WorryWoo Monsters Help to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Kids

Posted on March 28, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

 Worrywoo Monsters Teaching Kids Emotional Intelligence Australia

"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos." (L.R. Knost) 

Children often experience big emotions that they are not always equipped to deal with. Today's societies focus on academic excellence has left little room for children to learn and fully understand emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence encompasses awareness, understanding, and the ability to express and manage emotions. Helping children to build emotional intelligence gives them the ability to either learn to make changes to address a problem, thus engaging problem-focused coping skills, or explore emotional coping strategies to tolerate and control a problem if a change is not feasible.

Feelings serve a purpose and have evolved over time to serve us in specific situations. Letting children express and feel their emotions becomes the first piece of emotional intelligence because they have to be aware of their feelings before they can move on to learning how to properly express and control them. Building these emotional skills from a young age is a major indicator of future success. The Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study conducted over 15 years in New Zealand brought extensive data to light that showed children who had a high amount of self-control (one aspect of emotional intelligence) fared better in life overall. The children were happier, healthier, more accomplished, and less likely to have a criminal record as adults than those that scored lower in self-control. Knowing how impactful a solid foundation in emotional intelligence can be for our children is important but it is also important to have resources available to help teach and reinforce strong emotional intelligence.

Kidzinc offers the award-winning line of WorryWoo Monsters books and plush animals. Created by Andi Green, the WorryWoos help children embrace and understand their emotions and develop emotional intelligence through play, reading, and discussion.

The WorryWoo books cover a wide range of topics that are often hard to help children understand - from greed and envy to insecurity and loneliness. Each story covers one of these topics and ends with a positive and uplifting message designed to open up discussion and communication between parents, teachers, caregivers, and the children they care for.

Worrywoo Monsters Australia | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

"The Monster Who Wanted it All" introduces the adorable, yellow monster, Zelly, who becomes so focused on the things that others have, that he doesn't notice all of the wonderful things right in front of him! Parents can spend some time discussing with their children how caring and sharing are related and how important it is to focus on the great and positive things within their lives. Then they can introduce Zelly and read his story! Having the plush to hold on to gives the child a tactile object to relate the story to and a physical object that parents can refer to as a reminder of the lessons learned in the story.

Often parents may try to use screen time or technology to calm their children when they are feeling a particularly intense emotion but the American Academy of Pediatrics has warned that using media to calm emotions may lead to a child having difficulty engaging emotional regulation for themselves as they grow. 

This book series along with its plush companions are a great way to help your child begin to gain that understanding and awareness over their emotions in a safe, media-free setting.

The WorryWoos also give parents the opportunity for one-on-one interaction with their child and the time to really discuss and learn what their child understands about their emotions and where they may need a little more help.

Kidzinc is dedicated to the development of young minds, and assisting you to develop your kids to their fullest potential, through books, toys, games, puzzles and interactive play! Our purpose is to provide you with the best educational and developmental products, sourced from all corners of the world. Kidzinc carries a full line of WorryWoos plush and books available for shipping worldwide.

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Cool Toys at KidzInc in 2015

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Lubica Misevski

So if you are after cool toys for your children in 2015, we have the selection for you. Regardless of your child’s age or sex we have something to fit your budget, something that is cool and something they will learn from.

I know imagine having toys that are cool toys as a kid that also taught you. What an argument for continued play time. Oh well, maybe in another life.

So where to begin, at the beginning they often say :).

In no particular order, the first toy we added to our cool range in 2015 was the new Artificial Intelligence Real FX Racing Car Set.

What makes this a cool toys selection, well can you imagine setting down the tracks just like you would roll out a mat, and then placing two racing cars on top and begin to race. No rails to set up, no groves, and if they ever go of the track, they are straight back on.

Not only will your children develop some great fine motor skills. They will also learn about Artificial Intelligence at the same time.

Next in the line-up of cool toys, is one for the girls. If you have not heard about Roominate, then you will be surprised. This is a building toy for girls, I know a building toy for girls? Cool toys #Letgirlsbuild.

This one teaches those little ones, hands-on problem, spatial and fine motor skills. Also self-confidence and creativity, and basic circuitry.

Roominate empowers girl builders, cools toys enable girls as well.

Now not normally associated with cool, is emotions. However being self-aware and understanding your emotions is cool these days, and so it should be.

These little Worrywoos are not only great at teaching your child about emotions, they are fun to look at too. Even the most serious parent out there is likely to smile.

These little award winners including Nola, Wince, Rue, Twitch, Fuddle, Squeek and the Worry Bug. They help your children learn about loneliness, worry, insecurity, frustration, confusion, innocence and a whole lot more.

If that is not worthy of a cool toys selection, then we do not know what one is. Our kids are living a far more informed and self-aware life. And hopefully, that makes the world a better place.

What about a Pirate Ship, Noahs Ark shape sorter, or Pirate Fort from Le Toy Van for cool? These amazing cool toys teach your children about fine motor skills, social skills and pretend play.

The Pirate Ship winning the Right Start Toy Awards.



If you would like to teach your children about “Mechatronics.” A multidisciplinary field of mechanical engineering, electrical, telecommunications, control, and computer engineering. Then this range from IQ Key toys is sure to impress.

Even I had to look Mechatronics up, but wow! These are cool toys. You and your little one can build your robotic toys, what a wonderful way to spend time together.

It enables your child to learn about fine motor skills, concentration and visual processing and develops the little engineer in them, so they can see how things work.

There are so many sets to choose from the perfect 350 all the way up to the advance 1200 (suitable 8 years +).

Perfect 550

And last but by no means least we have Matador set, for the baby architect all the way up to the most senior of architects.

Now a baby architect toy, well that is a 2015 cool toys award winner in KidzInc's book.

We have so many other toys that we feel should be included, and so many new ones are coming into the market.

Cool toys are toys that are fun and sneak in learning along the way.

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