Building Blocks that Build Kids

Posted on September 23, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Do you remember having building blocks as a kid? I do. They were probably one of my most enjoyable activities when I was younger. I used to spend hours building them up only to knock them down again.

Well, they have come a long way since I was a kid. We now have Hape Blocks, Melissa & Doug Blocks, and Plan Toys Blocks. All these blocks are slightly different and offer girls or boys a variety of choice.

In the range we selected we have the Hape Fantasy Castle blocks, which as you would expect builds a fantasy castle. A lovely one at that.

Hape also make a maple block set, which offers a little less structure. It leave’s your child to create a castle, house, building or whatever they may choose or create.

The last line in the Hape range is the Undersea Blocks. Yes, that is correct the undersea blocks. You can make turtles; it has starfish, and an Octopus to create. It is certainly something I would have enjoyed as a kid.

Lastly in the Hape range we also have the classic ABC blocks, the Hape City Planner Blocks, and the Fantasia Stacking Block Train. As you would expect they are all beautifully made, and durable.


One of our favourite ranges is the Melissa and Doug range. We like this range because of the quality of the craftsmanship. The are made to perfection down to the very last detail.

We have included the alphabet nesting and stacking blocks, the 100 wood block set, the classic ABC block cart which is always a popular seller. As it is nice for your children to have a trolley, they can pack the blocks into and pull around the house. Just try not to step on the odd stray later :).


To finish this range off, we have also included a beautiful ABC/123 range.

Last but not least is the Plan Toys selection, which includes the traditional blocks in a group of 50 and the Creative Blocks.




But we hate to say this, one of our favourites in their range is the Castle and the Fairy Tale Blocks. The fairy tale set includes two horse with a carriage and two figures.

The castle theme is just as wonderful and will provide your children with hours of fun and play.


As you would expect toy blocks promote;

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Spatial skills

They are also good for developing creative and lateral thinking skills. Will this go with that? Can I build this?

Additionally children are also learning cause and effect. If I build it too high, it might fall over. If the shapes do not match or logically belong together perhaps, I need to try another way?

They also learn patience and focus as they are engaged in the activity of building. This leads to enjoyment of them seeing what they have built. When our daughter or son stand there pointing to their structures, we are just as proud of them as they are proud of themselves.

We have selected a lovely range for you, and we know whatever you choose, you and your little one will have hours of fun.

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These Toys are like WOW!

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

WOW Toys....I think the name says it all? These toys are amazing in so many ways. Now like most products we sell we like to test them out. Of course, this is for your benefit and in no way should our enjoyment be seen as anything else but work related.

Our little man gives these the once over to make sure they are durable for the most adventurous little boys and girls.

WOW Toys were first introduced at the London toy fair in 1997. Although they were up against some stiff competition and some very big brands. Their strength and designs caught the idea of many influential UK retailers.

Since this point in time WOW has expanded dramatically and is in over 900 UK retailers, and over 40 countries around the world.

WOW prides themselves on creating super cute, and super tough toys for little ones. Our very own Dudley dump truck can launch off the dining table and land in one piece on the floor :).

They have a ten year satisfaction guarantee and do not build with PVC. There are no small parts, and they do not use any toxic materials in WOW Toys. Best of all NO batteries because it is frictionless, but they work like they have them.

Ernie the Fire engine even has a magic button, to lift the crane and make the fireman turn.

The Wow toys are great for role playing games as they have:


Ronnie Rocket

Flip 'n' Tip Fred

Dudley Dump truck


Mini Wow Ace the Race Car

Mini WOW Blaze the Fire Buggy

Dynamite Daisy

Fireball Frankie

George’s Dragon Tail

Misty n Molly

Rosie’s Royal Ride

Lift-it Luke

Penny’s Pooch 'n' Ride

Sidney School Bus

Bumpety-Bump Bernie

Ernie Fire Engine

Harry Copter

Pippa's Princess Carriage

And Poppy’s Pony Adventure

So you can just imagine all the different ways you could role play and create games with the WOW Toys. What we also love is that they cater for girls. Normally lines that make tough knock about dump trucks like Dudley don’t have a WOW Dynamite Daisy. This is another reason we think this brand is cool.

They are also great for social development, fine motor skills, ideas and imagination and problem-solving.

The range is suitable for 18 months right up to 5 years. Even Dads and Mums can get some fun out with these.

We plan to take some action shots for Instagram and the Dudley Dump truck. So if you are not following us there have a look for Kidzinc8, and you will see our little friend in action soon enough.

Any questions let us know. You can view the full range here.

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