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Posted on May 04, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


In today's article, we are going to explore some award-winning games for your toddlers.

We know when choosing games for toddlers you would like an extensive range. And with two little toddlers running around our own home, we know that you need good games if you are going to get them engaged.

We are forever adding to our games for toddlers range, but today we would like to talk with you about three of our best. Which have also won many awards.

First of the rank is Move and Grove. The perfect game for toddlers when you just think about the title. We know they are hard to keep still.

This is a wonderful game, and we play this with both our children.

The rules are simple. Your child tosses the plush cube to determine the colour, you choose a matching colour card and perform the given move.

No one wins or loses, but everyone has fun.

Just some of the awards in the category of “games for toddlers” move and groove has won include.

   •    ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Finalist - 2014
   •    Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award - 2014
   •    Play Advances Language Award - 2014
   •    The Toy Insider Top Summer Toys Award - 2014

Next in our lineup for you is “Roll and Play,” also in our games for toddlers group.

This was the first ever game designed for toddlers. simply toss the big plush cube and identify which coloured side faces up. Choose a matching colour card and perform the simple activity shown. "Make a happy face", "Moo like a cow.”

What a wonderful way to teach your children about expressing emotions, or practising sounds. We love mooing (this might not be a word) in our family, don’t ask us why, we don’t even know. It is just fun :)

This game as won too many awards to list them all.  There are well over 16 international awards, but one of our favourites is

“Loved By Parents Best Activity Toy 1-3Yrs - 2013”

Hello Sunshine, no not you. This is the name of the next game in our “games for toddlers range.”

Now if your little ones love hide and seek like ours do, they will also love this game. They may even learn about some not so obvious hiding spots.

They get to hide little sunshine around the house in an a spot the card tells them. Mum, dad, or the rest of the family get to find sunshine, and then it is their turn to look.

This one is great for teaching your toddler positional words like “on top,” “below,” “next to”, and more.

Also winning many awards, however, one we would like to make special mention of is the

“Play Advances Language Award - 2013”

We are adding a lot more to our “games for toddlers range,” over the coming months. These little award winners are fun and importantly effective in developing your toddler.

Because after all learning should be fun.

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GoldieBlox Educational Games that Get Girls Building

Posted on April 13, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


Since GoldieBlox first came on the market in 2014 as what we believe to be the first little girls toy engineering set in the world. Well! It has been nothing short of a runaway success.

If you have followed our blogs, you will know that our little girl loves the GoldieBlox set. The original one being GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine. Sienna has played with the spinning machine when she turned 4. As a side note, this is the suitable age for most of the GoldieBlox games, 4+.

Back to our story. When Sienna plays with this set, she has hours of fun and even creates a few inventions we are not sure the set was made for :).

The last time she was playing with the set, she was singing “I am an engineer.” We know that Debbie Sterling the founder of GoldieBlox would be very happy about this.

If you are looking for an educational game for your daughter, the GoldieBlox range just might be what you are after. Yes, they now have a range, that is how well this product has been received around the world. As far as educational games go for little girls, this is a wonderful addition.

The range now includes:

1. GoldieBlox and the spinning machine. Which in 2014 won the educational games and People Toy Choice of the Year Award. In this game, Goldie builds a spinning machine to help her little Dog, who is named Nacho chase his tale.

2. The Sequel is the Parade Float. It is a wonderful first addition to the range. In this story, Goldie sets out to help her friend Katinka when she loses a pageant competition. Goldie and Ruby want to help Katinka learn that friends are far more important than any pageant.

3. Next in the line-up is GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank. Goldie Dog Nacho does not like taking baths. In fact, Nacho hates water. So Goldie has created a contraption that will clean Nacho. Goldie, of course, creates a Dunk Tank, I mean what else would you create :). It teaches children about hinges and levers, and also lets Goldie and Nacho get to the carnival on time.

And we are very excited about the new additions in 2015.

4. GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine. This educational game introduces children into the concept of making their own movies. In this story, Goldie and her friends need to create a movie, so the Bloxtown Film Festival is not canceled. Your children will learn how to build zoetrope, a pre-cinema animation device.

And for the first time GoldieBlox introduce new characters + pieces. It is also great that all pieces are backward compatible with Goldie Blox sets. The new characters Li Gravity and Valentina Voltz are the first male Latina characters in the range.  

This educational game comes with an app, and your children can make their movies. The app was named one of the App Stories Best iPad Apps of 2014.

5. GoldieBlox Zipline Action Figure - This educational game helps girls develop their suspension engineering principles by building Goldie a Zipline to get her soaring.

6. The Builders Survival Kit - As far as educational games go, this one is for the most adventurous innovator. It has 190 pieces and promises hours of fun for your daughter or son. From cars to bands, to dog houses your little one's imagination can run wild.

This one has all of Goldies secret inventions. So whether you have a budding engineer or advanced architect at home they will be occupied. They have the freedom to choose the difficulty of what they create.

This one is suitable for little ones aged 7-12.

At the outset, we spoke about Debbie desire to bring engineering Educational games to little girls. As the GoldieBlox range has grown, this is a toy that is suitable for girls and boys alike.

The educational games teach children spatial skills, creativity, motor skills, basic engineering principles, reading skills, and problem-solving. Last but not least, the most important skill of all in our opinion, confidence.

We are 110% behind this range, and we have been since Debbie first launched. We know your children will love these educational games as much our little ones do.

To see the full GoldieBlox range or all our educational games, simply click here.

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Aqua Dragons and Aqua Dragon Jurassics

Posted on September 04, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Today we would like to introduce you to the Aqua Dragons. You are probably already familiar with this range, as they have been popular with little ones for the last couple of years.

It even turns out that quite a few adults also buy the Aqua Dragons. Some have even videoed the growth stage of these wonderful little pets on YouTube.

The Aqua Dragons are little Dragons that you hatch and grow up to two centimetres in size. They swim through the water and bring them to life from the egg through to full size, by feeding the little dragons. It is great for teaching your little one responsibility, about life and its various stages, and also helps them with emotional development, from a caring perspective.

There are a number of items in the Aqua Dragon range, and the first to make mention of is the:

            1. Aqua Dragons Underwater World Box Kit
      This kit the perfect way to start your Aqua Dragon family. Your child helps bring the Dragons to life. You are given enough food for a year so your child can feed the Aqua Dragons, and they only need food once every 4 to 5 days. The Aqua Dragons, can also self-breed, enabling your little one to learn about birth and reproduction. The water tank is self-cleaning, so this part is easy too.
      However, you do need to Oxygenate the water by using a plastic pipette.
      This set includes a live egg sachet, food sachet, decorated tank, air bubbler/oxygenator, level feeding spoon, and instruction booklet. The perfect aqua dragon set to begin with.

        2. This is a deluxe set for these little Aqua Dragons and is the Deep Sea Habitat with Led lights. It lights up the underwater world so you can see your little Aqua Dragons at night.
          The set includes a little underwater world that is a decorated 400ml capacity tank, with a tank lid, and base led light, that works with AAA batteries (they are included). Aqua Dragon eggs and Aqua Dragon food, as well as a feeding spoon, magnifier for those closer inspections, and pipette.

          3. Ever wanted to own a Dinosaur? Me too. The Jurassic EqqSpress Blister is the perfect opportunity for your child to own a Dinosaur that won't knock down the house. The Jurassic EqqSpress Blister is the perfect way to start your own little Dinosaur family.

            The Aqua Dragons EggSpress includes and the egg tank with lid and base. The Agua Dragon food plus the feeding spoon.

              4. This one is a special set and is the Aqua Dragons Jurassic Travel Eggspedition. The Eggspedition model is an egg shaped tank that sits on top of a miniature prehistoric world.
              The set includes, a Dino Baby Tank, with bubble pump, and led base light, 2 x AAA batteries, eggs, food, feeding spoon, activity book, c6 sticker sheet, A4 colour poster.

                All these sets have little refill packs that you can buy to have more Agua Dragons, or Agua Dragon Dinosaurs at the outset or as you go. Both refill packs include eggs, food, feeding spoon, and aerator.

                These little live pets are recommended for children 6 years + and are a wonderful little way to allow your child to have responsibility of caring for their pets.

                We love the Aqua Dragons, and Aqua Dragon Dinosaurs as they are unique, and offer much enjoyment for every kid we have seen play with them. It is a wonderful experience to watch the Aqua Dragons grow, and look at them as they move through the water. It is like a life like pet, without too much maintenance, and that is what makes them perfect for little ones.

                The can learn how to care for them, and if they miss a couple of days, as little one might everything is still OK.

                It gives them the early introductions to science, reproduction, and responsibility, not to mention the hours of fun and excitement it will bring them as they bring their little Aqua Dragons to life.

                For the full Aqua Dragon range, please click here.

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                ThinkFun Games - Developing your childs problem solving skills

                Posted on August 14, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


                ThinkFun games, a game where the whole family can have fun and learn.

                ThinkFun games, have been created to ignite your mind, in fact, that is the mission of ThinkFun. They specifically build the games, to simplify the ideas of the world's best mathematicians, engineers and inventors.

                They take their ideas and turn them into simple toys. They have been around since 1985 and won awards across the world for their games. As you would expect they are a progressive company focused on helping build your child’s cognitive skills, through reasoning and creative thinking.

                Some of the awards they have won include Dr. Toy, Parent Gold Choice Award, European Awards, Parenting Toys best 100 products to name a few. Honestly we have to stop listing all the awards; otherwise this blog would be just a list of awards.

                They want to ignite your child’s mind through challenging your kids, and helping them sharpen their skills. The games focus on building problem solving in children through play, and develop creative skills.

                They are addictive for the whole family and respected globally.

                Games for toddlers 18 months +

                Hello Sunshine - Is a beautiful game to play hide and seek with your child. Hello Sunshine is a plush toy that you hide with your child. They learn positional words, such as "in" "on" "top" "below."

                Move and Groove - Designed to develop movement and motion. It is a game that teaches your child rhythm and music. It helps your little one learn balance, co-ordination and flexibility. No one is too old to play, mum, dad, the whole family.

                Roll and Play - Is the first game ever specifically designed for toddlers. With this one, you roll or toss a plush cube around the floor. It lands on one of its coloured sides, and you then choose a matching coloured card and do the action the card shows. Make a happy face, moo like a cow, and just have fun. This game helps your child celebrate achievement and have fun. There is no competing, just playing to enjoy.

                Games for children 4 Years +

                The Zingo! 1-2-3 game - never too early to learn bingo, only joking, sort off, it is numbers bingo. This game is focused around the development of your child's reading and counting skills. You and your little one match the numbers on tiles revealed by the zing zinger, the 1st player with all the numbers, yells Zingo!. This game supports early learning of math, through counting and math repetition.

                Last but not least one of the most-popular games, it Rush Hour is for children 8 Years +. This multiple awards winning game voted Parents Choice, best 25 toys of 25 years. The game is so good it has been placed in schools in America. It helps your child build critical thinking and logical skills.

                Rush Hour teaches your child logical progression, problem-solving, and sequential thinking skills.

                It is one of the most amazing and fun products, to come on the market in years.

                With ThinkFun games, you and your children will be too busy enjoying yourself to realise you are learning at the same time. For our full range please click here.

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