Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall at KidzInc

Posted on November 18, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

For anyone that knows the Sylvanian Families well, you will know that one of the prized pieces is the Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall.

Beechwood Hall

Perhaps like us you originally started with the Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage and added a few items here and there.

Cosy Cottage

But as you build the Sylvanian Families story, you know that the Beechwood Hall it a critical piece to have in the village.

My husband originally bought our daughter the Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage. He was out shopping with her one day when she was only two.

Since that point, we have consistently added to our collection. One of the most practical and enjoyable pieces is the Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall.

It is the versatility of the Beechwood Hall that makes it such a practical addition. It starts to build that village atmosphere.

You can place the Sylvanian Families pieces into all sorts of positions and places within the hall. It has a balcony and decking area, and five rooms that you can decorate.

The decking area can also be flipped around and turned its grass for those fun occasions.

The Sylvanian Families Beechwood hall also has two lights so you can use it for that night time events and entertainment.

It was one of those grand pieces that you just enjoy the more you play with it and decorate it.  

When we added the Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall to our collection, it just felt like the village was coming to life.

Now as I mentioned we originally started with the Sylvanian families cosy cottage starter home.

If you are new to the Sylvanian families range than the cosy cottage starter home is a great place to start.

This was our first piece as I mentioned, and we have been very happy with it. The Sylvanian families cosy cottage comes with Freya Chocolate Rabbit, a bed, table and chairs, oven, sink and accessories.

It is two levels as well, or what might call a loft. So there is two distinct areas to set up a bedroom and living room. It is wonderful little toy to start your collection out with.

Sylvanian families are continually adding to their collection. In 2014, they released some wonderful pieces just in time for Christmas.

Some the new pieces in 2014 include the Sylvanian families Country Doctor, just in case you need one for those medical emergencies. You know the ones where you eat too much at Christmas.

Country Doctor

Sylvanian families Toy Shop. You are probably not surprised that we like this one:)



Toy Shop

Sylvanian families Supermarket. Of course, you need to ensure you have all the food you need for Christmas.


If you would like to see all of the new pieces for 2014, you can click through to our new collection here.

I also forgot to mention they have  also updated the Sylvanian families Cottage Starter Home. So if this is where you begin you will be getting the latest edition.

If you would like to see the full collection of Sylvanian Families, you can click through here.

So if you are looking to add the next piece to your village story and been thinking about the Sylvanian families Beechwood Hall, you will be very happy.

Or you are starting your story then the Sylvanian families cosy cottage starter home is a great place to begin.

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New Sylvanian Families - Create your Little Village Today

Posted on September 10, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

If you have read some of our blogs, you will know that we love Sylvanian Families. We believe they are a great toy at almost at any age :) (We are talking about us). It is everything about them that we have fallen in love with.

Let us explain: Before we opened KidzInc we were shopping. As you do, we came across this little home, with this cute little rabbit family. My two-year-old daughters eyes lit up! While she did not ask for a toy, it was one of those moments where you can see the excitement in their little face. I could not help myself, and we left the toy store that day with the little cosy cottage home and the Sylvanian rabbit family.

This was almost two years ago now, and yes we have added pieces to the original set. We have added the tree house, restaurant, and Sylvanian family car. I mean where would you be without transportation?

So every time they launch a new range, we become a little nervous because we know we are probably going to want one new item to add to the village. The wonderful thing though is now our son is playing with them too. Also, we have fun playing with our children and setting it all up as well.

Our daughter is now sitting the families together and starting to tell little stories. The stories are wonderful, and we are not allowed to interrupt in the slightest.

Their products have always been of the highest quality, and if you have even just one of them, you will know what I mean.

Sylvanian families have quite a tradition actually, and it dates back to 1985. Their range is superb, and you could build your little village.

We have had our eyes on one of their classics for some time the Sylvanian Beechwood hall. This is probably going to be the year we buy it; after all it makes for the perfect family home. It has an entertaining area for the whole family and guests. Bedrooms, lounge room, kitchen, and a deck, and landing space.

Now all of the furniture is a separate purchase, but we already have some items we are ready to move in.

I originally started this article, because I wanted to tell you about their new range. So let me do that, and it is here just in time for Christmas.

Included in the new ranges are the Sylvanian Families Supermarket, Cosy Cottage (updated), and Nursery. Also, there is a very cool double decker bus, a nursery playset, and nursery school theme.

Let’s start with the Sylvanian Families Supermarket. The supermarket as you would expect is full with bread, fruit, vegetables, fish, bakery goods, dairy and a lot more! It has over 100 pieces including miniature groceries, shopping trolley, and cash register for all the produce your little one will be selling to mum and dad. This is great little supermarket, offering hours of fun. This one is suitable for 4 Years +, so yes our daughter may want to add this to the collection.

The Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage has been updated and is attachable to the Beechwood Hall. Which is great because this was our original purchase. The cosy cottage is surprisingly big and has two floors. It includes a kitchen unit, table and chairs, comfortable bed, and the rabbit sister Freya Chocolate. This, of course, is part of the furniture move we have planned.

In addition to this, there is the new Sylvanian Families Forest Nursery Set. You have to see this to believe how beautiful it is, and that is why we included a picture below :). Hilda Hamilton is the kind teacher who looks after things at the nursery. This set includes chairs, a desk, piano, blackboard, swing, toys, crowns and drawing set. The rest of the figures do come separately but is a beautiful little set all own its own.

Now how else would you expect them to get to the nursery set, but on a nursery double decker bus? That is right a Sylvanian Family Double Decker Bus. The driver, Hucky Hamilton, is in charge of the nursery double decker bus and will drive the child to the nursery each and every day. The top section of the bus is open aired, just like the ones in New York, London, or even Sydney these days. The Nursery double decker bus even comes with a slide and a ladder. It is great for taking to a picnic or another adventure after a day at the nursery.

Speaking of picnics, also new in the line is a Sylvanian family nursery picnic set, ideal for the family car, or the Sylvanian family bus. The set includes George Golightly with a nursery uniform, bag, drink, and a bottle. It also has sandwiches and bananas, and a thermos, spade, and cups. A couple of books are also included for some light reading.  

However, if you want to go all out, there is the new Nursery party set. It includes Crème Chocolate with a beautiful little princess dress, and Ambrose Walnut with a prince dress, background sheets as well as some props for the play. It comes with flower shaped tables and chairs, cakes, biscuits, pitchers of juice. It has all you need to cater including glasses, bowls, plates, and forks. The set also has lollipops, candles, apples, and a lovely little headband for the babies. It is a great addition to the Nursery or perfect as a stand-alone item.

You also may want to know, and there are some new families on the scene this year, and who doesn’t want to know the new neighbours? The Sheep family, Chihuahua dog family, Hamster family, Red Panda family, and Beaver family are all new. They are also welcome additions to the Sylvanian Families range. Also, it is great to see them continually adding to the line up, so we have plenty to choose from.

To keep them all clean Sylvanian Families has also just released baby bath time. Bath time is always super fun! The bath time set includes Andromeda Petite and Jason Petite, bathtub, changing table, laundry basket, pajamas with matching head wrap. It also includes a rinse cup, rubber ducky, bear bottle of body wash, and a bottle of shampoo. However, that is not all it has a bottle of lotion, container of powder, washcloth with hand strap, sponge, towel and bath rug. Yes, that right you almost feel like you could take a bath yourself.

Of course, it would be best to do this right before a night at the new Courtyard Restaurant, perfect for the whole family. The grand property has spacious living accommodation at the back, and the restaurant is an open-air terrace. It is perfect for outdoor dining al- fresco style!

Inside the restaurant, there is a large open plan kitchen/lounge on the ground level, with two bedrooms and a terraced balcony on the first floor.

The set includes all the restaurant furniture such as tables, chairs and counter with built-in sink. It has a hob and counter for guests and a wide variety of food and drinks for serving all of your guests.

Inside the restaurant, there is a large open plan kitchen/lounge on the ground level, with two bedrooms and a terraced balcony on the first floor.

As options, you can also include a new kitchen cooking set, dinner for two sets, and kitchen cookware set. The dinner for two set includes a main dish, salad, soup, dessert and cutlery.

As we know the Sylvania’s love to cook and the new Kitchen Cooking set includes everything the little family will need, pots, pans and kettle.

Alternatively, there is a new Kitchen Cookware set, which includes kitchen tools. Included is a hot plate, toaster, blender and a convenient wagon to pack it all away.

Now after all making a meal in the kitchen is only one option with this little family, and a new barbecue is perfect for our Australian weather. The Family Barbecue Set includes a nice barbecue stove in the center of the table so you can grill vegetable and fish. It also includes dishes, vegetables, hot dogs, fishing rods and buckets for four people.

After dinner, you could always take a stroll to the new candy cart, which includes over 40 pieces, lollipops, cookies, and chocolates.

Now who does not like chocolate? Of course, if you are after a bigger selection than you do not want to miss the Sweets store. The Sweet store has fairy cakes, ideal for that special treat or perhaps a biscuit if you are more in savory kind of mood.

However, if the night is hot, you might just want to pick up a soft serve ice cream, from the new Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop. Just like having your own little Mr. Whippy. The Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop comes with a selection of different flavored soft serve ice creams, parfaits and cones for all the family or families.

Did we mention that a long time ago Perkin Harvey is the Supermarket Owner with his beautiful wife Dorothy? Now even though they are both retired, and their son, Austin, runs the store they have never been able to let completely go. They always drop by and let him now how things might be run. Of course, they are an optional buy and should you not wish to have a second set of eyes around, this is always an option.

Now once your family starts to get too big for the car and is too small for the bus. You may want to think about the new bluebell seven seater. The bluebell seven-seater is large enough for all the members of the family and the doors open and close for easy access. It even comes with a roof rack so you can include that picnic set we mentioned earlier.

We have saved some of the best and grandest new additions for last.

Let’s start with the grandest of them all the Sylvanian Grand Hotel perfect for that idealistic holiday that your little families need. I can see our daughter now setting it up for weddings, parties and all sorts of events.

As you would expect there is a luxury dining room, which you can fit out with the new ballroom set. The ballroom set includes music entertainers, Grace and Kelly, a grand piano and microphones. After a night out the families can head back to their hotel rooms and enjoy the balconies in the bedroom that overlook the beautiful Sylvanian scenery.

The hotel itself is three-story grand building with stain glass windows and a beautiful chandelier. The Sylvanian family Grand hotel opens up to reveal an amazing nine rooms with an added roof terrace.

The hotel has to be seen to be appreciated. The detail is what you have come to expect from the Sylvanian families. It includes chandelier, suitcases, hotel reception, room keys, topiary and a suitcase trolley.

Separately sold, but worth considering in the fit out of the grand hotel, is a new luxury living room set. This set includes a battery operated red glow fire with velvet armchair and settee. A grandfather clock and a variety of accessories like a phone for those early evening calls. Ornaments, a lamp, and comfort items are there as well.

Of course, you will need someone to clean up after you, maybe? The new housekeeper set is also available for purchase to keep rooms looking their very best. The set includes the figure, vacuum, dustbin and dustpan, bucket, sprays and other accessories.

Now if you are going to have someone clean for you, you might also need a new butler set?? The fabulous Butler set comes with figure and afternoon tea accessories.

Well, we are almost there; we have just about reached the end of the journey. In doing so we would like to introduce you to the country nurse set, country dentist set, and of course country doctor.

Each set sold separately but like all Sylvanian families they work together as well. The Milk Rabbit Mother with a nurse uniform is part of the nurse set. She has a wheelchair in case one of the family members needs to be pushed around. Include in the set is medicine as well nurse trolley full of supplies.

Now what would a Sylvanian families village be without a dentist? I can see it now the families all-walking around with toothaches, due to those sweets they ate earlier. The Country Dentist includes Alex Periwinkle, who, of course, has the appropriate dentist uniform. A check-up bed, the dreaded drill, and many other accessories. The Country Clinic turns into a dentist office, once you place this set in the clinic.

So we have reached the end of all the introductions, by introducing you to the newest member of the Sylvanian families. So without further ado, please meet Dr. Alex Periwinkle, who runs the Country Clinic. Everyone in the Sylvanian Village relies on the Country Doctor Alex Periwinkle. He is there to help them feel better when they are not well, even if it has been from eating too much ice cream. The set comes with doctor’s uniform, desk & chair, bed, scale, reception desk and more much much more.

Well, that is it that is all we have reached the end. As we said at the outset, this is one of our daughters and our favourite toys. We love all the little families, and we love what they represent. They teach our children how to role-play, develop fine motor skills, about communities and families. Also, how to share, care and last but not least about nature and all the wonderful types of animals in the world.

It is a set that you can build on over time, and one that will last many years. Our 8-year-old niece comes over to our home and plays with it all the time. We imagine that our daughter will be using it for some time yet, and we just love adding to the story for her.

Whichever item you may purchase we just know your children will love it. Also do not forget to connect with us on Facebook, as sometime soon we may even give a prize away :).

Any questions let us know. You can view the full range here.

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