Hape Toys Made from Wood and Love

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We are proud to stock an extensive range of Hape Wooden Toys. The craftsmanship that goes into each piece, there is no doubt that each and every one of the Hape Toys are made with love.

When we first bought our daughter the Hape Guitar, we were not sure what to expect. The beautiful little Guitar that turned up exceeded all our expectations. Not to mention that of our daughter's expectations.

Hape Guitar

The collection is not only musical, and these beautiful wooden toys also have a walk-a-long Puppy, push and pull Giraffe, and walk along Hedgehog.


Walk-a-long Puppy


Push and pull Giraffe


Walk along Hedgehog

One of my Husbands favourites in the range is the Hape Rock and Rhythm Band, and this is a Christmas present for our son and Dad :).


Rock and Rhythm Band

For the real little ones, the Hape little red rider is very popular and can be used as a car or as a walker. It is very versatile, and it will be the envy of every little kid. This little Hape Red Walker won the 2014 Toy of the Year Award in Finland.


Little red rider

Hape happens  to be a global leader in high-quality and bamboo toys. They are one of the largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials.

They are very particular about design, production, and packaging. This shows in their workmanship.

Our collection of Hape Wooden Toys is building every day, and we currently carry over 100 of their products.

So whether it is a Hape Fridge, Marble run Quadrilla Autobahn or Quadrilla Cyclone set or Hape Little Plane you are after we will have them in stock.







Quadrilla Autobahn


Quadrilla Cyclone set

Little Plane

As you are probably aware, all of the Hape toys are brilliant for child development. Dependent, of course, on the product you select will depend on the area they impact most.

This can range from developing motor skills, math skill, cognitive skills, through to social skills.

For us at KidzInc it is not only critical that the toys we sell are of the highest quality, but they must also add something to the child’s life skills.

We feel learning should be fun, not one time, but every single day. Even as adults, because when it enjoyable we all learn quicker.

Our little one’s are little sponges, and the absorb everything so quickly that is why having the right toys is critical.

We know Hape toys fit this ideal, and we are proud to sell them. For the complete range please click here.

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Tobbles Neo at KidzInc Australia

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Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo Stacking Toy



The Tobbles Neo is new to Australia in 2014 and made by Fat Brain Toys. It is the perfect little stacking toys for little babies and toddlers.

Awarded the international 2013 Toy of the Year at Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair. Which is the German toy fair, and considered one of the most prestigious toy events in the world.

The recommended age is 6 months+, and what a delight of a toy it is. The video of the Tobbles Neo below demonstrates just how much fun this toy is for toddlers.

With the Tobbles Neo, toddlers can stack, topple, spin, balance and more. With added tactile textures and wavy lines offering little hands never-ending possibilities for play and learning.

As you saw in the video, the colours combinations are beautiful, and this toy kind of makes stacking blocks look so 1980’s.

And honestly we love stacking blocks.

This is the perfect little toy to develop toddlers fine motor skills and spatial awareness. It also provides them with a sense of achievement when they stack them all up.

This is a toy you and your baby or toddler will have hours of fun with. We just love it.

When you see them first hand, you realise just how well they are made. The love and care that obviously went into designing the Tobbles Neo is obvious.

For babies and toddlers this has been one of our most popular items, and it has been only recently added to our new collection.

If you want to read more about every aspect of the Tobbles Neo or purchase this wonderful toy, simply click here.

Fat Brain Toys who make Tobbles Neo are a company dedicated to creating toys that develop young minds. At KidzInc, we are dedicated to the same purpose, and will only distribute toys that meet these criteria, and that are made to the highest standards.

If you are interested in more of their range, you can see them here. It includes HexActly, RepTangles, Squiz and much more.

We love the Fat Brain Toy range, and the Tobbles Neo as you can probably tell is one of our favourites.

We know your toddler or baby will love this one, in fact, we bought the Tobbles Neo for our little boy for Christmas last year.

That is how much like the Tobbles Neo.

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Robotic Toys - Our Full Range of Robots

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Yes, it is the year for Robotic Toys. 2014 has seen some amazing products come on to the Australian Toy Market.

I still find it hard to believe the Robotic Toys are now coming with Artificial Intelligence! The new Robotic Toys form TX Juice are cutting edge when it comes to Robotic Toys. They have an artificial intelligent helicopter that does not crash into walls! The amazing thing is you can buy it from as little as $89.99.

Not only is the product very affordable, unlike similar products in its category it easy to control. This means accidents that destroy a more traditional helicopter are things of the past.

The TX Juice a.i Copter is shown in the below video and you simply will not believe how good it is.

Before we discuss other Robotic Toys in our range, the rest of the TX Juice range of Robotic Toys includes the Hovva Copter at $45.

The Radar Copter at $39.99 or for the more adventurous the TX Juice Stunt Buggy Xtreme at $59.99 or TX Juice Stunt Plane Xtreme at $79.99.


 Radar Copter    

Stunt Buggy 

Stunt Plane Xtreme

This company is continuing to develop amazing Robotic Toys. We have heard down the road there will be a racing car set that does not need side rails or grooved tracks. Again due to the artificial intelligence. In fact, it will be the first artificial intelligence race track in the world.

Next in the range we have the Switch & Go Dinos, that is right the Switch and Go Dinos. Sorry, I just wanted to say it twice because I find it a fun name :).

The Switch and Go Dinos are made by V-Tech and turn into the very famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. Also known by his friends as T-Rex, the Dinosaur among Dinosaurs.

They are amazing transforming electronic learning toys. Lex is king of the road, but then turns into the king of the meat eating dinosaurs as T-Rex. As a car he has a selection of drivers to choose form, and then when he turns into T-Rex he tells you all about his amazing Dinosaur life.

Lex the T-Rex

Hard to believe this toy is only $39.99 and is both a dinosaur and car. In the V-Tech Dinosaur range, there is also the Pteranodon, the Stegosaurus, the Triceratops, the MEGA T-Rex and new in 2014 the Remote Control (RC) Race and Roar Triceratops at $109.99.


Wing the Pteranodon


Mohawk the Stegosaurus

Horns the Triceratops




RC Race and Roar Triceratops


But our range of Robotic Toys is far from finished. Returning in 2014 is a new and improved DiscoRobo Voice, and the DiscoRobo Voice Superstar. Your child’s own personal robot. These little Robotic Toys come from Tosy.


Using the latest sound detection technology, these little robots feel the music. They can dance along with any song and have 56 moves! I don’t have that many :).

DiscoRobo has eight facial expressions, and they are hilarious. You can even pair two DiscoRobos together and let them surprise you as they dance and talk to each other.

DiscoRobo comes in Blue and Red, and the DiscoRobo Superstar comes with their very own dancing stage.


DiscoRobo Voice Blue                         DiscoRobo Voice Red



DiscoRobo Voice Superstar - Blue    DiscoRobo Voice SuperStar - Red

The DiscoRobo Superstar dancing stage is a portable mp3 player with built in high-quality stereo speakers. This means you can upload your own music, and your children can watch their little robot friend dance along to their favourite tunes.

It is amazing just how affordable these robotic toys are, and DiscoRobo start at only $64.99.

Last in our amazing range of Robotic Toys is the famous Engino Inventor series. It is just the toy that Michael Angelo would have played with as a child.

They are motor built model sets that depending on the set you choose you can build up to 100 different models.

Your child can build cars with turning wheels, cars with cranes, trucks, sailboats, carousels. In fact the list goes on to oil drills, horses, moving bridges, lifting machines, houses, catapults, and much MORE!

The 100 Models set is largest in the Engineering Series of products by Engino. However, if you want to start out small there is the Engino Inventor Basic 18 Model. This set still allowing your child to build up to 18 different models.


Engino Inventor Pro 100 Models Set with 2 Wired RC Motors


Engino Inventor Basic 18 Models Set with Motor

The great thing with these Robotic Toys is that as you buy more sets, you can use them together.

These are the best Robotic Toys on the market in 2014.

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Magna Blocks, Magnetic Tiles all You Need to Know

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If you have read any of our recent articles you would know that we absolutely love Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles.  

These Magnetic Blocks are amazing, and so much fun, our whole family plays with them. Whilst they are recommended for 3+, our little boy who is only 19 months stills try's to grab them off his four-year-old sister.

The 3+ recommendation has to do with the fact that they are made out of a clear plastic and contain small magnets, so best to keep the real little ones away from them.

None the less the whole family loves the Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles. Your child can almost build any shape they desire. The structure choices are endless, they connect easily and provide a fun sensation every time.

In terms of children development this is where math, science and creativity meet.

The Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles come in 32, 48, or 100 Piece Set.

We currently have all of these on sale, and a 100 piece is proving to be the most popular. We started with a 32 piece set but will upgrade soon to the 100 piece. Luckily because they are all the same, all the sets work together.

Back to the serious part, the developmental side of the Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles. The Valtech Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles are popular in thousands of preschools across America. They are increasing every day in popularity here in Australia.

By using the Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles children learn about constructing 3 D objects, geometric shapes, and develop fine and major motor skills.

In addition to this, they build a child’s creativity through designing almost anything they could imagine.

This allows your child to enhance critical thinking skills through play.

The Manga Tiles Magnetic Blocks are valuable for problem-solving. They are great for logical thinking and developing spatial relationship through creative play.

If you or child has had exposure to Magna Tiles Magnetic Blocks, you will know exactly what we are talking about. If you have not and are thinking about making a purchase, you will not be disappointed.

Like us, the only problem you may have is that you didn’t buy enough :). Nonetheless, whether you buy the 32, 48 or 100 pieces, we know you and your little  one will be happy.

Learning should be fun!

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Kimochis Educator Toolkit for Kids

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The Kimochis Educator Toolkit is the teacher’s edition, and it has everything. It is a brilliant way to bring all of the Kimochis feeling dolls to the classroom.

Schools all over Australia are starting to use Kimochis Educator Toolkit to help children manage and understand emotions. KidzInc has supplied both Child Care Centres and Primary Schools in Australia with Kimochis and the Kimochis Educator Toolkit.

Learning how to deal with emotions at an early age, is invaluable.  The Kimochis Educator Toolkitt is the top of the line.

The core beliefs of the Kimochis are that:

1. Everyone Matters
2. Everyone Has Feelings
3. Everyone Wants to belong and be included
4. There is room for everyone at school
5. Everyone makes mistakes

The Kimochis Educator's Tool Kit comes with a

296-page Kimochis Feel Guide: Teacher's Edition
5 Kimochis characters and 29 feelings,
Take-home parent Feel Guide in a sturdy, black bag.

Whether you purchase and individual Kimochi like Bella Rose, or the every popular, moody Cloud. Kimochis are a great way to introduce social-emotional learning (SEL) to children.

The goal of the Kimochis is helping everyone be understood, and to create an environment where everyone can express their feelings.

Some of the activities include practicing tone of voice, body language, and appropriate words.

Kimochis can help children effectively communicate feelings, and as they do they become more confident, and their sense of self and worth builds.

This helps children build better relationships with each other and social and emotional intelligence.

At KidzInc, we love the Kimochis and the we love the Kimochis Educator Toolkit. We feel every child is special and enabling them to share their feelings and feel comfortable to do so is a wonderful gift.

We stock a complete range from Bella Rose, Love Dove, Cat, Cloud, Mini-Bug right through to the Kimochis Educator Toolkit.

They come in a couple of sizes depending on the age and preference of your child. They are a toy we have only had great feedback on, and we are sure you and your little one will be delighted.

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Kimochis Mixed Bag of Feelings

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The Kimochis Mixed Bag of Feelings comes with 33 Kimochi plush feelings. Who knew we had so many, in fact, it also comes with another three blank plush feelings so you or child might create your own.

Interesting, we would love to know what you create :). The Kimochis Mixed Bag of Feelings can be used in a lot of fun ways.

You can place them in a bowl in your home, and as each family member walks by, they can grab the feeling that fits them at that moment. What a great way for your kids to subtly let you know they feel.

Even a good one for mum to let dad know. This could also be done in a classroom or at home.

The great thing about these little plush toys Kimochis Mixed Bag of Feelings is you, and your children can practice actioning out each emotion in the bag.

This is a great way to practice communicating feelings and ensuring everyone is listened to and understood.

Another great way to use this bag of feelings would be to hide them under pillows or in lunch boxes for your children. A great little surprise that might just brighten up their whole day.

The feelings included in the bag are:

Happy, Mad, Sad, Brave, Left Out, Curious, Cranky, Silly, Frustrated, Hopeful, Proud, Optimistic, Disappointed, Sensitive, Insecure, Jealous, Loved, Grateful, Scared, Shy, Kind, Hurt, Sorry, Uncomfortable, Friendly, Sleepy, Surprised, Embarrassed, Guilty, Excited, and 3 blank Make-Your-Own.

Now that certainly is a list of emotions, and each every one is valuable for us all to understand. It would have been wonderful to have had these toys when I was a kid.

It is amazing how far we have come with developing and nurturing little minds. Obviously the Kimochis mixed bag of feelings is focused on emotional intelligence.

What a wonderful area to develop. In fact, the say the best leaders of industry and people in society are also the ones with the highest level of emotional intelligence.

The Kimochis have won endless awards for the progressive steps in this area. The Kimochis mixed bag of feelings is a great example of just how many feelings we all have.

Being able to teach your children or children you care about on feelings is a wonderful gift that will last a lifetime.

For the Kimochis Mixed Bag of Feelings just click here, or to see what else is in the range click here.


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Melissa and Doug Extensive Range of Puzzles at KidzInc

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We are very proud to stock an extensive range of Melissa and Doug Puzzles. Originally this little brand started out in 1988, and they been making puzzles for a very long time.

Their original focus was educational products for children. They started because they love children, and they felt there were not enough products on the market that made learning fun.

What better way to do this then create puzzles. We stock a extensive range of their collection in every age group because puzzles are a brilliant way to educate children.

They are great to develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

We have curated the Melissa and Doug Puzzles in the following areas.

Simply clicking on any of the links below will take you to the full range for that age group.

Age 1 - 2

Age 3 - 5

Age 5 +

We love the Melissa and Doug Puzzles because they are dedicated to helping children learn. Whilst puzzles are great at building major and minor motor skills, they are also wonderful in other educational areas for children.

They help them with pattern recognition or memory, learning words, and letters or rather language.

Other areas these puzzles help children with include cognitive and emotional skills. From a cognitive point of view, children can solve problems, and make associations.

Emotionally children learn patience and are rewarded just by finishing the puzzle. In fact, when the can first put the first sheep back in the slot, this brings them a lot of joy. Any mother or father who has witnessed this would know what we are talking about.

If you have not seen this yet, you are in for a beautiful moment.

We love watching our little boy do this, and he even claps when he succeeds.

Simply it is why we love puzzles, and we are sure your children will too.

The full range of Melissa and Doug puzzles are here.


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