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Posted on May 04, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


In today's article, we are going to explore some award-winning games for your toddlers.

We know when choosing games for toddlers you would like an extensive range. And with two little toddlers running around our own home, we know that you need good games if you are going to get them engaged.

We are forever adding to our games for toddlers range, but today we would like to talk with you about three of our best. Which have also won many awards.

First of the rank is Move and Grove. The perfect game for toddlers when you just think about the title. We know they are hard to keep still.

This is a wonderful game, and we play this with both our children.

The rules are simple. Your child tosses the plush cube to determine the colour, you choose a matching colour card and perform the given move.

No one wins or loses, but everyone has fun.

Just some of the awards in the category of “games for toddlers” move and groove has won include.

   •    ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Finalist - 2014
   •    Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award - 2014
   •    Play Advances Language Award - 2014
   •    The Toy Insider Top Summer Toys Award - 2014

Next in our lineup for you is “Roll and Play,” also in our games for toddlers group.

This was the first ever game designed for toddlers. simply toss the big plush cube and identify which coloured side faces up. Choose a matching colour card and perform the simple activity shown. "Make a happy face", "Moo like a cow.”

What a wonderful way to teach your children about expressing emotions, or practising sounds. We love mooing (this might not be a word) in our family, don’t ask us why, we don’t even know. It is just fun :)

This game as won too many awards to list them all.  There are well over 16 international awards, but one of our favourites is

“Loved By Parents Best Activity Toy 1-3Yrs - 2013”

Hello Sunshine, no not you. This is the name of the next game in our “games for toddlers range.”

Now if your little ones love hide and seek like ours do, they will also love this game. They may even learn about some not so obvious hiding spots.

They get to hide little sunshine around the house in an a spot the card tells them. Mum, dad, or the rest of the family get to find sunshine, and then it is their turn to look.

This one is great for teaching your toddler positional words like “on top,” “below,” “next to”, and more.

Also winning many awards, however, one we would like to make special mention of is the

“Play Advances Language Award - 2013”

We are adding a lot more to our “games for toddlers range,” over the coming months. These little award winners are fun and importantly effective in developing your toddler.

Because after all learning should be fun.

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