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Posted on September 02, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

In today’s blog, we are talking about remote control toys and artificial intelligence. Yes, artificial intelligence! You will not believe just how cool toys are about to become.

At Kidzinc, we have just added the TX Juice range. If you have not heard about TX juice previously, let us explain.

TX juice builds remote control (RC) toys for boys and girls. However, they are remote control toys with a difference. Anyone who is into remote control hobbies will notice this immediately.

However, before we explain why, let us tell you what we have in our range.

1. We have the TX Juice Hover Copter (RC helicopter). This is a helicopter that is controlled by a paddle. You can even play with two paddles and move the RC helicopter between you and a friend.  It has a radar sensor and detects objects to move away from.

2. The TX Juice Stunt buggy extreme. This full action remote controlled stunt buggy (RC car), moves across terrain with ease. It has spring loaded shocks, and the wheels light up at night time. It has a speed of 1.5 metres per second and can jump, do wheelies and many more stunts. It seldom get’s stuck, and can usually flip itself back to the right position.

It is an extreme buggy that has a 360% spinning and tumbling action.

3. The TX Juice Stunt Plane. This is the perfect little plane for those just starting out. It can do amazing loop the loop’s and has full RC functionality.

4. What about an RC Helicopter that can never crash. This TX Juice RC Copter has artificial intelligence (AI). The AI button function is amazing, press the control once, and it hovers waiting for the next command. The AI sensor has a built in start ensuring it can not crash on the floor beneath. This will surely save a few helicopters. I wish they all had this feature. The auto sensor that lifts it to hover will also help it land safely. We are very excited about this one.

5. TX Juice Radar Copter - is an RC copter that flies with a paddle. You can play with it by yourself or with a friend. It hits an obstacle and game over. You can use your hands, feet, body or of course included paddle to help it fly. It is a great addition to the range, and something small to begin with.

As you no doubt know by now if the toy does not offer some educational benefit, we do not stock it. The great thing about remote control toy’s or RC toys is that they help your little one develop fine motor skills. Focusing on their hand-eye co-ordination, and just as importantly their imagination.

Also, these RC toys are great for helping them understand consequences. If you do not adjust for obstacles you crash, and how to anticipate change and plan accordingly.

We are excited to be stocking this range, and we love the price too. It means almost everyone can have a remote control toy if they want too. Moreover, we feel this would be a great little Christmas present, or the perfect birthday gift.

For the full range of TX Juice including the new releases for 2015, please click here.

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