Green Toys to Delight and Entertain: The Geomag Green 100% Recycled Plastic Range

Posted on June 15, 2020 by Lubica Misevski

 The Green Collection, newly released from Geomag, offers toys made from 100% recycled plastics. Not only will these toys delight and entertain little ones in a wide age range (and maybe a few adults, as well) they're made from sustainable practices.

Each year, plastic toys contribute immensely to the buildup of plastic in oceans and landfills. By choosing toys made of recycled plastic, parents can practice environmental sustainability and provide that important basis for their children. These toys are built strong, to help survive the test of time. Since they're made of all recycled materials, they have immense potential to reduce the environmental impact caused by plastic toys. Equally importantly, the Green Collection from Geomag provides immense benefit for little learners. 

These 100% recycled plastic toys come in a variety of sizes and kits for the Classic Colour and Classic Panels Range, including:

The Geomag 100% Recycled Classic Colour 42 Piece Set:


Geomag Green Recycled 100% Plastic Classic 42 Pieces | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

 Classic Colour 42 Piece Collection

The Geomag 100% Recycled Classic 93 Piece Collection:

Classic Colour 93 Piece Collection,

The Geomag 100% Recycled Panel 52 Piece Collection:

Geomag-green-recycled-plastic-panels-52-pieces | KidzInc Australia

52 Piece Green Panel Collection 

The Geomag 100% Recycled Panel 78 Piece Collection:

Geomag-green-recycled-plastic-panels-78-piece | KidzInc Australia 

78 Piece Green Panels Collection 

The Geomag 100% Recycled Panel 114 Piece Collection:

 Geomag-green-recycled-plastic-panels-114-pieces|Kidzinc Australia

114 Piece Green Panel Collection

 All of these collections can work together to create larger, more intricate structures. 

Building STEM Skills

The Geomag Green 100% recycled plastic magnetic toys help build vital STEM skills at many stages of development. Magnetic building tiles and rods are ideal for children over the age of three. Even adults, however, will enjoy building with these magnetic pieces. 

Coordination skills. Magnets are perfect for developing coordination in little learners. They can explore their world as they experiment with the way magnets pull together or push apart. Little ones will learn how to manipulate magnets, including flipping the magnet around to get the response they're looking for. 

Fine motor skills. Both the magnetic panels and the magnetic rods are small pieces that little ones must manipulate carefully in order to get them in the perfect position for their building. While the panels are easier to grasp than the smaller rods, they still require fine manipulation to position them perfectly for each construction the child chooses to create. Through continued efforts with their building toys, many little ones will notice an improvement in their overall fine motor skills. 

Problem-solving skills. Through their interactions with their magnetic building blocks, children will have the chance to develop their problem-solving skills. Sometimes, the magnets will not form the shape they want. Other times, the limitations of specific pieces or a specific set will influence the way the child can interact with the pieces. Through their continued building efforts, they will be able to create stunning constructions and work to solve problems that stand in their way. 

A better understanding of magnets. Magnets see a lot of uses in the scientific community. Through their play with the Geomag Green 100% recycled plastic magnetic toys, children of all ages can develop a better understanding of the way magnets work. These toys can also be used in a variety of other experiments and STEM activities. 

Instruction-following or pattern duplication skills. In addition to free play with their Geomag magnetic building blocks, children can work to follow directions or recreate increasingly complicated patterns. The more they interact with the toys, the better children will be able to follow those instructions and learn more about pattern duplication. 

With so many STEM activities and skills to choose from, the Geomag Green 100% Recycled Plastic Range has the potential to offer children hours of play and brain-building activities. Not only are they an excellent way to introduce STEM concepts through fun play, but they also offer an eco-friendly alternative to many of the plastic toys currently filling the market. These toys are an ideal addition to any child's toy collection. 

For the entire range of Swiss Made Geomag Green 100% Recycled Plastic Range click here

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