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Posted on June 30, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

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Puzzle-solving toys have always been the best way to actively engage a child's mind and increase hand-to-eye coordination. The visual skills required to complete a puzzle are also linked to helping children advance in both writing and math skills. According to, "Playing with jigsaw puzzles teaches children problem solving and helps with fine motor skills...Always look for age-appropriate puzzles. The younger the child, the bigger the pieces need to be."

What are Bugzzle Puzzles?

Bugzzle by Fat Brain Toys takes the concept of jigsaw puzzles and transforms the pieces into an easy to handle puzzle-solving experience for young children. The 18 puzzle pieces have a different, bright colour on each side of the puzzle piece to entice visual appeal in children. It has been proven that children start seeing colour as early as 5 months old, so even the youngest minds can take advantage of Bugzzle puzzles.

You don't need to worry about your young ones growing tired of playing Bugzzle puzzles, because each toy has a choice of 40 challenge cards to keep children coming back for more puzzle-solving excitement!  The cards are made from a high-quality ABS plastic that is also BPA-free. BPA in plastic toys has been linked to developmental problems in infants and attention disorders in children. This makes Bugzzle Puzzles a healthy choice for your growing family.

How to Play Bugzzle

The key to a puzzle toy that keeps children coming back is having the right balance between fun and challenge. Bugzzle puzzle gives young children both a delightful and brain training experience. Here is how Bugzzle Puzzles are played:

> The child picks from one of the 40 puzzle challenge cards included with Bugzzle
> A bug-shaped tray is provided for ease of setting and holding puzzle pieces in place
> The child then arranges the semi-circular puzzle pieces to fit in the Bugzzle tray
> They have the option of flipping and re-positioning pieces until their Bugzzle matches the challenge


This is a brilliant and fun puzzle that is also very safe for handling with smooth edges and a perfect size. Watch your child's face light up with pleasure after they successfully solve one Bugzzle puzzle after another.

The Benefits of Playing Bugzzle

Playing Bugzzle encourages the fine motor skills of a child - this is the technique of placing a Bugzzle piece into its correct position and orientation. Simply placing Bugzzle pieces in the right position requires your child to use problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking skills. But at the same time, Bugzzle removes the boredom that is found in the old-fashioned block and build puzzle sets that offer children only one option of completion.

Behind the colourful and satisfying time at play, your child is actually being exposed to early math skills such as adding and taking away, in addition to visual recognition of fractions which is a primary part of early childhood math education. And don't forget the soft skills that children are developing as they complete a puzzle - to stick with a project, to not give up, to not get frustrated, and to celebrate accomplishments.

The educational Bugzzle Puzzles are suitable for children from age 3 to 8 years old. And with 40 challenge cards, your child will certainly not become bored of this toy! All parents know that their child's brain matters and early development of critical and analytical thinking skills can pave the way for success at school and in life. 

One of the best ways to help your children succeed is to challenge their brain with a variety of activities that are proven to exercise the different parts of a child's developing brain. Bugzzle meets those challenges as the perfect educational toy for young and growing minds.

You can purchase Bugzzle here, or any of our wonderful range of Fat Brain Toys.

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