New DiscoRobo Talk - Dance your way to the future

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

It seems this year is going to be the start of Robot’s! Not to mention Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Toys are changing, and we can’t believe all the things they can now do. We have some amazing times and toys ahead of us.

Recently arrived are DiscoRobo and he or she is the perfect dancing star. DiscoRobo is made to dance, and when the music begins DiscoRobo hits the floor.

In fact DiscoRobo, also moves when he or she hears footsteps, clapping, or you snapping your fingers together. The louder the beat, the more lively DiscoRobo becomes.

DiscoRobo even has a head-spinner accessory included in the pack.

It is hard to believe that DiscoRobos has 56 amazing dance moves and eight light up face expressions.

There are two versions of this cute little Robot, DiscoRobo Voice (Blue or Red), and DiscoRobo Voice Superstar (Blue or Red).

The first one in the collection is DiscoRobo Voice can talk, and even talk with other DiscoRobo. It comes with an IOS or Android App, and can be controlled via your phone, or TV remote control.

Number 2 is the DiscoRobo Voice Superstar. It is the deluxe version and comes with a premium disco stage. A portable dance floor mp3 player with built in high-quality stereo speakers.

This means you can upload your songs onto the 128mb MP3 player via a USB port. Or even plug in your music device and dance along with DiscoRobo to your selection of songs.

DiscoRobo has to be seen to be believed, with its own little facial expressions; it has 8 of them and they all light up.

DiscoRobo is one cool little dancing Robot. Whether you get the DiscoRobo Voice or DiscoRobo Voice Superstar, your child is going to be very happy.

After all who does not want to have their own little Robot, especially one that has so much fun.

Your child or you :) will be able to dance right along with them. Or even pair them up with a friends DiscoRobo and watch them dance along together.

These little DiscoRobo are perfect for a child who loves to dance, and also has a desire to understand science and engineering.

As we continue to evolve, we are going to see more and more uses of Artificial Intelligence. If you have heard of Google Driverless Car, then you have heard about Artificial Intelligence.

An early exposure to this type of technology leads to a greater understanding of its application in the real world.

The DiscoRobo toys are amazing, and this is only the beginning of A.I toys. We even know there are some racing cars in the works.

You can see the four DiscoRobos here, and we have even included a video so you can see first hand how they perform.

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