Hacker: A Game From ThinkFun to Build Your Child's Coding and STEM Skills

Posted on August 23, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

ThinkFun Hacker Game | Coding and STEM Toys | KidzInc Australia


You want your child to play and have fun but you know it's essential that their play is more than just a game; it should teach them life skills while they have a good time. Of course, you keep hearing about the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills to get jobs in those fields when they get older. STEM jobs are abundant and pay more than other fields. Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Coding Game is a great way to get your child interested in STEM without pushing them.

How to Play Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Coding Game

Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Coding Game is designed for play by children 10 years old and older, and your child can play by himself or with others. In this game, hackers have been up to their dirty tricks, and it's up to your little one to save the day as he joins the white hat hacker team, Oblivion. To catch criminals, your child needs the same skills as the bad guys.

Throughout the game, your child must avoid alarms and viruses as he codes and uses that code to collect data chips. The bad guys are constantly trying to damage your child's network, and by learning how the hackers do it, your child creates ways to protect his network from those threats and more. This gives your child a chance to learn more about cause and effect and then use reasoning and logic to foil the bad guys.

The game has 40 challenges to face with three phases in each one for a total of 120 chances to practice and master coding and cybersecurity. These goals range from super easy for children who are new to coding to very difficult for the kid who plays regularly and understands coding. If your child is just learning, you'll get to watch him gain confidence as he masters each new challenge and builds on the information learned from each goal. The STEM skills learned while playing Hacker can help your child build basic logic and reasoning skills that they can put to work in the classroom and life.

What's in the Box?

Hacker isn't your traditional board game but it does come with pieces to track your child's progress. The pieces feature bright colors to keep your kid's attention. There are grids for your child to track his progress on each quest. Here's a look at what's in the box:

Control Panel
Challenge Booklet
Solution Booklet
12 Tokens
27 Game Tiles
Instruction Manual
Six token stands

    Featuring separate booklets for the challenges and their solutions makes it easier for your child to concentrate on finding a solution versus looking up the answer. This is a game your child can tackle by himself or play with friends and siblings.


    ThinkFun Hacker Game | Coding and STEM Toys | KidzInc Australia

    Skills Built by Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Coding Game

    You want your child to have fun and play games while learning essential skills. This is a game that teaches skills without your child even noticing that they're learning. Here are a few must-have skills for success that Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Coding Game:

    STEM thinking
    Creative thinking
    Visual perception
    Teaches concurrency
    Teaches a security mindset

      This game is designed for children aged 10 years old and up. It helps them develop skills for the game that transfers to their schoolwork and later in life, to jobs that they'll have. Of course, the best part is that they're just having a good time, which keeps them playing the game over and over again.

      You can order the Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Coding Game for a gift or rainy day surprise. The sooner your child gets to play means the sooner they start developing these essential life skills.

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      Games for Toddlers - By KidzInc

      Posted on May 04, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


      In today's article, we are going to explore some award-winning games for your toddlers.

      We know when choosing games for toddlers you would like an extensive range. And with two little toddlers running around our own home, we know that you need good games if you are going to get them engaged.

      We are forever adding to our games for toddlers range, but today we would like to talk with you about three of our best. Which have also won many awards.

      First of the rank is Move and Grove. The perfect game for toddlers when you just think about the title. We know they are hard to keep still.

      This is a wonderful game, and we play this with both our children.

      The rules are simple. Your child tosses the plush cube to determine the colour, you choose a matching colour card and perform the given move.

      No one wins or loses, but everyone has fun.

      Just some of the awards in the category of “games for toddlers” move and groove has won include.

         •    ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Finalist - 2014
         •    Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award - 2014
         •    Play Advances Language Award - 2014
         •    The Toy Insider Top Summer Toys Award - 2014

      Next in our lineup for you is “Roll and Play,” also in our games for toddlers group.

      This was the first ever game designed for toddlers. simply toss the big plush cube and identify which coloured side faces up. Choose a matching colour card and perform the simple activity shown. "Make a happy face", "Moo like a cow.”

      What a wonderful way to teach your children about expressing emotions, or practising sounds. We love mooing (this might not be a word) in our family, don’t ask us why, we don’t even know. It is just fun :)

      This game as won too many awards to list them all.  There are well over 16 international awards, but one of our favourites is

      “Loved By Parents Best Activity Toy 1-3Yrs - 2013”

      Hello Sunshine, no not you. This is the name of the next game in our “games for toddlers range.”

      Now if your little ones love hide and seek like ours do, they will also love this game. They may even learn about some not so obvious hiding spots.

      They get to hide little sunshine around the house in an a spot the card tells them. Mum, dad, or the rest of the family get to find sunshine, and then it is their turn to look.

      This one is great for teaching your toddler positional words like “on top,” “below,” “next to”, and more.

      Also winning many awards, however, one we would like to make special mention of is the

      “Play Advances Language Award - 2013”

      We are adding a lot more to our “games for toddlers range,” over the coming months. These little award winners are fun and importantly effective in developing your toddler.

      Because after all learning should be fun.

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      Awarding Winning Educational Games at KidzInc Toys

      Posted on February 25, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


      In today's article, we are going to look at some of the best and most awarded educational games on the market for all age groups. Toddlers through to tweens, we have something for everyone.

      There might even be one or two adults out there who love these games. Not mentioning any names :).

      The first on the list of educational games is one of our personal favourites. Both our daughter and son still play with this one. It is the first game ever made for toddlers and is Roll and Play, made by ThinkFun Games.
      This wonderful little game comes with a big plush cube. A cube that you throw around the room and when it lands on its corresponding colour. You simply pick up the colour card and do the action like “make a happy face” or “moo like a Cow.”

      Loved by parents everywhere, this educational game has won over 18 awards internationally.


      Next in our educational games list is Squigz made by Fat Brain Toys Company. If you have not heard about Fat Brain Toys, then you are in for a surprise, and you might want to check out our previous blog on their range.

      Squigz has just arrived in the Australian toy market, and already demand is very high. This is a wonderful game by Fat Brain Toys. It helps your child learn fine motor skills and construct almost any design out of these little well? “Squigz” shapes. Suitable for 3 years + your children will get hours of fun from this one.

      Squiz from Fat Brain Toys is also a multiple award winner, including Best Toys for Kids Award Winner 2013 - ASTRA.

      What would a list of educational games be without including a spelling game? And what could be more fun than an alligator that teaches spelling. This little alligator is made by Junior Learning and is called Spelligator.

      Awarded the Teachers Choice Award in 2014. This little alligator is great for teaching your child spelling. Also helping your children learn phonemic awareness, letter patterns and positioning. Suitable for 5 years +.

      Okay, so if we have language in our educational games list, we must cover maths. And if we cover maths, why not make it fractions. I remember spending a lot of time learning fractions, and this game just makes it fun.

      Fraction fortress comes with a stack of pieces that must be put together to form a whole piece. This is a brilliant way for your child to see how fraction works in a physical sense and visually watch them form.

      Fraction Fortress is suitable for 6 years +. It is an absolute must get for any child struggling with fractions, or who child who is passionate about numbers.

      Now we have not saved the best until last, in our educational games list. But we have saved one of the most successful educational games of all time made by none other than ThinkFun Games.

      This one is called Rush Hour, and comes in a deluxe edition and junior edition. Rush hour has been Voted one of Parents' Choice Best 25 Toys of 25 Years! That is impressive.

      So let us tell you about the game. Rush Hour is a logic puzzle game. You simply pick a challenge card and set up your grid as the challenge explains. The goal is a simple one of getting your car or ice cream van out of the gridlock in a series of moves.

      As the challenges get harder, the traffic gets worse! All the while helping your child develop concentration, logic, and problem-solving skills.

      Rush Hour Junior is suitable for 6 years+, and Rush Hour, or Rush Hour Deluxe is suitable for 8 years +.

      The wonderful thing about Rush Hour by ThinkFun Games is your child can play by themselves as it is a single player game. Of course parents can also play along :).

      This is not a full list of our educational games, but just some ones we wanted to highlight for today. The last one we would like to leave you with is one we are sure will end up being a classic game for generations to come.

      This one our daughter loves, and runs around our house singing I am an engineer :). Yes, our daughter sings this.

      It is Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine the first engineering toy for girls. This game gathered worldwide attention back in 2013 when it challenged the status quo. They asked an important question; why not make an engineering game for girls.

      We agree why not! In this now award winning game, Goldie makes a spinning machine that helps her little friend Nacho the Dog chase his tail. Not long after this machine is built, all her friends want to join in. All the little girls then help Goldie build a belt drive that can spin everyone!

      The video below shows just how much fun this game can be. If you like this range as much as we do? You will want to know that they have also just released GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank, as well as GoldieBlox and the Parade Float.

      No matter which one of the educational games you choose above, you will be happy. More importantly your children will be happy with them, learning at the same time.

      After all, shouldn’t learning be fun? Please let us know if you have questions, or if there is anything you would like us to add to our range?

      Our full range of educational games can be found here.

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      Gravity Maze by ThinkFun Games

      Posted on November 25, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

      Gravity Maze

      Wow! The new Gravity Maze game by ThinkFun games is amazing. It recently won Astra Best Toy for Kids 2014 Award. It also won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award 2014, the National Parenting Publications Award 2014, and the Major Fun Award 2014.

      Yes, the game is that good. We constantly search the world for unique and beneficial toys for children. And we love this one.

      The complexity of the game, combined with fun, and the fact there are many ways to solves the Gravity Maze game challenges is a real winner for us.

      It is a falling marble logic game; that has different challenges. The goal ultimately is to work your marble through the tower maze.

      Every tower is unique with ramps and bridges. You build the maze and towers from the different card directions, and there are many different Gravity Maze options to build, including building your maze.

      Included in the Gravity Maze game are 60 challenge cards for beginners to experts. As well as the solutions should you (we) ever get stuck.

      When the marble reaches the target tower, you win.

      The wonderful thing about the Gravity Maze game is it is unlike anything on the market. This will be one of the hottest games on the market in 2014, and we have already seen a ramp in sales as the word is starting to spread.

      It challenges children in so many different ways. Reasoning, visual perception, logic, and patience. The wonderful thing about the Gravity Maze Game is that it so much fun, children will not realize just how wonderful this game is from a development perspective.

      ThinkFun makes so many wonderful development toys for kids. We are proud to stock a wide variety of their product, and have a full collection you can also browse.

      If you want a new game for Christmas, we would suggest this might be the one for 8 Years +.

      One of the other smash hits in Australia from ThinkFun is Rush Hour suitable for 5 Years +.

      To see Gravity Maze or the ThinkFun collection just click here.

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      ThinkFun Games - Developing your childs problem solving skills

      Posted on August 14, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


      ThinkFun games, a game where the whole family can have fun and learn.

      ThinkFun games, have been created to ignite your mind, in fact, that is the mission of ThinkFun. They specifically build the games, to simplify the ideas of the world's best mathematicians, engineers and inventors.

      They take their ideas and turn them into simple toys. They have been around since 1985 and won awards across the world for their games. As you would expect they are a progressive company focused on helping build your child’s cognitive skills, through reasoning and creative thinking.

      Some of the awards they have won include Dr. Toy, Parent Gold Choice Award, European Awards, Parenting Toys best 100 products to name a few. Honestly we have to stop listing all the awards; otherwise this blog would be just a list of awards.

      They want to ignite your child’s mind through challenging your kids, and helping them sharpen their skills. The games focus on building problem solving in children through play, and develop creative skills.

      They are addictive for the whole family and respected globally.

      Games for toddlers 18 months +

      Hello Sunshine - Is a beautiful game to play hide and seek with your child. Hello Sunshine is a plush toy that you hide with your child. They learn positional words, such as "in" "on" "top" "below."

      Move and Groove - Designed to develop movement and motion. It is a game that teaches your child rhythm and music. It helps your little one learn balance, co-ordination and flexibility. No one is too old to play, mum, dad, the whole family.

      Roll and Play - Is the first game ever specifically designed for toddlers. With this one, you roll or toss a plush cube around the floor. It lands on one of its coloured sides, and you then choose a matching coloured card and do the action the card shows. Make a happy face, moo like a cow, and just have fun. This game helps your child celebrate achievement and have fun. There is no competing, just playing to enjoy.

      Games for children 4 Years +

      The Zingo! 1-2-3 game - never too early to learn bingo, only joking, sort off, it is numbers bingo. This game is focused around the development of your child's reading and counting skills. You and your little one match the numbers on tiles revealed by the zing zinger, the 1st player with all the numbers, yells Zingo!. This game supports early learning of math, through counting and math repetition.

      Last but not least one of the most-popular games, it Rush Hour is for children 8 Years +. This multiple awards winning game voted Parents Choice, best 25 toys of 25 years. The game is so good it has been placed in schools in America. It helps your child build critical thinking and logical skills.

      Rush Hour teaches your child logical progression, problem-solving, and sequential thinking skills.

      It is one of the most amazing and fun products, to come on the market in years.

      With ThinkFun games, you and your children will be too busy enjoying yourself to realise you are learning at the same time. For our full range please click here.

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