Imaginations will soar with the SmartMax Power Vehicles set. The 26 magnetic components click right into place. Kids age 3 and up can easily assemble their trucks, automobiles and construction vehicles.
        SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Power Vehicles Mix | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys
        Go all out with the 74-piece Mega Ball Run, suitable for age 3 and up. Discover some simple engineering concepts by building the ultimate ball track…the possibilities are endless with special parts that include tubes and unique X-shaped bars with 4 magnetic ends.
          SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Mega Ball Run | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys
          Inspire creative play with My First Animal Train . The 25 oversize train components are easy to build and play with, enabling kids to create a full, moving, 4-car train. Three large, soft animal pieces are included. Suitable from 18 Months to 5 Years.
            SmartMax Magnetic Discovery My First Animal Train | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

              New SmartMax Sets for 2019

              SmartMax continues to introduce innovative additions to their product line:

              Toddlers and preschoolers ages 1 to 5 will adore these colourful and creative playsets, brand new for 2019.

              Playtime is fun with My First Farm Animals. Build and play with the horse, cow and other farm residents,  or invent some unusual combos with the 16 pieces.
                SmartMax Magnetic Discovery My First Farm Animals | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys
                With My First Tractor, it's easy to build the oversize tractor set, perfect for imaginative play with the included horses and the farmer. 
                  Mix and match the bright-hued animal shapes to create My First Totem.
                    SmartMax Magnetic Discovery My First Totem | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

                    My First Dinosaur includes 14 large, soft dinosaur pieces, enabling kids to create five dinosaurs…mix them up for your own prehistoric creations.
                      SmartMax Magnetic Discovery My First Dinosaur | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

                        Kids age 3 and up can explore magnetism and gravity with the new SmartMax Build and Roll 44 Piece Set. Young engineers can let their imagination run wild with the 44 assorted pieces--bars, curved and straight tubes, 12 metal balls and a funnel. Let the balls roll, and then pack everything away in the sturdy storage case.

                        SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Build and Roll 44 Piece | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

                        At KidzInc we have a near complete range of the SmartMax Magnetic Discovery set and you can find these fun, quality and educational toys at here.

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