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Posted on August 20, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


So do you want to know what the best baby walker is on the market or at least the best walker for your baby? Well, today we are going to review our award-winning baby walker collection.

Starting with the Hape - Little Red Rider. If you are after a baby walker with versatility, longevity, and stunning good looks, then the Hape Little Red Rider might be the one for you. Sure to be the envy of every baby on the block :). This baby walker can transform from a balanced walker to a foot-powered ride on.

It was recently awarded Toy of the Year 2014 in Finland. We just love this baby walker. One of the things we did not realise prior to buying our baby walker was weight is an important factor.

We originally bought a light plastic walker, but when our little one pressed down it would lift up and also slip on our wood floors. This is why we love the Hape Little Red Rider with its rubber tires, solid design, as well as good grip rubber handles it is in our opinion a perfect walker.

The Hape range of Baby walkers has been built with baby in mind. Next in our selection of award winning baby walkers is the:

Hope Wonder Walker - Now this baby walker won the Parent Choice Award. It is beautifully designed with rounded edges that make it safe for baby. The design encourages your little one to pull themselves up and take those first few steps with confidence.

Another great aspect about this baby walker is the interactive features. So when baby needs a rest from all that walking they can play with the abacus needs, tracker shapes or the spinner. This one even has a car key that turns so baby can feel like mum or dad.

Now if your little one loves animals, perhaps this is the baby walker for you?

The Hape Galloping Zebra Cart is also an award winning Walker. This baby walker is crafted from maple and plywood and has colourful wheels and two Zebras. The design is encouraging your little one to push the walker along. The cart has been designed so your little one can place items inside, and also learn about spatial awareness at the same time, as learning to walk.

It is probably why the Hape Galloping Zebra Cart won the 2013 - Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award. One of the most prestigious toy awards in the world.

Last on our list of award-winning baby walkers is the Plan Toys baby walker. Winner of Parent Choice USA the unique aspect of the Plan Toys Baby Walker is that the handle can be adjusted to suit baby’s height. This is a rather obvious, but often left out design feature.

Choosing the right baby walker for your child matter, when we were inexperienced parents, we choose incorrectly. We chose plastic and lightweight, and this did not help our little ones with walking at all. This is why we only sell baby walkers that do what they are meant too. Help baby walk.

So if you are after a baby walker, please take a look at our collection of award winning baby walkers and decide which one is right for you and baby. Please click here for the entire range of baby walkers.

Any questions, please let us know, and until next time, remember learning should be fun.

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