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Posted on November 12, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Yes, it is the year for Robotic Toys. 2014 has seen some amazing products come on to the Australian Toy Market.

I still find it hard to believe the Robotic Toys are now coming with Artificial Intelligence! The new Robotic Toys form TX Juice are cutting edge when it comes to Robotic Toys. They have an artificial intelligent helicopter that does not crash into walls! The amazing thing is you can buy it from as little as $89.99.

Not only is the product very affordable, unlike similar products in its category it easy to control. This means accidents that destroy a more traditional helicopter are things of the past.

The TX Juice a.i Copter is shown in the below video and you simply will not believe how good it is.

Before we discuss other Robotic Toys in our range, the rest of the TX Juice range of Robotic Toys includes the Hovva Copter at $45.

The Radar Copter at $39.99 or for the more adventurous the TX Juice Stunt Buggy Xtreme at $59.99 or TX Juice Stunt Plane Xtreme at $79.99.


 Radar Copter    

Stunt Buggy 

Stunt Plane Xtreme

This company is continuing to develop amazing Robotic Toys. We have heard down the road there will be a racing car set that does not need side rails or grooved tracks. Again due to the artificial intelligence. In fact, it will be the first artificial intelligence race track in the world.

Next in the range we have the Switch & Go Dinos, that is right the Switch and Go Dinos. Sorry, I just wanted to say it twice because I find it a fun name :).

The Switch and Go Dinos are made by V-Tech and turn into the very famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. Also known by his friends as T-Rex, the Dinosaur among Dinosaurs.

They are amazing transforming electronic learning toys. Lex is king of the road, but then turns into the king of the meat eating dinosaurs as T-Rex. As a car he has a selection of drivers to choose form, and then when he turns into T-Rex he tells you all about his amazing Dinosaur life.

Lex the T-Rex

Hard to believe this toy is only $39.99 and is both a dinosaur and car. In the V-Tech Dinosaur range, there is also the Pteranodon, the Stegosaurus, the Triceratops, the MEGA T-Rex and new in 2014 the Remote Control (RC) Race and Roar Triceratops at $109.99.


Wing the Pteranodon


Mohawk the Stegosaurus

Horns the Triceratops




RC Race and Roar Triceratops


But our range of Robotic Toys is far from finished. Returning in 2014 is a new and improved DiscoRobo Voice, and the DiscoRobo Voice Superstar. Your child’s own personal robot. These little Robotic Toys come from Tosy.


Using the latest sound detection technology, these little robots feel the music. They can dance along with any song and have 56 moves! I don’t have that many :).

DiscoRobo has eight facial expressions, and they are hilarious. You can even pair two DiscoRobos together and let them surprise you as they dance and talk to each other.

DiscoRobo comes in Blue and Red, and the DiscoRobo Superstar comes with their very own dancing stage.


DiscoRobo Voice Blue                         DiscoRobo Voice Red



DiscoRobo Voice Superstar - Blue    DiscoRobo Voice SuperStar - Red

The DiscoRobo Superstar dancing stage is a portable mp3 player with built in high-quality stereo speakers. This means you can upload your own music, and your children can watch their little robot friend dance along to their favourite tunes.

It is amazing just how affordable these robotic toys are, and DiscoRobo start at only $64.99.

Last in our amazing range of Robotic Toys is the famous Engino Inventor series. It is just the toy that Michael Angelo would have played with as a child.

They are motor built model sets that depending on the set you choose you can build up to 100 different models.

Your child can build cars with turning wheels, cars with cranes, trucks, sailboats, carousels. In fact the list goes on to oil drills, horses, moving bridges, lifting machines, houses, catapults, and much MORE!

The 100 Models set is largest in the Engineering Series of products by Engino. However, if you want to start out small there is the Engino Inventor Basic 18 Model. This set still allowing your child to build up to 18 different models.


Engino Inventor Pro 100 Models Set with 2 Wired RC Motors


Engino Inventor Basic 18 Models Set with Motor

The great thing with these Robotic Toys is that as you buy more sets, you can use them together.

These are the best Robotic Toys on the market in 2014.

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