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Posted on January 26, 2015 by Lubica Misevski

So there is no better way to describe this product, and then to let you know we bought it for our daughter at Christmas, who is four years old. This coincidentally just happens to be the recommended age.

You see we have one advantage over almost every other toy store online in Australia. We have two young children, and a large group of nieces and nephews more than willing to try every toy we sell.

Of course, this is also a huge disadvantage when it comes to saving money as well :).

Okay, all jokes aside the Junior Mandala Designer by Ravensburger toys is a wonderful product. It is made for the little one who loves to draw and create pictures.

It is made for the young designer and the early artist. The Junior Mandala Designer is wonderful for encouraging creativity while developing fine motor skills in children.

The stencils included in the Junior Mandala Designer encourage success while leaving plenty of room for imagination. Also plenty of room for colour combinations. In fact, Dad already has some prized positions, but not enough fridge room to hang them all up.

The designer itself is flexible and strong, and the included felt tip pen resist breakage, so it is perfect for young children.

As you might imagine the design combinations are endless, and we have had nothing but positive feedback about this product.

As your little one creates each stencil, they learn focus, gain confidence, and, of course, a thrilled with their achievement at the end of the drawing. They are even more thrilled when dad or mum hangs their beautiful artwork up at home.

The set itself comes with

One drawing station
One mandala template
Ten sheets of paper
1 felt tip pen
Three colouring pencils


*Please note it is not suitable for children under three due to some choking hazards.

We find that everything Ravensburger produces is of the highest quality, and the Junior Mandala Designer is no exception to this rule.

The Junior Mandala has been approved and inspected by our daughter Sienna :)

We know your little one will love it just as much as our does, and we would love to see the finished artwork and would be more than happy to include it on our website. Please send your artwork to and please include your childs name, age, and the name of their artwork :)


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