PipSquigz Ringlets by Fat Brain Toys: Sensory Exploration for the Littlest Learners

Posted on March 17, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

 Pipsquigz Ringlets Fat Brain Toys Australia | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online

From your child's youngest days, you want to provide them with toys that will stimulate them, encourage brain development, and help them grow. PipSquigz Ringlets are an excellent choice for helping to enhance your child's growth and development, providing STEM-supportive skills and learning that will help set your child on the right path. 

Tactile Exploration

Tactile exploration is an incredibly important step for little learners. Little ones need tactile experiences to learn about the world around them. They need to touch different textures and explore unique things in order to better understand their interactions with the world as a whole. PipSquigz Ringlets have six unique rings with different textures on each ring. Not only are these rings perfect for little learners to run their hands across, they're the perfect size and shape for teething children to put in their mouths: a whole new way for children to explore these toys and learn more about the world as a whole. 

This sensory experience will also help encourage your child to further explore the world around them. Children learn and explore best when they are stimulated by rewards. PipSquigz Ringlets each have a different texture, which means your child will have a unique experience every time s/he interacts with a different ring. As a result, s/he will naturally feel excited about checking out each of the different pieces--and often take that curiosity and exploration to other areas of their world, too. 

Fine Motor Skills

PipSquigz Ringlets lock neatly together and pull back apart again: the perfect way for little hands to explore fine motor skills. The littlest learners will get a giggle out of pulling the rings back apart again and again after you take the time to snap them together, while older babies will enjoy snapping the rings together for themselves. This simple pull apart/snap back together motion is incredibly important, not just in allowing your child to explore the world, but in enhancing fine motor skills. Fine motor skills will help your child as s/he moves through school, providing him/her with the skills needed to colour, use scissors, and use a pencil or pen. Enhanced fine motor skills from an early age can help set your child up for success. PipSquigz Ringlets will help your child develop those skills in a way that doesn't feel like learning. Instead, your child will simply feel as though s/he is having fun! As s/he takes the rings apart and snaps them back together again, s/he will also have a chance to explore cause and effect and the way things fit together, helping them gain perspective on the world and how he/she interacts with it. 

Take Your Tactile Experience Anywhere You Can Go

With today's busy lifestyles, you want your child to be able to learn and grow wherever you are, whether you're waiting in line or headed off on a road trip. PipSquigz Ringlets are the ideal toy for taking anywhere. The rings will hook easily to anything you like: your child's carrier or car seat, the high chair in a restaurant, or a stroller as you head out for a walk. Your child can continue those fun sensory explorations while you take care of your errands or simply get in some exercise, taking that learning and growth with you no matter where you are. 

Are you looking for a great addition to your child's toy box? PipSquigz Ringlets could provide the exciting sensory experience your child needs to help with growth and development. Add the PipSquigz Ringlets to your child's toy box today and watch your child's growth and development in new and exciting ways. 

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Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run: Rolling, Wobbling Fun For Toddlers

Posted on October 17, 2020 by Lubica Misevski

Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run | KidzInc Australia | Educational Toys Online


When you choose a toy for your child, you want to be sure it's one that has value: one that will encourage brain development along with allowing for hours of playful fun. The Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run delivers. 

This classic ball run toy adds a twist that little ones are sure to love: a wobbly base that shifts back and forth as the balls roll down the slope, creating even more engagement and movement for your little one.

The Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run also offers several advantages for your child's overall brain development. 

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are incredibly important for developing little learners. As they grasp the balls in their hands and maneuver them into the appropriate spot, little ones will continue to develop these vital skills. Balls can quickly roll away or out of their grip, encouraging them to keep trying again and again. These balls are ideally sized for little hands, so they're easier to hold on to than the marbles you might find in a smaller marble run.

Developing fine motor skills can help your child learn how to manipulate small pieces and even help improve handwriting skills long before your little one first wraps their fingers around a crayon. Fine motor skills can prove imperative in navigating everyday life--and providing the right toys, like the Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run, can make it easier to develop those skills. 

Cause and Effect Learning

What happens when you drop the ball into the track? How does it impact the toy when you wobble it from side to side? What if you poke the ball and set it rolling? The Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run allows plenty of opportunities for cause and effect learning. Through their interactions with the toy, little ones will get a better idea of how the world works and what they can expect during specific interactions. Their play will teach them that the same things happen each time they perform those familiar actions, enhancing their overall understanding of the world around them.


A willingness to experiment is incredibly important, both in childhood and as your little one grows and develops. Experimentation can help show your little one what happens when they take specific actions, how to adapt those actions, and what they need to change in order to get the desired response. Through that experimentation, your little one will learn what happens when they drop the balls, rock the base, or move it around in their play space. A willingness to experiment will not only encourage your little one through play, it will provide vital adaptive skills that will aid them in many areas of life. Satisfactory experiments in this arena can encourage your little one to explore in others, too! 

Sensory Exploration

Like many of the toys in the Fat Brain Toys line, the Wobble Run allows for sensory exploration. The balls are weighted, providing a satisfying heft in your little one's hand. Each of the tracks comes with a unique texture, which your little one can explore as they learn more about the world around them. This sensory exploration is ideal for little ones, who benefit from bright colors, unique textures, and other interactive learning opportunities like those offered by the Fat Brain Toys line. 

The Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run works much like a traditional marble run, with removable run pieces that can be put back together in any order and different textures for your little one to explore. It also, however, offers the advantage of being ideally designed for little hands, making it the perfect toy for little ones between the ages of one and three. 

You can buy your Fat Brain Toys Wobble Run here

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InnyBin by Fat Brain Toys: The Benefits of Playing with this Shape Sorter

Posted on January 26, 2020 by Lubica Misevski

Fat Brain Toys InnyBin Shape Sorter | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

When you're searching for toys that can not only entertain your child but aid in their development, you want toys that will spark their interest and encourage them to develop those vital skills. Fat Brain Toys keeps that at the forefront in all of their toys, designing toys with bright colours, fun designs, and a variety of purposes that can help little learners develop important skills. Inny Bin is no exception to that rule.

What is Inny Bin?

Inny Bin is a hard-edged cube with soft, elastic mesh that allows children to carefully place each of several unique, colourful shapes into the bin. Unlike normal sorting toys, Inny Bin does not simply have one hole that each block can go in. Instead, it offers the ability for toddlers to manipulate each shape through the elastic bands of the cube. It comes with a variety of shapes, each with their own unique textures to encourage exploration. Little ones can put them in their mouths, explore them with their hands, and experiment with how those different shapes fit through the elastic bands of the toy. This fascinating little toy is the perfect way to encourage exploration and invite little ones to learn more about the world around them, all while playing with a toy that is sure to delight.

Inny Bin was also nominated for 2020 Toy of the Year Finalist in the Infant/Toddler Toy of the Year Category.  

Important Skills Built by Inny Bin

Inny Bin helps little ones develop a number of important skills as they explore the world around them. Consider:

Fine motor skills. As little ones play with Inny Bin, they will experiment with fine motor skills: holding the shapes in their hands, manipulating them through the elastic bands, and pulling them back out again. Fine motor skills become increasingly important as your child gets older and needs to handle many tasks independently, including self-feeding, getting dressed, and manipulating other toys. Eventually, those fine motor skills will aid your child with handwriting, drawing, and other school-related tasks. 

Exploration. Toddlers are still a blank slate. They still haven't learned about all the ins and outs of their world, including how that world will change in response to the way they interact with it. Exploring safely is critical to fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall development. While experimenting with Inny Bin, your toddler will have the opportunity to develop a better understanding of colours, textures, and elasticity--concepts that your child will need later in life. 

Cause and effect. When the elastic bands stretch, they leave room for the toy to slip through. Some toys, especially those that are larger or have bigger bumps, may need more room to slip through than others. Experimenting with Inny Bin will allow your child to get a better look at cause and effect, including how his actions impact the toy's ability to slip through. 

Unlike many traditional shape sorters, Inny Bin offers a lower-frustration experience for your child. While traditional shape sorters may quickly frustrate little learners who can't quite manipulate the toys into the proper shapes or match them to the exact shape they're supposed to slip inside, Inny Bin allows your toddler to easily slip the toy through the elastic bands at any point, decreasing frustration and increasing the time spent using the toy. 

Are you looking for educational toys that will help your children learn more about the world around them through play? We can help you find those ideal toys to help encourage development and present your child with more learning opportunities--and have fun at the same time.

You can purchase Inny Bin by clicking the following link that takes you directly to the Inny Bin product. Buy your Inny Bin today.

Contact us today to learn more about Fat Brain Toys or the other toys we've carefully curated to bring your child the best possible learning and play experience. 

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Sensory Exploration Made Fun and Easy With Dimpl By Fat Brain Toys!

Posted on February 28, 2019 by Lubica Misevski


During baby's first year, your child needs ample opportunity to explore and engage with the world around them. Everyday exposure to the outdoors, inside your own home, and places such as the zoo, the park, and even the grocery store are excellent chances for you to introduce stimuli and keep your baby interested.

In recent years, studies have shown an increasingly important need for independent play and exploration amongst babies and toddlers. Babies need to be given plenty of time to entertain themselves in order to thrive as they grow into toddlerhood, school-age, adulthood, and beyond. Independent play can be established by leaving your baby in a large, baby-proofed space, or by giving them different toys with no guidance so they have the chance to use toys in a way that keeps them engaged and appeals to them.

That's where Fat Brain Toys comes in, to give parents a break and give babies the opportunity to learn and explore on their own!

Introducing Dimpl, a colourful, playful toy that allows your baby freedom to play to their heart's content. A sturdy ABS plastic frame houses five silicone bubbles, bursting with colour and texture. Watch as your child flips the disk over again and again, going back and forth from side to side, comprehending what is going on and what is going to happen next. Simple, repetitive activities help to stimulate your child's brain and foster creativity and confidence whilst playing singularly and with other children.

Dimpl is made of safe, BPA-free plastic and food-grade silicone, allowing you to leave baby (6 months and older) to play without your facilitation. Fat Brain Toys prides itself on creating the Dimpl, not only does it allow your baby to flex his or her independence, but it also delivers a one-of-a-kind sensory experience! Let your child explore the smooth texture under his or her hands as the toy switched from hills and valleys of silky silicone to flat, smooth plastic. Because the plastic is one piece and the silicone is food-grade, your child can safely put it in their mouth without the worry of pieces dislodging and becoming a choking hazard. Bright colours will stimulate your child's senses and keep their attention captured, allowing Mum or Dad a break and some needed peace and quiet.

Ready to make some music? The plastic body sounds different tapping on various surfaces. Show your little one how by gently tapping on the wood floor, then switching to your countertop or wall. The varying pitches will be music to their ears while exciting his or her senses.

As if the Dimpl didn't offer enough educational fun already, it also aims to work your baby's fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the small movements of coordination that utilise wrists, hands, fingers, feet, and toes. Give your baby's chubby hands and scrumptious fingers a physical (and mental!) workout by showing them to apply light pressure to indent the bubbles, then apply a little bit more pressure. Ask your baby, "what happened?" With a little bit of force, the bubbles will pop to the other side, delighting your baby and teaching a simple lesson on cause and effect. Your baby will giggle with delight as the silicone puts up resistance when his or her tiny fingers press on it and glide over it.

With all the toys floating around the market, targeted at babies, it's more important than ever that the objects of play we give our children stimulate their mind, engage their senses, and hold their attention. Fat Brain Toys aims to please both parents and children alike with their one-of-a-kind design. Made with baby's safety and education in mind, you'll be hard-pressed to find a toy like the Dimpl! 

View our comprehensive Fat Brain Toys' collection of products to inspire and educate the budding Baby Einstein in your life today!

And you can purchase Dimpl by clicking on the following link Dimpl.

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Teeter Popper: Gross Motor Skills, Balance, and Fun!

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

If you're looking for a great toy that will allow your kids to get out some of that never-ending energy when they're stuck inside, the Teeter Popper is the perfect solution! This fun toy allows kids to rock, bounce, wobble, and move, all without needing more than a few square feet of space in which to play. If you've got kids who are bouncing off the walls during a long stretch of rain or when it's too cold to play outside, the Teeter Popper is a great way to get that energy out while building many of the gross motor skills they need. 

Teeter Popper by Fat Brain Toys | Kidzinc Australia | Online Educational Toys

Improve Core Strength

Core strength is critical to so many of the activities that your little one engages in every day. As their core strengthens, your little one will be able to accomplish a wide range of tasks that might not have been possible previously, including improving their stability, balance, climbing skills, and more. When they play on their Teeter Popper, your child will be building that important core strength without realizing that they're getting any exercise at all. It's just having fun with their new favourite toy in a way that will have them giggling for hours.

Build Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills, or the skills that your child uses to run, bounce, and play, are an important element of many future athletic endeavours. With gross motor skills, your child will build coordination and improve their success at a variety of endeavours--and on a Teeter Popper, they'll be able to build those important gross motor skills in a series of steady movements that will help soothe and steady them when they're bursting with energy and ready to climb the walls. As their gross motor skills improve, they'll also be able to build athletic skills and endurance that will help carry them through their future goals and activities. 

Improve Leg Strength

As your child rocks back and forth on their Teeter Popper, they'll be instinctively building leg strength. Stronger legs lead to stronger movements and a higher level of control, allowing your child to complete more exciting movements and tricks on their Teeter Popper. Over time, this will lead to increased leg strength for running, climbing, and other activities. Stronger legs will also help your child walk longer distances, joining the family in a wide range of activities without getting tired quite so early. As your child gets older and stronger, building leg strength can help them participate in sports and accomplish more of their dreams. 

Increase Balance and Coordination

As you build gross motor skills with the Teeter Popper, you'll find that balance and coordination improve, as well. As the Teeter Popper moves from side to side, it's necessary to balance on top of it. Since it's low to the ground, a tumble won't hurt--but it will help teach valuable lessons that will improve balance and coordination in the future. Each coordinated movement will help your child learn how to manipulate the Teeter Popper exactly they want it to go--and the more they play, the more it will increase their ability to accomplish similar tasks in the future. 

Teeter Popper comes in a variety of fun colours, allowing you to choose the one that your child will fall in love with the most. With a fun popping sound as they rock back and forth and a great wobbling motion that will encourage your child to engage in a variety of activities with their new toy, this toy is gross motor skills, core strength, and coordination in motion. Appropriate for children three and up, the Teeter Popper is an excellent addition to any child's collection. 

At Kidzinc, we have sold the Teeter Popper in Australia since it was first released back in 2016. You can read our happy Customer Reviews too. 

To buy your Teeter Popper, please click here

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Mini Squigz: Hours of Creative, Brain-Building Fun

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Lubica Misevski


Fat Brain Toys presents Mini Squigz: a construction sensation that has the potential to offer hours of creative, brain-building fun. These exciting little suction cup toys are a miniature version of the original Squigz--and their miniature size means that they can go places and do things that the original version can't. At around 40% smaller than the original Squigz, Mini Squigz come with more pieces to a pack and offer the addition of a new shape and colours to help make suction cup construction even more fun. This fun little toy helps boost creative expression and encourages fine motor skills all at the same time. 

Mini Squigz Fat Brain Toys | Kidzinc Australia | Online Educational Toys

Fine Motor Dexterity

Mini Squigz can be suctioned together or to hard, non-porous surfaces to create a stunning array of designs and fun. In order to manipulate them, however, it's necessary to have a certain level of fine motor dexterity. Manipulating them correctly will allow children to improve their fine motor skills and get better at accomplishing a wide range of tasks--and they'll have so much fun doing it that they'll never guess that it's a developmental help.

Visual-Spatial Skills

Learning how things fit together and how to manipulate them is a big step for many kids, and Mini Squigz are there to help them reach those goals! Each set of Mini Squigz can be manipulated in a wide range of ways, creating new shapes and patterns. The bright colours and fun shapes will allow kids freedom of creative expression and help improve their visual-spatial skills. What will your child create next? There's no telling where their creative efforts will take them. 


Creative design and problem-solving are critical parts of any child's life. You want to increase their creative problem-solving skills and encourage your child to think outside the box--and Mini Squigz are designed to do exactly that. They don't come with complicated instructions or figures that simply have to be followed; instead, they allow your child the freedom to explore their own designs and constructions, putting together incredible constructions that will have them giggling as they pop them apart and put them together again. 

Hours of Play

When you choose a toy for your child, you want something that will allow them to engage in hours of play, not something that they'll play for just a few minutes before running off to something else. With Mini Squigz, you'll get hours of creative play--and not just for little ones!  Mini Squigz are appropriate for your child beginning at 5 years old, but they'll allow plenty of creative expression for older children, too. This is one toy that may well stay in your arsenal, whether you're building fantastic, creative designs or throwing them at a glass door to see if they'll stick. (Hint: they will!) As your kids get older, their creations will get more fantastic, so that you may find yourself deciding that you need more Mini Squigz sets to allow for a wider range of creative expression. 

The Fat Brain Toys line has a number of fascinating toys that are designed to encourage brain development and fine motor skills in your child, and Mini Squigz are no exception. These little suction cup toys will encourage your kids to engage in hours of creative play, building new designs and popping them apart again as they explore the relationships between the pieces and how they work. If you're looking for a toy for your child that will allow them to put together plenty of fun designs, encourage visual spatial development, and increase their fine motor skills, Mini Squigz are sure to fit the bill. 

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Awarding Winning Educational Games at KidzInc Toys

Posted on February 25, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


In today's article, we are going to look at some of the best and most awarded educational games on the market for all age groups. Toddlers through to tweens, we have something for everyone.

There might even be one or two adults out there who love these games. Not mentioning any names :).

The first on the list of educational games is one of our personal favourites. Both our daughter and son still play with this one. It is the first game ever made for toddlers and is Roll and Play, made by ThinkFun Games.
This wonderful little game comes with a big plush cube. A cube that you throw around the room and when it lands on its corresponding colour. You simply pick up the colour card and do the action like “make a happy face” or “moo like a Cow.”

Loved by parents everywhere, this educational game has won over 18 awards internationally.


Next in our educational games list is Squigz made by Fat Brain Toys Company. If you have not heard about Fat Brain Toys, then you are in for a surprise, and you might want to check out our previous blog on their range.

Squigz has just arrived in the Australian toy market, and already demand is very high. This is a wonderful game by Fat Brain Toys. It helps your child learn fine motor skills and construct almost any design out of these little well? “Squigz” shapes. Suitable for 3 years + your children will get hours of fun from this one.

Squiz from Fat Brain Toys is also a multiple award winner, including Best Toys for Kids Award Winner 2013 - ASTRA.

What would a list of educational games be without including a spelling game? And what could be more fun than an alligator that teaches spelling. This little alligator is made by Junior Learning and is called Spelligator.

Awarded the Teachers Choice Award in 2014. This little alligator is great for teaching your child spelling. Also helping your children learn phonemic awareness, letter patterns and positioning. Suitable for 5 years +.

Okay, so if we have language in our educational games list, we must cover maths. And if we cover maths, why not make it fractions. I remember spending a lot of time learning fractions, and this game just makes it fun.

Fraction fortress comes with a stack of pieces that must be put together to form a whole piece. This is a brilliant way for your child to see how fraction works in a physical sense and visually watch them form.

Fraction Fortress is suitable for 6 years +. It is an absolute must get for any child struggling with fractions, or who child who is passionate about numbers.

Now we have not saved the best until last, in our educational games list. But we have saved one of the most successful educational games of all time made by none other than ThinkFun Games.

This one is called Rush Hour, and comes in a deluxe edition and junior edition. Rush hour has been Voted one of Parents' Choice Best 25 Toys of 25 Years! That is impressive.

So let us tell you about the game. Rush Hour is a logic puzzle game. You simply pick a challenge card and set up your grid as the challenge explains. The goal is a simple one of getting your car or ice cream van out of the gridlock in a series of moves.

As the challenges get harder, the traffic gets worse! All the while helping your child develop concentration, logic, and problem-solving skills.

Rush Hour Junior is suitable for 6 years+, and Rush Hour, or Rush Hour Deluxe is suitable for 8 years +.

The wonderful thing about Rush Hour by ThinkFun Games is your child can play by themselves as it is a single player game. Of course parents can also play along :).

This is not a full list of our educational games, but just some ones we wanted to highlight for today. The last one we would like to leave you with is one we are sure will end up being a classic game for generations to come.

This one our daughter loves, and runs around our house singing I am an engineer :). Yes, our daughter sings this.

It is Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine the first engineering toy for girls. This game gathered worldwide attention back in 2013 when it challenged the status quo. They asked an important question; why not make an engineering game for girls.

We agree why not! In this now award winning game, Goldie makes a spinning machine that helps her little friend Nacho the Dog chase his tail. Not long after this machine is built, all her friends want to join in. All the little girls then help Goldie build a belt drive that can spin everyone!

The video below shows just how much fun this game can be. If you like this range as much as we do? You will want to know that they have also just released GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank, as well as GoldieBlox and the Parade Float.

No matter which one of the educational games you choose above, you will be happy. More importantly your children will be happy with them, learning at the same time.

After all, shouldn’t learning be fun? Please let us know if you have questions, or if there is anything you would like us to add to our range?

Our full range of educational games can be found here.

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