Sphero Mini Activity Kit brings STEM-Based Learning to the Living Room

Posted on October 14, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

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How does a child transition from building castles with blocks to building programs with code? This is something that every modern parent asks themselves, looking at the highly tech-based economy and standards of success. Naturally, if you want your child to thrive in the future, introducing STEM skills in math, science, and computer programming is essential. And the transition from wooden blocks to code blocks just got a lot easier. The Sphero Mini Activity Kit is an incredible way to bring STEM-based learning to the living room.

Sphero is a revolutionary educational toy designed to not just teach children to program, but to inspire them to independently pour in hours learning and practicing. And with the Sphero Mini Activity Kit, you can easily bring that joy, enthusiasm, and technological learning into your home.

What is Sphero and How Does It Teach STEM?

At it's most basic, Sphero is a robotic rolling sphere with coloured LEDs in clear shell. The sphere responds to commands from a mobile app to move, stop, and flash its lights. But under the surface, it is the key to teaching children to program before they even realise that programming could be considered work. Just as children who learn to draw could become artists and children who learn to write could become authors, children who learn to control their Sphero through programming can grow up to be talented programmers.

The Sphero educational company has been developing rolling balls and software for classrooms but their latest product is perfect for any home, daycare, or classroom learning facility because it is compact, complete, and inspiring. The Sphero Mini Activity Kit brings STEM learning to the living room by including a small Sphero, connection to the control mobile app, obstacle course supplies, and activity cards that will guide children through the beginning tasks of controlling their Sphero.

Through this interface, children will learn about controlling robots with software, and that commands to robots can be custom-made for an even richer experience.

The Inspiration of Play

If you tell a child to sit down and learn to program from a textbook, they will grow bored, distracted, and struggle with the complexity of the task. This is one of the biggest challenges to overcome with STEM learning. But give them a robot, an app, and activities and they will soon be trying to figure out all the different things that can be done with that robot beyond the original intended functions.

You've seen the creative and dedicated way that children play. Children will work harder for play than they would ever tolerate for 'work'. They will organise, cooperate, study, and try something dozens of times to make it work if the play is the inspiration. That is exactly what Sphero does. It inspires children to learn through the simple, powerful motivation of play. It brings STEM-based learning to the living room.

Children will want their sphere to lace more and more complex mazes, to flash its LED in response to fun triggers, and to participate in their imaginative games. Through this motivation, children will learn first to control the sphere, then to program entirely new responses and behaviors for their very first real robot.

Writing JavaScript Before You Know It

At first, you will see your children reading cards and using an app. But the app is not just another online game that connects to a physical toy. The app is a gateway that will soon be prompting your children to write their own commands. In JavasScript. There has never been an easier introduction to advanced STEM learning.

Believe it or not, JavaScript is not difficult for a child to learn in the right contexts. It's a lot like playing Simon Says. You need to use the right punctuation and code-phrases to make a JavaScript command work just as you need to say "Simon Says" for the classic game's command to be valid. So when children realise that typing a few code-sentences can make their sphere do something new and amazing, they will eagerly learn.

Before you know it, your children will be writing lines of legitimate code in a highly valued programming language, all for the sake of play and running a sphere through obstacle courses.


The Sphero Mini Activity Kit brings STEM-based learning to the living room with an advanced, engaging, and play-inspiring design. It has everything your child or children need to embark on their STEM learning journey into robotics, wireless controls, and JavaScript programming. Check out Sphero for yourself to see how this educational brand is pioneering teaching STEM with the inspiration of play.

You can purchase the Sphero Mini Activity Kit from our shop by clicking here.

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