Why Kids Should Jump Into the Smart Games Jump In Game For STEM Education

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

Smart Games Jump In Game | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online


Hop into the forest for an enchanting game that's as clever as it is fun! The Jump In Game by Smart Games is a strategic game where rabbits jump to safety. While hopping over mushrooms, foxes, and other rabbits, players move rabbits into holes for hiding.

Exciting as it is, Jump In is also incredibly educational- combining STEM skills, life skills, and strategy all in one adorable package. Smart Games is the world leader in multi-level logic games, and Jump In is no exception.

The Jump In Game comes with 60 puzzles ranging from beginner to expert and includes solutions for puzzles that stump you. Designed to enhance concentration, logic, planning, problem-solving, and spatial insight, this portable game may be small, but its educational impact is huge.


The Jump In game includes a game board with lid, 3 rabbits, 3 mushrooms, and 2 foxes, as well as a booklet of puzzles and solutions. Players start by selecting a puzzle to solve and placing the pieces on the board accordingly. Players must move the rabbits safely into the rabbit holes to hide from the forest foxes. The trick is, the rabbits can only move by hopping over something else- a rabbit, a mushroom, or fox. So players must plan their moves carefully to avoid getting stuck. Rabbits can hop, foxes can slide, and mushrooms stay in their spot. A one-player game, it's great for individual play and concentration. However, kids can team up to strategize moves or take turns beating the puzzles.

Designed for players aged 7 and older, this game is fun for all ages. From the charming play pieces to the winning strategies, expect the whole family to jump in!


Multi-level logic is no understatement in the Smart Games design concept. Each skill that the Jump In Game teaches is applicable in gameplay, but also in classrooms and in the real world.

Jump In teaches skills like problem solving and spatial insight while players plot their next move. These skills help children solve the puzzle, but also are useful in mitigating problems, playing sports, and building strong relationships.

Skills like planning and logic are engaged as the puzzle is being solved. For example, in order to hop into the hole, the rabbit may need to move closer to a fox, rather than further away. This stretches their mind to help them think before they act- a concept useful in board games, but also in daily life.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) all require a common element, which is thinking outside of the box. To be successful in these fields, a measure of thinking differently is required.

The Jump In Game engages this concept by turning common logic around. Hopping toward danger in order to escape it, or passing up the chance to save 1 rabbit in order to position 2 rabbits for safety are examples of scientific thinking. Spatial reasoning, planning, plotting, counting, and logic enhance STEM capabilities while kids enjoy the game. Jump In also encourages kids to give their theories a try. If they fail, they can find the solution in the back of the book, and learn the right way, rather than remembering it wrong. This is a positive way to practice experiment and hypothesis- both crucial to STEM success. The cornerstone of STEM education is concentration. STEM learning requires precision and careful attention to detail. Jump In builds children's ability to concentrate on the task at hand, while using their imagination.

Jump In is a game that will whisk kids away into a magical world. As cute rabbits jump over colourful mushrooms and lurking foxes, kids are the heroes, leading them to safety. There is confidence gained in solving the puzzle and saving the woodland creatures. While they are on this thrilling adventure, their minds are growing exponentially, picking up STEM skills and life skills along the way. From its creative concept to its smart design, Jump In is a game worth jumping into.

You can buy the Jump In Game here


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Smart Farmer Game: Learn Problem Solving and Flexible Thinking

Posted on August 24, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

Smart Farmer Game by Smart Games Australia | KidzInc Online Educational Toys

As a parent, you know how important imaginative and problem-solving play is for your child to learn and develop. You want your children to succeed in life, and this type of play gives them an advantage in school and beyond. Smart Farmer is one of the latest games by Smart Games to help your child learn the basics of reasoning and logic and so much more. 

At the center of the Smart Farmer game are cognitive skills that are essential for success. The game features one of most children's favourite things...animals. It gives your child the chance to imagine what farm life is like. They get the chance to make decisions to make life easier for the animals and play 60 different challenges of varying skill level to succeed and feel better about themselves.

Goals of Smart Farmer

The Smart Farmer game opens with the animals in charge of the farm roaming free and mingling together. It's up to your child to set some boundaries and restore order and happiness to their farm. The catch is that there are only three pieces of fencing to corral four different types of animals. Working alone or with a friend or sibling, your child must figure out how to give the cows, pigs, sheep, and horses their own space.

Using problem-solving and spatial awareness, your child slowly figures out how to give each farm animal his own space. Once each animal has its own area, it's time to provide them with access to water. The game pieces are made with bright colours to keep your child's attention. Each piece is large enough for your child to easily grasp it and place it where they want it to go.

The Smart Farmer game comes with a booklet that has 60 different goals to keep the game fresh each time your child plays. If your child gets stuck and can't come up with a solution, the answers are included in the booklet so you can provide them with a hint or guidance.

While playing the Smart Farmer game, you'll see your child's imagination kick in and take the game to the next level. Your child might assign each animal a name and history. They might even use the animals to create plays or build them houses with other playsets. All of this type of play improves their learning and helps them do better in school and life.

Included in Smart Farmer

This board game has everything your child needs to get started and finish several iterations of the game. The various iterations of the game provide hours of fun for your child and help them build skills that will help them achieve more in life. Here's a look at what's included in the box:

A game board that includes four fixed fences
three fences
three water troughs
two cows
two horses
two sheep
two pigs
challenge booklet featuring 60 challenges and solutions.

    Benefits of Playing Smart Farmer

    So why should you buy this game and not one of the others on the market? The Smart Farmer game was developed to help your child learn and hone specific skills to help them learn and thrive in life in school, university, and career. The skills are mostly cognitive which is considered a core skills that affect a child's ability to learn, read, focus, and remember. 

    Smart Farmer encourages the following cognitive skills:

    flexible thinking
    spatial thinking
    and more!

      If you have children over the age of five, buy Smart Farmer today to help your child develop essential cognitive skills. The best part? They don't know what they're learning, because, to them, they're just having a good time.

      You can purchase Smart Farmer by clicking here.

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