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Posted on August 06, 2015 by Lubica Misevski

Today we are going to introduce you to Geomag. This multiple awards winning magnetic construction toy is all the rage with little ones at the moment and has been for over 15 years. Geomag is wonderful at helping your child develop their little mind, and one of those toys were only their imagination is the limitation.

Geomag as a company is globally recognised for the high-quality magnetic construction toys. In fact, it is the original magnetic construction toy in the world. Made in Switzerland you know that the workmanship on this Geomag is first class.

Geomag has won more than 30 children’s toy awards! The fun and educational benefits are extensive. From increased creative and logical thinking, coordination, dexterity, and enhanced motor skills.

Geomag distributes 11 lines in Australia, of which we hold most of the entire range. This is how much we believe in this toys capability for developing your child’s mind, motor skills, and imagination.

Let us introduce you to some of the Geomag range.

Starting at baby we have the Geomag GBaby Farm, which is suitable from 10 months+. The 19 piece set comes with eight cute little soft rubber farm animals. The set helps your baby develop visual, linguistic, motor skills, independence, co-operative skills and of course creativity.

Geomag Gbaby Farm 19 Pieces

Should baby love bath time as well then there is Geomag Gbaby Sea. Coming with a crab, turtle, star fish and more.

Geomag Gbaby Sea 11 Pieces (SOLD OUT SORRY)

The baby range has simple, ergonomic forms, helping your little one develop their motor skills and senses of sound and touch. Pieces provide a rattling sound when shaken and attract or repel as if by magic, delighting infants from 10 months and up!

In both sets, the soft touch animal forms are suitable for teething. All pieces are hermetically sealed, thereby doubling as a water toy! Gbaby toys are made of ultra-safe materials and manufactured in compliance with stringent European and American safety standards.

Following Geomag's ideal of giving children high-quality toys that help them develop their fantasy and curiosity. Geomag created the GBaby line dedicated to +10 month. Due to the fascination of attraction and repulsion, the quality of the materials making this also a great teething toy. The possibility of this toy to be used in the bath and also being dishwasher safe, makes this line one of the most appreciated by mums.

Geomag Pink Range! Now who knew a construction set could come in pink too. Well, we did :). We have two collections in this colour one 66 and the other 142. If your little one wants to build in pink, they can. This one has been more specifically made for girls.  Which is a wonderful way to introduce your daughter to construction, because why should the boys have all the fun :).

Geomag Kids Panels Girls Pink (SOLD OUT SORRY)

Geomag Glow Range. Yes, you guessed it, a magnetic construction kit that glows in the dark. The rods and snap panels are charged by light, and then light up in the dark showing the transformation of the model. This one has a Halloween feel to it, and we are approaching that time of year.

New in 2015 to the Geomag range is the Glitter, Panel and Colour Ranges, and the Geomag e-motion range.

The Glitter Range has Rods and Panels made in fashionable and fancy glitter colours for the fashion conscious child :). While the e-motion range is all about creating movement, giving life to some surprising optical effects.

GeoMag Glitter 68 Pieces | KidzInc Australia

GeoMag Glitter 68 Pieces


GeoMag Colour 30 Pieces | KidzInc Australia

GeoMag Colour/Color 30 Pieces 

GeoMag Panels 68 Pieces | KidzInc Australia

GeoMag Panels 68 Pieces

The e-motion line has special accessories and instructions that allow your child to create spinning tops, and a whole lot more.

Geomag E-Motion Power Spin 38

The story of the range of GeoMag continues with the Wheels Range. The Geomag Wheels line allows your child to build a vehicle using magnetic rods, spheres, wheels and special plastic frames.

After they have built their vehicle, they can then launch it at incredible speed. Talk about the fun they can build, launch, destroy and then rebuild them in a unique play experience. They can build a dragster, police car, to a super off-road vehicle, or a helicopter or both depending on the set purchase.  

Geomag Wheels Police Squad 68 Pieces

The last two in the Geomag range that we wanted to share with you today are the Kor Tazoo Range and the GeoMag Kor Proteon Range.

The TAZOO family is made of 2 different characters BETO and PACO. They both landed on the earth together in two different environments. Depending on your child’s preference for the sea or the jungle, these little magnetic creatures represent hours of fun and  learning.

Geomag Kor Tazoo Beto 68 pieces

Last but not least is the Kor Proteon Range. The PROTEON family have landed on Earth and have started to fight for evolution. Heroes are fighting in epic battles. All PROTEONs have different characteristics and fighting technics. This option more suitable to the 5+ range.


Geomag Kor Tazoo Beto 68 Pieces

If you are after a fun magnetic construction toy for your little one, then we would highly recommend the Geomag range. At last count, they have won over 18 international awards and are in a class of their own when it comes to a magnetic toy.

Click here for the full Geomag Range and happy playing, and learning.

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