Early Development Skills that Babies Learn with Tumbleroos by Fat Brain Toys

Posted on September 14, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

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For babies, every game and toy is a learning experience. Everything your baby touches and every force they observe teaches them something about the world. This item is hard while this one is soft. This toy bounces, but that toy does not. This toy fits into that toy, but not the other way around. Every lesson helps your baby or toddler grow their understanding of the universe and start to build a foundation for critical thinking. This is why we love educational toys so much, even (especially!) at the earliest ages. 

Tumbleroos by Fat Brain Toys are designed to stimulate a baby and or toddler's early developmental skills and their foundation for STEM learning in the future. It's incredible that three simple cups can teach so much! 

What are Tumbleroos by Fat Brain Toys?

Fat Brain Toys focuses on making toys that inspire early childhood thought and skill development and Tumbleroos are no exception. Each set comes with three nesting cups in fun primary colours. Each cup has a large egg-shaped bottom that is rubberized and weighted to make the cups wobbly but tip-resistant. The three cups wobble on their own, stack into each other, and can be tumbled over on purpose. What's incredible is how much your baby can learn by playing with weighted, wobbly, cup stacks like Tumbleroos.

Early Development Babies Can Learn from Playing with Tumbleroos

Learning Colours with Toys

Why do we make baby toys in bold primary and secondary colours? So we can learn colours together! The largest Tumbleroo is blue, the middle is green, and the top tumbler is red. This will give your infant a fun frame of reference when naming the colours of toys in their room together. Once a toddler starts learning colours, they'll name the colours of their Tumbleroos for fun and practice.

Stacking Trains Hand-Eye and Fine Motor Skills

Tumbleroos are, at their heart, stacking cups. We know that stacking is great for a variety of early childhood control skills. Hand-eye coordination is needed to line up and nest the stacks while fine motor control is used to manipulate and control. The tumblers are also large enough to engage large-motor control and standing to stack them can encourage balance development.

Wobbly Stacks Teach Early Physics

Watching stacks wobble teaches first-hand physics and lays your earliest foundation for STEM learning. Tumbleroos teach a toddler that round bottoms can't stay upright, but balanced cups can if stacked carefully. Every cup wobbles, and the way it wobbles shows how it is weighted and the value of a weighted bottom. Your toddler will learn without even realizing it.

Nesting Stacks Teach About Size and Fit

Nesting and size-difference is an essential skill for young children to learn as they figure out how the world works. Because this stacking kit is made of cups, your baby will learn how smaller cups nest into larger cups, but not the other way around. They will learn that stacking Tumbleroos by size always gives the best results.

Two-Texture Cups for Sensory Play

Each Tumbleroo has two textures, the rubberized bottom half and a smooth plastic cup top. The difference in texture and even temperature conduction will provide an element of sensory play for your baby.

Safe for Teething, Banging, and Tossing

Last but not least, Tumbleroos are safe for all manner of infant play, including teething, banging, and tossing from high-chairs. Tumbleroos are designed to roll, wobble, and settle upright for endless indestructible play.

If you are stocking the perfect nursery for your little one's early childhood development, Fat Brain Toys has your interests at heart with every design, including these brightly coloured stacking wobble-cups we like to call Tumbleroos. 

To purchase your Tumbleroos, you can simply go to our Fat Brain Toy Co range. 

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