Hape DIY Dream House For Boys and Girls

Posted on July 31, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Every little girl wants a dollhouse, and everyone wants a dream house. The desire to own our own home is very Australian and often referred to as the big Australian dream. After all though what is life with dreams? Let us introduce you to the Hape DIY Dream house.

Yes, we know a dollhouse that is also a dream house, and it is. It is a 3 level masterpiece; it is modern in design and measures in at 57cm high, 72cm wide, and 29cm in depth. Now this is going to surprise you, the furniture is uniquely magnetic. For anyone who has played with a dollhouse, you would know that putting everything in place, and knocking it all over the end is heartbreaking. It is usually when you are making that final adjustment, and moving the last piece.

The furniture is a 32 piece set, offering many design possibilities for you daughter or son, dad, or mum :). It is a work of art and includes three-split floors, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, beds, fridge, showers, and living room furniture. It is complete dollhouse set.

What is brilliant about the dollhouse is its open design, as it allows your daughter to move around the furnishing easily. It lets your daughter play with dolls without obstruction or the need to be uniquely flexible :). The Haye DIY dream houses are beautifully designed and coloured. Another great feature is that the doll house is easily accessed from two sides, allowing for more than one child to play.. Nice feature.

There are three chalkboards so your daughter can draw flowers, doors, windows, and gardens. We love this feature, as it provides your little one with the ability to create and design. Four of the rooms are set, bath, bed, living, and kitchen, leaving the top 2 spaces completely free to create an art studio, gym, or office. Whatever their heart desires.

Because the design is open, your daughter can use her or his own dolls as well, and hold parties should the occasion arise? The Haye DIY dollhouse, of course, comes with a family of dolls, 6 pieces in total. Every piece is made with most amazing detail and to the highest quality, and will bring you and your daughter or son endless hours of fun.

I guess the important that we always ask when selecting toys, is how does this help develop your child. In this case it works on fine motor skills, creativity, focus, social skills and of course language skills through the story’s they tell themselves and you when playing with each piece.

You and your daughter will be very happy with the Haye DIY Dollhouse; it is just beautiful in design, easy to play with, and easy to love. You can see more by clicking here.

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