Tech Will Save Us: Educational STEM Kits for Kids

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Tech Will Save Us Educational STEM Kits | KidzInc Australia

We love STEM kits! 

Tech Will Save Us has designed engaging and educational STEM kits to promote the development of STEM skills, combined with creativity and craftiness to make learning fun. Each kit has something unique to offer, but they all focus on making STEM fun for children by incorporating colourful lights that children control by with coding and design. All of the STEM kits focus on allowing children to express their creativity by allowing them to test and analyse their designs based on how well the results turned out, and they can modify as needed—an important aspect of STEM learning! In addition to the important problem-solving and analytical skills these kits develop, the kits also encourage physical activity, which is important for your child's ongoing development, and craftsmanship, which can teach them valuable lessons about what it means to be detail-oriented. By incorporating motor skills and problem-solving, these kits teach children to employ several skills at once when faced with future challenges.

Light Racer Kit

The Light Racer Kit allows children to create bicycle lights that run on wireless power. Children build an electromagnetic light and then attach the light to their bicycle wheels—the energy the lights need to flash is powered by the movement of the bicycle itself! This kit is perfect for high-energy children who enjoy being creative through physical action.

▶︎ Children will learn about the way that light and electromagnetism work, and they also learn about generating energy in a renewable way.

▶︎ They also get the added fun of showing off their efforts when they ride their bikes, just one way that this kit encourages children to be physically active as well as intellectually curious.

    Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit Australia

    Sew and Glow Kit

    The Sew and Glow Kit use a special type of thread, called conductive electro thread, that lights up in the dark. Children use the thread to sew together bright and eye-catching badges, using either the templates provided or by designing their own, which they can add to their backpacks or clothing as they please.

    ▶︎ Children learn about conductivity through understanding how the electro thread works.
    ▶︎ The kit promotes ultimate creativity by letting kids create whatever designs they like, and they can proudly show off the results of their labour at the end!
    ▶︎ It also encourages the development of crafting skills through sewing and cutting, which are both valuable skills for childhood development.

      Tech Will Save Us Code and Glow Kit | STEM Toys | KidzInc Australia

      Creative Coder Kit

      The Creative Coder Kit is a wearable that children can build and code using block-based coding. The kit comes with simple software that you connect the wearable to once it's built, and then children can program the wearable to light up with specific movements. There are also more projects available in the online community, such as building a lightsaber or coding a hot potato game.

      ▶︎ Children learn the elements of coding, which is a useful skill as we move towards more technology-based jobs.
      ▶︎ Children are also encouraged to be physically active in their play, as the wearable responds to movement and flashes different coloured lights.
      ▶︎ It encourages creativity by allowing children to explore additional projects, or to design their own!

        Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder Kit | STEM Toys | KidzInc Australia

        These STEM kits bring together creativity, physical activity, and problem-solving all in one. Each kit teaches children different elements of STEM, such as electromagnetism, conductivity, and coding, while making it fun by combining it with movement and crafts. There is also ample play time, as each STEM kit has an online community where children can find more projects to try or create their own. There is bound to be a kit that appeals to your child, so we highly encourage you to take a look at each of the kits and find the one that's perfect for your child!

        At Kidzinc we have a huge range of STEM kits and STEM toys.

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        Why your child needs the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

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        Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit - Kano the successful learn-to-code company that created numerous kits for teaching children and adults how to build their own computers and laptops, has created a new coding kit featuring the beloved magical world of Harry Potter.

        We're going to examine the ways this amazing kit encourages your child to develop valuable learning skills, as well as a brief description of how it all works.

        Why should I encourage my child to learn to code?

        Great question! According to Edutopia, there are many benefits children get from learning how to code at a young age. In particular, researchers have found that the tasks involved in coding can improve children's ability to solve problems, as they have to figure out what works and doesn't work based on results they get. It also teaches children how to follow logical reasoning, which often involves understanding and paying attention to details. It can also increase children's natural appreciation for the learning process, as they have to experiment with different strategies and evaluate their results. The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit makes this a fun experience for children because the results of their coding skills generate magic on-screen!

        But beyond just the cognitive abilities that learning to code can improve in children, learning to code can provide healthy development of creative skills as well. Children can design their own projects and challenges with the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, which allows children to exercise their creativity and apply the skills they've learned in new and innovative ways. Because of that, it encourages children to be active creators rather than passive consumers. Children can use the problem solving and analytical skills they learn in a variety of contexts beyond coding, as those are skills are used in a variety of STEM disciplines.

        Of course, there is also the practical benefit of encouraging children to consider pursuing a career in coding. For example, the Australian Department of Jobs and Small Business currently predicts an additional 126,000 jobs in professional, scientific, and technical services to be added by 2022 (there are over one million people employed already), and lists "Software and Applications Programmers" as one of the top 3 hiring occupations in this field. Introducing children to coding in a fun and engaging way could prepare them for a promising career in the future!

        What's in the kit?

        In this kit, players first put their wand together, and then complete fun puzzles and challenges to learn the basics of coding. As they progress, players solve the coding challenges and wave their wand to cause magical effects to take place on a screen, right before your children's eyes. The kit comes with the components for the coding wand, a "Guide to Wand Motions" poster, fun decorative stickers, and a book explaining how to construct the wand and run the program. You connect the wand to a computer, iOS, or Android device to begin playing through challenges and mastering new coding skills. The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit also keeps children motivated by incorporating rewards such as medals and experience points, and you can collect costumes, accessories, and pets as well. The program features eye-catching brightly-coloured illustrations of iconic locations and characters, to really bring the magic of Harry Potter to life.

        We hope that if you have children around six or older, you'll consider ordering the Harry Potter Coding Kit soon. With its unique approach to teaching coding skills, your children will feel a sense of wonder as they perform magic right before their eyes, all while improving valuable cognitive skills such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking. Not only that, but it promotes creativity, as users can create their own spells and projects to enjoy.

        You can order the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit here, or browse all of our other educational toys for something to spark your child's interest in learning!

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        Our Best STEM Education Coding Toys of 2017

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        STEM Education Coding Toys For Kids


        The Best STEM Education Coding Toys

        This Christmas, don't give your kids another toy that will be used a handful of times before being discarded in favour of something more interesting. Instead, give them the gift of knowledge in the form of these fascinating STEM toys that will catch their attention while teaching them at the same time. When learning becomes a game, children will be more likely to excel in a wide range of subjects--and you can place that gift under the tree this year. 

        Below we have categorized some of our best STEM education toys, to make choosing the ideal toy an easy decision.

        1. ThinkFun: Code Master Programming Logic Game

        The Code Master Programming Logic Game brings the principles of coding to life without requiring your child to spend endless hours in front of a computer screen. Instead, you'll be able to introduce your child to fascinating coding concepts through a board game that simultaneously builds problem-solving, planning, and spatial reasoning skills. There's only one specific set of actions that will bring success on each level, allowing your child to solve the challenge and enter the portal. It's hours of fun that will help build your child's mind and keep them away from screens throughout the holiday break from school. 

        ThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic Game | KidzInc Australia

        2. Littlebits: Electronics Gizmos and Gadgets Set

        Have a young inventor on your hands who is constantly fidgeting with gadgets and gizmos? This great Electronics Gizmos and Gadgets toolkit is the perfect way to offer your child the freedom to invent to their heart's content. It comes complete with a wide selection of tools, accessories, and electronic components that will allow your child to create the inventions that have thus far existed only in their imagination. This creative toolkit will help expand your child's mind and help them feel like a true inventor. 

        Littlebits Electronics Gizmos and Gadgets Set | KidzInc Australia

        3. Primo Toys: Cubetto

        Cubetto is another tool for teaching programming without ever needing to sit in front of the computer--not to mention a great way to start giving toddlers and preschoolers the basics of coding. Cubetto is a little wooden robot with a big purpose: providing the basics of a programming background to even young children. With plenty of adventures and lots of hands-on play opportunities to choose from, Cubetto will be sure to entrance your child and teach them more about the wide world of STEM waiting for them. 

        Primo Toys Cubetto | KidzInc Australia

        4. Learning Resources: Coding Buddies Let's Go Activity Set

        Teaching coding skills is well and good, but it's often a stationary process. The Coding Buddies Let's Go Activity Set, however, turns that expectation on its ear. With this great 50-piece activity set, kids will hop, jump, spin, twirl, and bounce their way through the basics of programming, building a deeper understanding of coding concepts while moving their bodies and having tons of fun. It also encourages teamwork and listening skills--valuable concepts to reinforce at any age. If you want to shake out the wiggles and break out the giggles while helping to increase your child's knowledge, the Coding Buddies set is a great way to get it done. 

        Learning Resources Coding Buddies Let's Go Activity Set | KidzInc Australia


        5. ThinkFun: Robot Turtles Game

        In Robot Turtles, kids get to be the boss--and as they play with a parent, they'll quickly discover how their problem-solving skills can help them to reach their goals. This great game transforms the parent into a "computer" that follows the child's instructions as they work to move their turtle to its jewel. This fascinating game will bring hours of fun for the whole family while simultaneously building coding concepts that your child will be able to take with them in the future. 

        ThinkFun Robot Turtles Game | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys


        This holiday season, don't content yourself with ordinary toys that will only bring joy for a short time. Instead, choose from this great list of our best STEM education coding toys that will give your child a gift of learning that will last a lifetime.  

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        Building STEM Skills with Playmags Magnetic Tiles

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         Playmags Magnetic Tiles Building Construction Toy | Kidzinc Australia | Online Educational Toys


        Playing with blocks is a time-honoured tradition of childhood experiences. Most of us have memories of construction toys like Meccano and good old fashioned wooden blocks to build with. For centuries, long before early childhood development studies, parents have understood that building projects are an important foundation to logical thinking in young children. Through experimentation, they discover the laws of gravity, structure, architecture, and aesthetics. This creates a depth of knowledge and understanding that could never be achieved through explanations at such a young age.

        While your old block sets are still a great way to bond with your child, there are new developments in early childhood learning through toys specifically designed to enhance building logical abilities from a very young age.

        The new Playmags line of magnetic building toys combines the mosaic quality of coloured tiles, the building insights of blocks, and the scientific marvel of magnets into one amazingly educational package

        What are Playmags?

        Playmags are coloured building tiles, about two inches square with magnets along the corners and sides. This allows children to lock them together and easily pull them apart, encouraging infinite combinations. Each tile can link on all sides, creating lines, then mosaics, and finally stacked into increasingly complex buildings. While many of the tiles are square, Playmags has many construction shapes like long and short triangles, windows, cart, door, and fence pieces, allowing your child to get truly creative with their building projects. 

        Encouraging Motor Skills

        Every action your young child takes is practice for future skilled motor movement. Playmags are big enough to hold easily but complex enough to encourage detailed manipulation. When your child builds things with Playmags, they grasp, pull, set together, stack, and constantly re-arrange the pieces in order to create project after project of colourful and detailed houses, castles, inspiring colourful sky scrapers.

        Imaginative and Creative Play

        Playmag constructions are as easy to take apart as they are to build, but still resistant to the upsetting 'tumble' of classic wooden blocks. When your child is constantly rebuilding their Playmags projects, they are actively imagining new designs and ways to use each piece in a creative new way. As your child stretches their imagination, more toys will be pulled into the play and the buildings they create will become stages for the incredible adventures of cars, dolls, and action figures.

        Math, Geometry, and Science

        Every shape has a mathematical truth inherent to it that can be learned at any age. Squares can only have four partners, except when they are part of a cube or connected to other shapes with smaller sides. Triangles can have three partners and can come together to form pyramids if they are all the same height. Combining triangles of different sizes and angles create unique shapes and introduce the concept of mosaics, pictures made with geometric tiles. Without realizing it, your child will gain a deep basic knowledge of the wonders of math, geometry, and science long before their first day of school.

        Learning STEM Skills

        As your child builds with Playmags, they are gaining a vital understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills, which often come together because the STEM concepts are so closely linked. Through geometry and construction, they learn about math and engineering, while the interplay of architecture and magnets teaches science and technology. This elegant culmination of learning opportunities happens without a teacher or a single word of explanation. The child learns on their own because it's fun, never realizing the amazing educational boost they're getting from early childhood toys.

        Playmags are the culmination of generations of early childhood development toys designed specifically to help children learn about fundamentals years before they are ready to learn through long form lessons. Your children will play for hours creatively building and rearranging the colourful magnetic tiles into more and more complex constructions. After a few weeks, you'll be amazed to discover incredible new ways colourful squares and triangles can be combined into complex architectural wonders, all before they start kindergarten. With Playmags, anything is possible.

         For our full range of Playmags, please click here. 

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