The Best Board Games for Your Child in 2015

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


If you are after some of the best board games on the market in 2015, we feel you are going to love this collection.

While a complete collection of our best board games can be found here. Today we are going to highlight some of our most popular and fun board games for your child. As you will see we have some wonderful choices that are fun for the whole family.

First in the list is Gruffalo Snakes and Ladders. 

I know can you believe it, they have combined two of my most enjoyable childhood memories into one game. What a wonderful twist on this all-time classic game.

In this snakes and ladders game, you will come across all of the forest animals that are featured in the Gruffalo books, talk about fun. In addition to this the Gruffalo snakes and ladders can be played outside or in, as it is a giant washable play mat.

And with summer just around the corner a wonderful game to take to the beach, park or picnic.

Gruffalo Giant Snakes and Ladders Board Game | KidzInc

Next in our line-up of best board games is the classic charades, with a wonderful twist. It is Reverse Charades. This award-winning game is hilarious, as a team acts out the clues for one person to guess, so everyone is involved in the game.

This is a perfect board game for family days, parties, and team building. A winner of over 13 international awards, this is a game for everyone.

University Games Reverse Charades Board Game | KidzInc

And while we are talking about games where you act scenes out. Let us introduce you to one of the best board games on the market for this. 

Kids on Stage

This game enables your child to be the star! It encourages confidence and develops their natural communication skills. 

No one is left out, though, and everyone playing gets in on the act. Made for three-year-olds up, this gets them playing early as they act out the image on the card, as either an action, animal, or object.


University Games Kids on Stage Board Game | KidzInc

But if you are after a more serious board game then the New Scotland Yard Game might be the one of you. One player takes on the role of Mr X while all the other players are detectives chasing Mr X across London. One of the best board games for ten years olds on the market in 2015.


And if you like games that offer problems to solves and challenges, then Labyrinth might be the game of you. 

Coming in both a junior and senior addition, players need to seek the treasure while avoiding the traps. The walls constantly move revealing hidden passages, and you must collect the treasure and escape. 

While in the junior player version whoever reaches the treasure first wins. As far as maze games go, this is one of the best board games on the market. 

Ravensburger Amazing Labyrinth Board Game | KidzInc


Ravensburger Junior Labyrinth Board Game | KidzInc


And if it is the treasure you are after then the Enchanted Forest is sure to please. This game suited for six years + is a charming game of strategy. The King needs his treasure back, and you must find it within the enchanted forest. The first player to identify the location of the three treasures wins the game. 

Ravensburger Enchanted Forest Board Game | KidzInc

And if you are in the enchanted forest, why would you not want to go to the Castle. Welcome to The Castles of Burgandy board game. 

15th Century princes for the Loir Valley are strategic traders, trying to build and bring the property estates to prominence. Over five rounds, you must collect the most point by trading livestock, farming. Also building and conducting scientific research to win. This one is a little more complex and suited to 12 years plus and great for developing your child’s strategic mind. 

Ravensburger The Castles of Burgundy Board Game | KidzInc


And if we are going to have castles, kings, prince, and enchanted forests, then we must have pirates. The Pirate Race Game is one of the best board games to develop your child's memory. Using colour matching, you must be the first pirate to travel around the island to build your picture. Then the race is on to get the treasure before all the other pirates get there.

Suitable for three years + this is a fun one. 

Orchard Toys Pirate Race Board Game | KidzInc

If you like the idea of racing around islands, then you will love the idea of racing around through space. The Race Through Space is one of our best board games for space. You have to fly your rocket around the galaxy and through the Milky Way. You will certainly face dangers in your travels, with asteroids and black holes everywhere. Your mission should you accept it, is to race to the space stations and collect the most points to win!

Suitable form 6 years +, and for anyone who loves space.

Ravensburger Race Through Space Board Game | KidzInc

And as we think of the future that no doubt will include space travel. We must also think of computers and coding. Would you believe that there is now a board game to learn computer coding? This is the best board game on the market for this, in fact, we believe it is the only one on the market of this. 

Robot Turtles has been designed to help your child learn the fundamentals of computer programming. Your child plays with you using code cards to program the Robot Turtle. While this might sound difficult, the game only takes seconds to learn. It also provides endless learning opportunities. 

Suitable form 4 years + this is an amazing board game. 

ThinkFun Robot Turtles Board Game | KidzInc

As far as the best board games go, we are almost out of time today. And so it seems appropriate to introduce you to Five Second Rule. This is a game that gets you thinking and think quickly.

You have five seconds to name three things that you brush, or 3 famous Michaels. Time is not on your side, so you must master your mind, and get that information quickly. 

Suitable from 8 years plus this is one of our best board games for developing quick thinking. 


University Games 5 Second Rule Board Game | KidzInc

Also for honourable mention are:

For Toddlers Aged 2 Years +

So if you are after some of the best board games we hope you found what you are looking for in our list or collection of board games and for our list of educational games


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