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Baby's development in their first year relies largely on play-based activities. Building and improving hand-eye coordination along with motor, sensory, and sequencing skills is an important part of their overall development as they transition from infant, to toddler, to preschooler and beyond. Oftentimes, parents struggle with activities that not only engage their tiny tot but educate them as well.

In comes Fat Brain Toys, a toy company that develops age and developmentally appropriate toys to build skills, enrich the mind, and allow children to hit milestones and reach their fullest potential by incorporating STEM education into the design and function of their products. STEM education is the curriculum based on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: skills that will not only allow a child to learn but will assist and empower them to thrive.

The Importance of Play-based Learning

Play-based learning aids in a child's overall development, allowing them to confidently learn new skills, retain useful information and encourage them to become more independent in their future learning. According to early childhood education experts, play-based learning is beneficial for a multitude of reasons, such as encouraging language skills, supporting pre-literacy skills, the development of social and emotional skills, and fostering creativity and imagination.

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The SpinAgain is a revolutionary toy developed by Fat Brain Toys for ages 12 months and older. This six-disk stacking toy incorporates a threaded corkscrew to allow the colourful discs to effortlessly spin and settle into the base. The centre holes are all the same size, allowing for your child to stack in any order they wish. Bright, eye-pleasing colours capture baby's attention while the smooth plastic and varying shapes of the discs promotes sensory development. The base is able to be used in two positions, allowing your child to keep it stable or create a wobbly play surface, therefore creating a more challenging, exciting task for them to conquer!

The SpinAgain encourages babies and toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination by forcing them to place the small centre hole onto the threaded corkscrew. The trial-and-error method this may require your child to use can only help them gain confidence in their ability while helping them train the visual systems it takes to complete tasks that require good hand-eye coordination. This skill is important for future use, as it will allow them to read, write, and throw objects, amongst other things.

Along with helping develop hand-eye coordination, the SpinAgain helps develop gross motor and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are skills that require full-body movement such as crawling, running, lifting, and jumping. Fine motor skills utilise tinier muscles and movements that can be tricker. By placing discs on the corkscrew and spinning them off, children are using tiny muscles in their fingers, hands, and arms they may not otherwise exercise regularly. This is an important skill to master for toddlers so they can learn and improve their dexterity and strength.

Early sequencing and engineering skills also play a part in the design of the SpinAgain by encouraging children to try to stack the varying shaped discs again and again. The alternating gear and flower-shaped design keep baby's mind activated while they stack them small to large, and large to small, encouraging engineering skills they may use at later times in life. The varying colours and shapes also help babies notice patterns they may not otherwise pay attention to.

Fat Brain Toys strives to provide safe, fun and educational toys for a variety of ages. The importance of educational play is not to be ignored and can only serve to help your child gain the necessary skills needed to excel in every stage of life, from infancy to school-age, to adulthood. Setting your child up for success begins at home, and couldn't be more simple with the help of the SpinAgain and other educational toys.

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