New DigiBird Collection for 2015 including, DigiFriends and DigiChicks

Posted on April 08, 2015 by Lubica Misevski

The DigiBird is a fun robotic toy bird that tool the world by storm in 2014. It was a global toy phenomenon for children from 3 years old.

Our little girl who is 4 loves her DigiBird and has many hours of playtime using them in stories and little adventures she makes up.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           And our little man who is only 2, also loves his little Digibird pet. Trust us, never own a toy store when your kids are 2 and 4 :) They love the music the DigiBird makes, and the number of tunes that are available.

When the two of them are getting along, they even let them sing together in unison. A really cool feature of the Digibird. 

For those of you who already love the Digibird, you are going to love the new additions to the range. 

In 2015 Silverlit released version 2 of the DigiBirds. A brand new collection of beautiful birds. They have added another eight beautifully designed DigiBirds with whistle rings to collect. Introducing:
















They have also gone one step further this year by introducing a very Limited Edition to the range. If you want your little one to have a unique Digibird, and collectable these are the ones for you.

Gold Silk

Silver Snow

To protect your Digirds from any DigiCats (We are joking, there are no DigiCats. Not yet anyway) there is the bird cage. There are four new birds with cages in the range.





These cages can be stacked and hang up together to create your very own musical choir.

Additional items in the range for the enthusiast include the 2 in 1 Tree House, which also includes 2 Digibirds (Floral & Sally).


Last in the range is the Digibird Fun House, which contains a Digibird Funhouse, See Saw, Whistle Ring and of course a DigiBird.




You may be asking who are the DigiFriends?

Also new in 2015 Silverlit have brought the DigiFriends onto the market. The little DigiChick which we just love!

There are 6 DigiChicks to collect, and they appeal to both boys and girls three years +. And to some adults we know. There is: 
















It is going to be amazing in toys! Soon we will be launching the DigiStage, DigiDinos, DigiPenguins, DigiOwls, and DigiPenguins. I know still no DigiCat :)

If you want to be one of the first to know when they are released sign up to our newsletter, and we may even send you a discount on launch week.

For the complete range of DigiBirds version 2 and DigiChicks, please click  here.



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Zuru My Magical Mermaid and Zuru Robo Fish

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

As the video says, Zuru My Magical Mermaid Playset is finally here. This is a new toy in 2014, and the Zuru My Magical Mermaid is the perfect girls toy for Christmas.

These little Zuru My Magical Mermaids come to life; this magical little mermaid loves to swim. Place her in the water and watch how she comes to life, her fins instantly through the water.

The Zuru My Magical Mermaid Playset is the perfect place to watch her come to life.
This little Zuru mermaid can swim on her back and go up and down.

Little girls and boys will be amazed as she swims in her way around the little mermaid playset, and at night how it glows in the light. The perfect night light?


Zuru My Magical Mermaid Playset

The Zuru toy range is special and if your little man wants something there is the Zuru Robo Fish.

These little Zuru Robo Fish also swim as soon as you put them in the water, and come in a range of different colors. The come in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow and the very famous Nemo fish.

Blue                                                          Green

Pink                                                        Purple

Yellow                                                     Nemo

Hard to imagine what the most popular one is :). Now I imagine that some fathers of little boys will ask where is the fishing set? What good is fish without a fish set?

Not quite a fishing set. But not to disappoint the Zuru Robo Fish also has a Robo Fish Net and Coral Playset, so you can scoop them out of that little pond at the park. Your son just might have accidentally dropped them in.

Robo Fish Net and Coral Playset

I forgot to mention that the little Zuru Robo Fish also come with an LED light, so not matter the conditions they can see their way around. You can also spot them anywhere, including a pond.

There is also the Zuru Robo Fish Remote Control. Yes, we know it is hard to believe were toys are heading.

Zuru Robo Fish Remote Control

Now you can control where your little fish is swimming, and choose up to five different swimming directions. Nemo will never get lost now, and if he does, you will be able to bring him home with the remote.

The Zuru Robo Fish is 100% waterproof, realistic, soft to touch, and their tails look just like the real thing.

Last on the list to tell you about is the Zuru Robo Fish Tropical Fish Bowl. You have fish you may as well buy a home for them if you do not already have one.


Zuru Robo Fish Tropical Fish Bowl

We love this lifelike pets, as they are as close to the real thing as you can get. If Robotic toys is of interest, please click through to see more here.

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Robotic Toys - Our Full Range of Robots

Posted on November 12, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Yes, it is the year for Robotic Toys. 2014 has seen some amazing products come on to the Australian Toy Market.

I still find it hard to believe the Robotic Toys are now coming with Artificial Intelligence! The new Robotic Toys form TX Juice are cutting edge when it comes to Robotic Toys. They have an artificial intelligent helicopter that does not crash into walls! The amazing thing is you can buy it from as little as $89.99.

Not only is the product very affordable, unlike similar products in its category it easy to control. This means accidents that destroy a more traditional helicopter are things of the past.

The TX Juice a.i Copter is shown in the below video and you simply will not believe how good it is.

Before we discuss other Robotic Toys in our range, the rest of the TX Juice range of Robotic Toys includes the Hovva Copter at $45.

The Radar Copter at $39.99 or for the more adventurous the TX Juice Stunt Buggy Xtreme at $59.99 or TX Juice Stunt Plane Xtreme at $79.99.


 Radar Copter    

Stunt Buggy 

Stunt Plane Xtreme

This company is continuing to develop amazing Robotic Toys. We have heard down the road there will be a racing car set that does not need side rails or grooved tracks. Again due to the artificial intelligence. In fact, it will be the first artificial intelligence race track in the world.

Next in the range we have the Switch & Go Dinos, that is right the Switch and Go Dinos. Sorry, I just wanted to say it twice because I find it a fun name :).

The Switch and Go Dinos are made by V-Tech and turn into the very famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. Also known by his friends as T-Rex, the Dinosaur among Dinosaurs.

They are amazing transforming electronic learning toys. Lex is king of the road, but then turns into the king of the meat eating dinosaurs as T-Rex. As a car he has a selection of drivers to choose form, and then when he turns into T-Rex he tells you all about his amazing Dinosaur life.

Lex the T-Rex

Hard to believe this toy is only $39.99 and is both a dinosaur and car. In the V-Tech Dinosaur range, there is also the Pteranodon, the Stegosaurus, the Triceratops, the MEGA T-Rex and new in 2014 the Remote Control (RC) Race and Roar Triceratops at $109.99.


Wing the Pteranodon


Mohawk the Stegosaurus

Horns the Triceratops




RC Race and Roar Triceratops


But our range of Robotic Toys is far from finished. Returning in 2014 is a new and improved DiscoRobo Voice, and the DiscoRobo Voice Superstar. Your child’s own personal robot. These little Robotic Toys come from Tosy.


Using the latest sound detection technology, these little robots feel the music. They can dance along with any song and have 56 moves! I don’t have that many :).

DiscoRobo has eight facial expressions, and they are hilarious. You can even pair two DiscoRobos together and let them surprise you as they dance and talk to each other.

DiscoRobo comes in Blue and Red, and the DiscoRobo Superstar comes with their very own dancing stage.


DiscoRobo Voice Blue                         DiscoRobo Voice Red



DiscoRobo Voice Superstar - Blue    DiscoRobo Voice SuperStar - Red

The DiscoRobo Superstar dancing stage is a portable mp3 player with built in high-quality stereo speakers. This means you can upload your own music, and your children can watch their little robot friend dance along to their favourite tunes.

It is amazing just how affordable these robotic toys are, and DiscoRobo start at only $64.99.

Last in our amazing range of Robotic Toys is the famous Engino Inventor series. It is just the toy that Michael Angelo would have played with as a child.

They are motor built model sets that depending on the set you choose you can build up to 100 different models.

Your child can build cars with turning wheels, cars with cranes, trucks, sailboats, carousels. In fact the list goes on to oil drills, horses, moving bridges, lifting machines, houses, catapults, and much MORE!

The 100 Models set is largest in the Engineering Series of products by Engino. However, if you want to start out small there is the Engino Inventor Basic 18 Model. This set still allowing your child to build up to 18 different models.


Engino Inventor Pro 100 Models Set with 2 Wired RC Motors


Engino Inventor Basic 18 Models Set with Motor

The great thing with these Robotic Toys is that as you buy more sets, you can use them together.

These are the best Robotic Toys on the market in 2014.

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New DiscoRobo Talk - Dance your way to the future

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

It seems this year is going to be the start of Robot’s! Not to mention Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Toys are changing, and we can’t believe all the things they can now do. We have some amazing times and toys ahead of us.

Recently arrived are DiscoRobo and he or she is the perfect dancing star. DiscoRobo is made to dance, and when the music begins DiscoRobo hits the floor.

In fact DiscoRobo, also moves when he or she hears footsteps, clapping, or you snapping your fingers together. The louder the beat, the more lively DiscoRobo becomes.

DiscoRobo even has a head-spinner accessory included in the pack.

It is hard to believe that DiscoRobos has 56 amazing dance moves and eight light up face expressions.

There are two versions of this cute little Robot, DiscoRobo Voice (Blue or Red), and DiscoRobo Voice Superstar (Blue or Red).

The first one in the collection is DiscoRobo Voice can talk, and even talk with other DiscoRobo. It comes with an IOS or Android App, and can be controlled via your phone, or TV remote control.

Number 2 is the DiscoRobo Voice Superstar. It is the deluxe version and comes with a premium disco stage. A portable dance floor mp3 player with built in high-quality stereo speakers.

This means you can upload your songs onto the 128mb MP3 player via a USB port. Or even plug in your music device and dance along with DiscoRobo to your selection of songs.

DiscoRobo has to be seen to be believed, with its own little facial expressions; it has 8 of them and they all light up.

DiscoRobo is one cool little dancing Robot. Whether you get the DiscoRobo Voice or DiscoRobo Voice Superstar, your child is going to be very happy.

After all who does not want to have their own little Robot, especially one that has so much fun.

Your child or you :) will be able to dance right along with them. Or even pair them up with a friends DiscoRobo and watch them dance along together.

These little DiscoRobo are perfect for a child who loves to dance, and also has a desire to understand science and engineering.

As we continue to evolve, we are going to see more and more uses of Artificial Intelligence. If you have heard of Google Driverless Car, then you have heard about Artificial Intelligence.

An early exposure to this type of technology leads to a greater understanding of its application in the real world.

The DiscoRobo toys are amazing, and this is only the beginning of A.I toys. We even know there are some racing cars in the works.

You can see the four DiscoRobos here, and we have even included a video so you can see first hand how they perform.

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