The Joy of Stacking Toys in Early Childhood

Posted on July 23, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Stacking is one of the first logical challenges your toddler will ever set for themselves. Around a year old, babies start to stack. They'll stack blocks, rings, and stuffed animals. Small children like to stack anything that has a similar size and shape - and sometimes things that don't. This is a wonderful sign of early cognitive development and creates a path to important development milestones in fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and early mathematics. 

What Toddlers Learn from Stacking

Stacking toys give your toddler even more to explore. The littlest stackers delight in a variety of textures, weights, and nesting stack. As your toddler grows, they will develop an interest in stacking games with fun rules and group play. Watch for milestones as your baby stacks their first blocks and little towers.

Which are the best stacking toys to encourage cognitive and fine motor development? Which will be the most fun to play with and grow up with your toddler as they stack two, then three, then six blocks together? Let's explore our favourite stacking toys for any modern nursery:

Tobbles Neo Stackers by Fat Brain Toy Co

The best place to start is sensory stacking. Babies may start to stack around 12 to 18 months when their experiences are highly sensory. Toys with different textures, weights, and colours are fascinating as babies explore their senses and the difference between objects. That's what makes the Tobbles Neo stack so much fun for our littlest stacking baby or toddlers.

Each Tobble is shaped like half an egg with a soft scalloped top to make stacking easy with the added fun of nesting the different-sized pieces together. All six pieces can spin, bounce, and stack in wobbly fun towers on top of a scalloped base.

Multi-Stacking Music Set by Hape

Looking for stacking blocks and a musical toy in the same set? Hape offers a beautiful six-piece set of stacking blocks, each with its own fun musical sound.  Made from natural wood, the blocks range from big to small for fun tapered stacking. For extra joy (and musical noise when they fall down) every block is its own musical instrument. The largest block is a drum, the next a three-note xylophone. The middle block is a bell your baby can ring, then a wooden washboard block and the smallest is a little blue music block to go on top.

Your toddler can explore early music and sound development and the joy of stacking in one beautiful wooden set.

Djeco's TopAniFarm Stacking Blocks

Every toddler loves animal toys. Keeping a farmyard of animal toys often becomes practice for their very first pet. Djeco's TopAniFarm is a genius set of stacking blocks that double as little homes for animal pets. Each of these six blocks is a house for a different animal, making an adorable barnyard of friends or a stack of peek-a-boo pets looking out of their little homes.

The bottom layer is a house for a bull with a hay bale painted on the outside. The next is a doghouse for a puppy with a cute spotted eye, then a little pig-house for the pig. On top is a cute tree-house for a kitty, a bunny box for the blue rabbit and finally a little birdhouse for the hen.

Djeco Zirafa Dexterity and Memory Game

As your toddler becomes skilled at stacking, it's time to play some games! Djeco introduces a fun stacking and memory game called Zirafa. The goal is to be the giraffe with the looooongest neck. Flip cards and play the memory game to earn neck pieces. As neck pieces are earned, players are challenged to stack them onto their toy giraffe - without toppling them over. The player with the tallest un-toppled giraffe wins!

Babies and toddlers stack to learn, play, and reach their developmental milestones. Give your toddler the Stacking toys that will help them develop both cognitive and motor skills through the fun of making just about anything into a tower of toys.

You can buy stacking toys from our curated range here

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Dimpl Stack by Fat Brain Toy Co: Enhancing STEM Skills from a Young Age

Posted on April 07, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Dimpl Stack Fat Brain Toys Australia | KidzInc Educational Toys Online


As the parent of a young child, you may already be aware of the need to provide your child with access to STEM materials and toys. By providing your child with STEM development toys, you can enhance those critical science, math, and technology skills, allowing your child to start to explore the world in a new way and encouraging development in those areas. 

The Dimpl Stack by Fat Brain Toy Co is an excellent way to start enhancing STEM skills from a young age, allowing your child to explore the world around them and providing him/her with much-needed sensory exploration that will help with brain development. 

Stacking and Snapping

The Dimpl Stack contains five separate stacking cups topped by a silicone bubble, which children can press and play with as they work to stack the cups. Each cup is a little bit smaller in size. While your child can use several methods to stack the cups together, ultimately, the cups fit together best when stacked in ascending size order. Your child can learn vital building and engineering skills--all without realizing that he's/she's doing any such thing. With each cup the tower grows, the more confident your little one will become in his/her building skills. Your child will also have the chance to test the cups on different surfaces, learning how they interact with the cups to create a more effective structure. Will the cups stack better on carpet or on hard flooring? Will stacking them on a high chair tray help him/her get them higher? You might already know the answer, but for your little one, those explorations open up a whole new world of exciting STEM skills and interactions. 

Enhanced Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are incredibly important for little ones, and providing them with toys that can help develop those skills can help encourage and guide them as they move forward with their structures. The cups in the Dimpl Stack are the ideal size for little hand to grasp and stack. As your little one stacks those cups together, he/she will learn more about how to carefully manipulate objects and get a better idea of how they interact with one another and the environment around him/her. As his/her fine motor skills improve, he/she will more consistently be able to build the tower to greater heights--then knock it over for a new sensory experience and a lesson in cause and effect.

Tactile Exploration

An important part of learning and growing, not just in STEM fields, but in overall development, is using the senses to explore the world. Your little one will engage with toys with hands and mouth. Dimpl Stack provides the perfect tactile experience. Your little one will learn that when he/she presses down on the soft silicone button at the top of the Dimpl Stack cups, it pops inward. When he/she reaches in from the other side, it will pop back out again. Not only that, he/she will have the chance to explore the different textures of cup and button: hard plastic on the cups, with a softer texture on the top. Each silicone button also has its own unique pattern, which will help provide your child with the experience he/she needs to connect further with the world around him/her.

Are you looking for a toy that will help your child learn and grow?

Dimpl Stack may provide exactly the sensory, tactile stimulation your child needs. Check out the Dimpl Stack product page today to learn more about its features and how it can benefit your child's growth and development, or make a purchase now to allow your child to start playing as soon as possible.

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