Why Wooden Blocks Belong in Every Nursery & Playroom

Posted on July 20, 2021 by Lubica Misevski

In every nursery and daycare across the nation, you will find an ever-growing collection of wooden blocks. Why?

History and science have both shown that block play is an essential part of early child development. When children play with blocks, they are learning about the world and exploring their own ability to create. What children learn from playing with blocks starts with motor control but soon evolves into exploration, science, and creative expression. Children build, deconstruct, and build something entirely new from the same parts. They learn the weight and balance of each block and how shape influences those features. They build scenes to play pretend and obstacles to knock over.

The Developmental Benefits of Wooden Block Play

> Fine and Large Motor Skills
> Creativity and Imagination
> Problem Solving
> Spatial Skills
> Essential Science and Math
> Confidence and Self-Starting
> Self-Expression
> Social and Emotional Skills

    Children playing with blocks can also learn to play and build with other children, even across age-group gaps. Those encouraged to explore during block play time also learn confidence and self-starting. This is why parents and educators alike always make sure there are more than a few wooden blocks available for young children to play with. From the first time your baby starts banging and stacking all the way through school age, children have an abundance to learn and games to play when playing with blocks.

    If you have a young child, a classroom, or a baby on the way then it's common to investigate which wooden blocks are the best starter kit for your child(ren)'s early development and joy in playtime. Let's explore some of the wonderfully simple and inspiring wooden block sets to start or add to your collection.

    Kapla Wooden Block Planks

    Planks are one of the universal shapes for construction. You can stack them on edge or flat for columns. They can become homes, towers, towns, or dinosaurs by how they are stacked. Some planks may form structures while other become the 'people'. The simple block inspires infinite adventures, which is what Kapla intended when they crafted the 200 Wooden Block Planks set. 

    The perfect size for little hands of younger kids and the details constructions of bigger kids, these planks are ready to become the cornerstone (corner plank?) of a diverse collection of blocks and building toys. Kapla planks are crafted from 100% renewable pine grown in the French forests. They are safe, natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.


    My First Maple Block Set by Hape

    If you're looking for your toddler's first architectural blocks, Hape's Maple Block Set is the ideal starter kit. With 50 large and brightly coloured wooden blocks, your child will be able to explore the beginnings of block cities, rocket ships, and creative works parents can never truly predict. The Maple Block Set includes squares, rectangles, planks, triangles, and half-circles to explore the full possibilities of building and early childhood physics. Each block is finished in cheerful blue, green, red, yellow, or natural maple. This block set is perfect for babies and toddlers and pairs wonderfully with other nursery toys.


    Block City: Le Toy Van's Petilou Block Set

    Want to upgrade to real block city building? The Petilou 60 Piece Building Block Set was designed to turn your playroom into a block skyline. The Petilou set includes a wider diversity of block shapes, sizes, and colors to build with and comes with a handy canvas tote for quick clean-up. Watch your child build castles for toys and forts for themselves. See cities rise and fall and watch the wonderful STEM process of early architectural experiments. What falls down and what stays up? Which blocks can be balanced to make new shapes in the stack? These are the exciting lessons from a large and diverse wooden block toy set.

    Magnetic Wooden Block Toys by Tegu

    The one great limitation of block play is that blocks fall down. Well the Tegu brand has ingeniously come up with a solution to teach an all-new round of STEM lessons through early play: Magnetic wooden blocks. Each block has magnets embedded in the sides so they adhere to each other for bigger, better, and more spacious block constructions. The starting set is a 24 Piece Tint set. Tegu magnetic blocks are made from natural wood with safely embedded magnets and non-toxic child safe paints, with a beautiful rigid box designed to become your long-term toy storage.

    Building the perfect nursery and play room is all about understanding what really matters to children's happiness and early childhood development. Simple yet infinitely possible toys like wooden blocks are the key to encouraging your child to explore their own creative power and learn naturally from the world around them.

    You can shop from our carefully curated wooden blocks here.

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    Five Reasons To Buy Wooden Toys

    Posted on October 25, 2016 by Lubica Misevski

    Wooden Toys at KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toy Shop

    Wooden toys or plastic? When you're choosing toys for your kids, it's tempting to buy into the excitement of brightly coloured plastic that represents their favourite television characters. What's not to love about tiny plastic princesses, plastic blocks in bright primary colours, and more? While those toys are an good choice, selecting wooden toys for kids is a great way to encourage their creativity and help them play the way kids were meant to.

    1. Wooden toys are safer. Wooden toys tend to be larger, designed without small pieces that can easily go missing, and created without the use of toxic chemicals that can be damaging to young minds and bodies. Even better, they don't run on batteries! Whether you're looking for a peg puzzle or checking out an assortment of musical toys, choosing wood as the material for your kids' toys is the best way to make sure they're getting the safest toys on the market.

    2. Wooden toys are appropriate for kids of all ages. Many wooden toys, like this wooden block set or this set of pattern boards and blocks have a timeless appeal that will keep your kids playing with them for years. If you have children of many different ages in your home, all with different interests, this is particularly valuable in keeping the clutter down. Even a single child, however, will get benefits out of wooden toys, which they'll keep playing with for years. 

    3. Wooden toys are long-lasting. Those wooden toys that you purchase for your kids today are durable and tough enough to stand up to multiple children and still be around if you want to keep them for your grandchildren. Many plastic toys are crafted with cheap materials and end up breaking soon after you bring them home, especially if you have a high-energy child who is often hard on their toys. Wooden toys, however, are designed tough. Check out these great options for play food that will strike your child's creativity and teach them about healthy eating all in one, or take a look at these great wooden dolls that will keep your dollhouse filled with fun for years. 

    4. Wooden toys encourage creativity. Creativity is a vital life skill for kids. They need creative play to teach them to think outside the box later in life, to develop problem-solving skills, and to help their brains develop to their full potential. Many plastic toys come with bells and whistles that distract from creative play: flashing lights, electronic sounds, and interactive screens that do the playing for your child. Many wooden toys, however, are designed to help creativity thrive. Whether your child is pretending to blast off to the moon or creating their own fairy town, wooden toys are exactly what they need to encourage that creative spark.

    5. Wooden toys are created to support problem-solving skills. From early colour and shape sorting to mazesgames, and more, wooden toys are designed to help your child learn and grow. Most manufacturers of wooden toys acknowledge that their toys are more expensive than their plastic counterparts. As a result, they go the extra mile to ensure that their toys come complete with hours of play time. No matter what skills your child is working on, there's a wooden toy designed to offer hours of play. 

    Choosing wooden toys for your child is a great way to encourage creative play. Your child doesn't need a huge variety of toys. In many cases, that variety just results in play frustration that makes it hard for them to choose what to do next! Instead, investing in wooden toys will enable your child to enjoy creative play for a lifetime.


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    Tegu Baby and Toddler Wooden Magnetic Blocks

    Posted on November 14, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


    Tegu wooden blocks must honestly be the most beautiful wooden magnetic blocks in the market. To see them, first hand is like receiving a gift from Apple.

    From the packaging to the product every millimetre has been made with the utmost care. Tegu is clearly a company that creates products with the baby, toddler, preschooler and older child in mind.

    The finish is smooth, and the colours are magical, taking nothing away from the fact they are wooden blocks. Everything is very natural.

    All the Tegu blocks are magnetic which means your little one will have hours of fun playing with them, and help them learn cause and effect as they go.

    They have taken the concept of toy block to another level. Whether you are after wooden baby blocks or wooden blocks for your toddler, or even older child these will not disappoint.

    The Tegu magnetic wooden blocks are painted with water based colours leaving that natural wooden block look. These magnetic blocks are a lovely to hold and for baby or toddlers blocks; they are just ideal for little hands.

    Tegu have made these blocks as heirloom quality blocks. So you can tell by this statement they have been made to last, and they are actually fun to play with regardless of age. But just perfect as baby blocks.

    They come in a range of different options so you can start out small and build from there.

    There is the Tegu 24 piece, where your baby or toddler is starting to build some interesting structures.

    Tegu 24 Piece (Tint)

    The Tegu Travel Tote for those trips were you want to bring something fun along for your toddler or baby (blocks sold separately).

    Tegu Travel Tote


    The Tegu Pocket Pouch which is perfect for keeping your child entertained when eating out.


    Tegu Pocket Pouch Jungle

    Or the Tegu 42 piece if you want your little one to have them all.

    Tegu 42 piece (Jungle)

    Tegu 42 Piece (Blues)













    Tegu 42 piece (blues)

    Tegu Sticky Monsters Beans and Tum Tum

    New in 2017 is the Tegu Sticky Monster range, with the above Beans and Tum Tum winning the Spielwarenmesse Toy of The Year Award 2017 for the Baby and Infant Category. 

    And finally, the Classroom Kit for those families with more than one child, or if you want to create amazing and large structures.

    Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Classroom Kit

    Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Classroom Kit


    There are some other options in between, and this link will take you to the full range. We have the entire range available in Australia for you to chose from. 

    The Tegu magnetic blocks are great for babies or toddlers to develop fine motor skills. They learn cause and effect, patience and are awarded for the achievement. They can look back and be proud of their magnetic wooden block structures. Even if it is only 2 blocks sticking together.  

    So you have no doubt how much we love this product; we bought it ourselves. We bought this one for our son, as he loved his sisters Magna Tiles, but he is too young for that toy at the moment. That one will have to be a hand me down.

    If we knew when our daughter was born this was such a good product we would have bought her Tegu magnetic blocks. As they have two Tegu colour designs.

    One is very natural with earthy colours, whilst the other has pink in the collections, which most would suggest suits females more?

    These magnetic blocks are first class, and if you are looking for that beautiful present for your baby, toddler, preschooler and the older child you will be very happy.

    Please click here through to the full collection available in Australia of the Tegu magnetic wooden blocks. 

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