The Benefits of Fidget Toys

Posted on July 24, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Fidget toys have substantially increased in popularity in recent years. Previously used only by subsets of the population that might have struggled with focus and concentration, now, awareness of fidgets and their benefits have spread to neurotypical children, especially those who might be struggling with anxiety or focus issues. Sensory toys are a great tool for all sorts of children, especially in learning environments--and through trial and error, you can learn which fidgets work best for your child's specific needs.

Have you considered the benefits of using sensory and fidget toys as part of your child's regular routine?

1. Fidget toys can increase a child's ability to focus. 

Children, particularly children with ADHD, often have a hard time sitting still and focusing. Often, they start wiggling in their seats long before the instruction is actually over--and they may find themselves struggling to keep up with what's going on in front of them. A fidget toy allows children to control those movements and direct them into a more positive stimulation, rather than one that could prove distracting for others. Options like stress balls, for example, can fill one hand while a child works on another assignment, or fill both hands while a child listens to a teacher.  

2. Fidget toys improve overall learning. 

Among children who used fidget toys, academic scores could quickly increase as much as 10%. For children with ADHD, that number can rise even more, with an increase of 27% in academic scores shown in a recent study. In order to facilitate maximum learning, children need to stimulate both the right and left sides of the brain. Movement can aid significantly in that pursuit. Fidget toy options like wobble cushions can offer a simple way to enhance overall learning. 

3. Fidget toys can help decrease distractions in the classroom.

Children who look for the type of stimulation offered by fidgets naturally will look for other options that provide the same basic stimulation if they do not have them available. Tapping pencils, bouncing in their seats, or poking at classmates could all pose disruptions to the other students around them. Fidget toys, on the other hand, offer a more positive, less disruptive option in the classroom. Toys like Fidgigami can occupy a child's hands and engage the child's mind without posing a distraction to other students in the room.

4. Fidget toys and sensory toys can help reduce anxiety in the classroom.

Some children struggle with a high level of anxiety on a daily basis that can interfere with their ability to learn. Others may have anxiety related to specific situations, like taking a test or giving a presentation in front of the classroom. Fidget toys can help calm the child and put him or her in a better place to engage in those activities, which can improve scores, enhance academic performance, and ultimately increase the child's confidence. A weighted lap pad, for example, may serve the same purpose as a weighted blanket in a much more convenient, easy-to-carry format: it can help calm a child down and reduce anxiety while they work on specific assignments or test, or help calm them so that they don't feel anxious about performance when reading aloud or engaging with classmates. 

Fidget toys and sensory toys have become increasingly common in the classroom in recent years, and with good reason. Whether you're a teacher looking for ways to improve performance in a classroom or a parent looking for options that will help keep your child more engaged both at school and at home, check out our extensive collection of fidget toys to select one--or more!--that will work great for your child.

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Dimpl Digits by Fat Brain Toys: Enhancing Fine Motor Skills and Number Recognition

Posted on April 08, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

Dimpl Digits Fat Brain Toys Australia | KidzInc Educational Toys Online Australia

From their earliest days, playing with the right toys is critical for your child's development. Choosing the right toys can help your child develop learning and problem-solving skills that can carry them through school and beyond, enhancing brain development and setting them up for success. Choosing high-quality toys can help improve your child's cognitive processing skills and provide them with the assistance and skills they need in order to succeed in many areas of life, from education to future job opportunities. 

Like many of the toys in the Fat Brain Toys line, Dimpl Digits helps your child learn several critical developmental skills as they explore the world around them. 

Dimpl Digits Provides a Tactile Sensory Experience

Each wedge in the bright colour wheel contains a bubble that children can press, creating a soft popping sound. They can then flip it over and pop the bubbles all over again, providing them with a fun sensory experience that they'll be slow to put down. Each silicone bubble has a different raised number, creating a unique texture under your child's fingers. This tactile exploration is a great way to keep little hands busy no matter where you are: waiting in line, playing in the floor at home, or taking a trip in the car. Tactile exploration is also a great way to help older kids pay attention to the task at hand, giving them an outlet for their energy and allowing them to focus more effectively on listening to instructions, lessons, or parental input.

Bright Colours Encourage Visual Development and Colour Recognition

The Dimpl Digits toy forms a full colour wheel that will be sure to light up your child's eyes and encourage colour recognition skills. Your child will love learning to identify the different colours as they handle them and name them for you. The bright colours will also encourage colour appreciation and catch your child's attention. 

Dimpl Digits Can Enhance Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are critical for many stages of your child's development. With Dimpl Digits, your child won't realize that they're learning--but they'll develop those vital fine motor skills nonetheless. Improved fine motor skills can make it easier for your child to write, cut, and handle fine tactile motions. As your child manipulates the silicone bubbles in the Dimpl Digits toy, they will have the chance to naturally improve those skills, all while enjoying a fun tactile experience. 

Help Your Child Learn Counting and Number Recognition

Like many of the toys in the Fat Brain line, Dimpl Digits does not just serve a single purpose. It also serves to encourage children to learn number recognition and counting skills. Each little silicone bubble has a different number on it from one to ten. As your child plays with Dimpl Digits, he/she can run his/her fingers over those numbers or take a look at them directly. Encourage number recognition as you play with your child by encouraging him/her to touch a specific number or to count his/her way around the circle. 

Choosing the right toys for your child can make an immense difference in overall development. Dimpl Digits is designed to help enhance fine motor skills, encourage colour awareness, and improve number recognition, all in a convenient, easy-to-carry form that your child will be eager to play with. Whether your child needs a toy to use as a distraction when you're out and about or your child needs a new toy to add to your home collection, Dimpl Digits will be sure to fit your needs. Purchase Dimpl Digits today to help encourage your child on his/her learning journey.

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