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Posted on November 30, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

At KidzInc, we stock a wide range of kid's puzzles and games. We do this because they are wonderful for child development.

Today we would like to tell you about some of the best games, and kids puzzles we stock, so that choosing is easy.

In terms of kids puzzles we stock Ravensburger, Melissa and Doug, and George Luck. If you go to the search window and type in puzzles, you will see we have over 17 pages of kids puzzles in stock.

We love kids puzzles, and who doesn’t love games. They are wonderful for child development, as they teach logic, consequence, patience, and achievement.

We have such a wide range of kids puzzles it is hard to identify a favourite, and in every bracket.

But to give you an idea in the Melissa and Doug Cube Puzzle Pets, Melissa and Doug Farm Peg Puzzle, Melissa and Doug Floor Barn Puzzle are just some of the best sellers.

Melissa and Doug Cube Puzzle Pets

Melissa and Doug Farm Peg Puzzle


Melissa and Doug Floor Barn Puzzle

Also, very popular in our puzzle range is the Alphabet Puzzle or Melissa and Doug Chunky puzzle Pets.


Alphabet Puzzle


Melissa and Doug Chunky puzzle Pets

However, this year we can not seem to stock enough of Ravensburger puzzles. Ravensburger have been making kids puzzles.

Ravensburger puzzles have been making kids puzzles since 1964. And honestly their puzzles are amazing.

The Ravensburger puzzles use something that is called soft click technology. This means that each piece has that lovely smooth connect smoothly. You know that lovely smooth connection feeling you only get from some puzzles.

Ravensburger kids puzzles also have no two pieces that are the same! Each piece is unique. They use international photography agencies, photographers, and renowned illustrators to create the beautiful designs.  

The print the picture of the puzzle on high-quality linen embossed paper. Every puzzle picture is created with almost watchmaker precision.

In their range they have some beautiful puzzles including the 1000 piece Disney Characters kids puzzle, a 1000 piece Disney Pixar Montage Puzzle, the Fire brigade 2x24 piece puzzles and the 100 piece Amazing Unicorn Glitter puzzle.


Disney Characters kids puzzle                                         




1000 piece Disney Pixar Montage Puzzle


Fire brigade 2x24 piece puzzle


Amazing Unicorn Glitter puzzle

This is only a small amount of the range we stock when it comes to kids puzzles. In our kids puzzles we also stock the George Luck puzzle range, but will post on them next week.

So if you are after a kids puzzle this Christmas you will find an amazing range at Kidzinc. for the full collections of kids puzzles click here.

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Melissa and Doug Puzzles for Everyone

Posted on November 14, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


If you have heard of Melissa and Doug Puzzles, you will know that they have been making puzzles for children since inception.

They built their business because they felt there were not enough toys on the market that helped children develop.  

Melissa and Doug Puzzles is only part of their range, but a very special part.

We carry most puzzles they have in Australia, and if you are after a particular one that is not stocked, we will try and obtain it for you.

They define their puzzles into age groups. Although depending on your child’s development stage, you can certainly try more complex puzzles.

In the 1-2 year bracket, Melissa and Doug Puzzles include; House Pets, Barnyard Animals, Jungle Friends and Large Farm.


House Pets Jumbo Knob Puzzle

Barnyard Animals Jumbo Knob Puzzle

Jungle Friends Jumbo Knob Puzzle

Large Farm Jumbo Knob Puzzle

They also have Fire Trucks, Princess, Numbers as well as Shapes. So the range and options are larger.

Fire Truck Chunky Puzzle

Princess Chunky Puzzle

Numbers Peg Puzzle

Shapes Peg Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Puzzles are great for teaching toddlers about shapes, animals, and numbers. The full collection is teaching them much more.

Continuing in the range there is the 3 - 5 years of age bracket. These Melissa and Doug Puzzles come to life, as the pieces are smaller and the detail greater.

You have the Construction Site, Prehistoric Sunset (Dinosaurs), Rescue Vehicles and a lot more. Each one of these is great for helping children develop motor skills and enjoy learning through puzzles.

 Construction Site - 12 Piece

Prehistoric Sunset - 24 Piece

To The Rescue - 24 Piece

In the same range there is a Princess, Fairy Tale and the every popular Busy Barn. One of the puzzles that we chose for our kids is the 3d cube sets of Pets. This puzzle enables your children to make many different puzzles and adds a level of complexity.

Woodland Princess - 24 Piece

Fairy Tale Friendship Floor Puzzle - 24 Piece

Busy Barn Shaped Floor Puzzle - 32 Piece



Pets Cub Puzzle

In this bracket, Melissa and Doug Puzzles get quite advanced with a Maze Puzzle, Alphabet Puzzle. They even have a Wooden Bear Family Dress Up Puzzle :). There are, of course, many more in the range and even a Knights and Dragons Puzzle.

Farm Maze

Alphabet Wooden Puzzle Cards

Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up

Knights & Dragons Puzzle  - 48 Piece

All these wonderful designs and shapes make learning very enjoyable for your child.

The last age bracket is the 5 years + range, and you will find some amazing puzzles in this range. You will also note that some of these puzzles are included in the 3-5 bracket.

This is because as children learn through practice they can become very advanced with puzzles. You watch them, as they do the same ones over and again.

In fact, our four-year-old daughter can do puzzles better than dad, but keep that between us.

In this range of the Melissa and Doug Puzzles there are the 96 pieces Princesses Puzzle, Wooden Cards of Numbers and Alphabets.

Princess Puzzle - 96 Piece

Numbers Wooden Puzzle Cards


Alphabet Wooden Puzzle Cards

This is where your child needs to connect the right letter with the right word or the right number with the right number of pictures in the piece.

Melissa and Doug Puzzles are beautifully made, and regardless of which one you might like for your child they will bring you both hours of fun.

The sense of achievement they get from completing a puzzle is lovely to watch. It also fantastic to help them through the process, working together and building that special bond.

Puzzles as you probably are aware are a wonderful development tool for children, teaching them motor skills, both fine and major.

They teach them cognitive skills as the solve the problems as well as emotional skills as they learn patience and are rewarded by the completion of a beautiful picture.

Clearly we love Melissa and Doug Puzzles, and that is because we know you will love them too.

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An Age Guide to Puzzles by Melissa & Doug

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Pieces of the Puzzle - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide by Melissa & Doug.

Which puzzle is perfect for your kids? This easy reference guide walks you through the options - including chunky shapes and boards, sturdy wooden jigsaws, giant floor puzzles, and more! - to find just the right fit for puzzlers of every age and stage.

Pieces of the Puzzle - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide by Melissa & Doug

Pieces of the Puzzle - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide by

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