Magformers TileBlox Magnetic Tiles: The Perfect Toy for STEAM/STEM Education

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Magformers, one of the world's leading manufacturers of magnetic children's toys, produces the TileBlox Magnetic Tile line: the ideal STEM toy for children ages three and up. These fantastic magnetic tiles, which come with magnets in each piece for the creation of sturdy buildings, are available in a variety of sizes and colours. You can get them in 42-piece, 60-piece, or 104-piece, and they come in bright primary rainbow colours from the Rainbow line or an array of pastels in the Inspire line--or mix and match sets for extra building fun. 

The STEM Advantage of Magformers TileBlox

Magformers TileBlox line offers a number of STEAM and STEM advantages, making them an ideal toy for little learners. In fact, magnetic tiles are a staple in every child's toy box. Consider these key advantages:

Magnetic tiles help build fine motor skills. While these tiles are large enough for little hands to wrap around them easily, as little builders work with and manipulate them, they will continue to improve their fine motor skills. Magnetic tiles offer a great deal of development at every stage along the way, with little learners putting together stacks or pulling apart the magnets and putting them back together again and older learners building increasingly complex designs that require steadily more skill.

Magnetic tiles can help kids learn about magnets and their effects. Little ones fascinated with the way things work will enjoy manipulating magnetic tiles to get a better idea of how they work together: how polarity influences the way magnets connect as well as how those interactions help them stick together or pull apart. 

Magnetic tile play helps children build problem-solving skills. Many learners quickly discover that magnetic tiles can provoke a variety of challenges. What happens when a magnetic building does not have enough support? Why does this wall fall apart? Why is a particular shape not strong enough to hold together during play and manipulation? As they interact with their magnetic tiles, children will also learn to solve problems in the building process, sharpening their overall problem-solving skills. 

Magnetic tiles help children build creativity. If they can imagine it, they can build it! Magnet tiles are perfect for building a host of projects: castles, rocket ships, playgrounds, animals, and more. Thanks to the variety of shapes available in the Magformers TileBlox sets, children can put together a variety of shapes and creations. As they continue to interact with their blocks, they will enhance their creativity and learn new ways to interact with these toys. Over time, their creations will grow larger and more complex, and they will be able to embark on many creative adventures--all with simple shapes and magnets. 

Magnetic tiles help improve hand-eye coordination. As they work to manipulate their magnetic tiles, children will improve hand-eye coordination as they work through the associations between each piece and develop a better understanding of how to manipulate them. These continued actions can help build overall coordination, including a better overall sense of spatial awareness that will help children with a variety of activities in their future.

Including STEM and STEAM toys in your child's toy box can help build their understanding of the world around them and help encourage their overall interest in science and technology-based fields.

By including magnetic tiles, like the Magformers TileBlox line, as part of your child's regular play, you will assist them in building the vital skills they need to be successful in those fields even from a young age--all without children ever realizing that they are learning.

Check out our extensive line of STEM and STEAM toys to learn more about the options available for your child as they learn and grow or explore the Magformers TileBlox Magnetic Tile collection today.

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Magformers for 3D Brain-Training Fun

Posted on October 10, 2018 by Lubica Misevski

Magformers Australia | KidzInc Australia

 Psychologists and educators have long known about the benefits of playing in childhood. With the right toys and games, kids can develop their cognitive, creative, spatial, and deductive reasoning skills. 

When it comes to spatial intelligence, studies have shown a correlation between toys that build those skills—like building blocks or other 3D geometric games —and greater spatial development. Enter Magformers: the perfect toy to develop kids' brains in all areas spatial and emphasise crucial STEM learning.

Magformers and STEM Education

To work with kids' natural interest in "how things work," it's important to provide toys that allow them to develop those skills. Magformers are an incredible toy that consists of geometric shapes that link together with magnets. By using these to build shapes, kids can develop their spatial reasoning, learn problem-solving. Magformers can also help kids develop their knowledge of shapes, colours, and sensory awareness.

All of these attributes make Magformers the perfect toy to emphasise STEM education. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, gives kids the tools they need to compete in this world. Even better, Magformers allow kids to creatively interact with these components—so they're working on their creative skills while also building up their STEM skills.

Here are some incredible Magformers brain-training sets for kids three and up:

1. My First Set 30-Piece

If you want to start your child off with an introductory set of Magformers, the My First Set will be a perfect place to start. Featuring all of the geometric techniques that make Magformers so unique, this set also introduces kids to two different shapes and six different colours, so they can start working on their vocabulary and identification skills as well. In this set, kids can make towers, buildings, and a magic ball. Like all Magformers sets, the magnets always click audibly into place, helping kids further develop their sensory skills.

Magformers My First 30 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys

2. Basic Set 62-Piece Set

In a rainbow of colours, the Basic 62-piece set allows children to lay out patterns in the two-dimensional plane, then form them into 3D shapes themselves. This set introduces pentagons in addition to squares and triangles to further build up kids' geometric knowledge. And this Magformer's set has won a few different awards for its ability to teach kids new concepts:

2013 - EdPlays Fabulous Award winners 
2014 - Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY) Finalist - Education category
2014 - Academics Choice Brain Toy Award Winner 
Magformers Basic Set 62 Piece Set | KidzInc Australia

    3. Creator Carnival Set 46 Pieces

    This incredible Creator Carnival set will delight and inspire kids by letting them become active participants in the Magformers circus. With Ferris wheels, carousels, and other circus rides, your kids will delight in all the fun. And no worries - Creator Carnival comes with an idea booklet so that you'll never run out of ideas and fun. Like most Magformers products, the Creator Carnival set has won a couple of awards:

    2012 - Oppenheim Platinum Best Toy Award 
    2010 - ASTRA Best Toys For Kids
    Magformers Creator Carnival Set of 46 pieces

      4. Special Edition Sky Adventure Set 64 Pieces

      Earning the 2018 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, the Sky Adventures set helps kids soar to new heights with learning. Emphasising those important STEM skills of gravity and engineering, the Sky Adventures set allows kids to build a track - which allows the included shuttle car to interact with the track as it twists and turns. 


      Magformers Special Edition Sky Adventure Set 64 Pieces | KidzInc Australia

      5. Log House Set 87 Pieces

      As a Toy of the Year Finalist in 2018, the 87-piece Log House set captures kids imaginations with a fun yet challenging building experience. In addition to the classic log cabin, your little builder can use their creativity at will to create structures like mansions and tree houses. Watch your kids develop their deductive reasoning as they figure out how to place windows, trees, and fences around their growing Magformers property.

      Magformers Log House Set 87 pieces | KidzInc Australia

      Kids will not only have a blast playing with Magformers' incredible 3D building sets, they'll also be developing vital skills of spatial development, sensory awareness, and reasoning. The award-winning construction toys will train kids' brains to learn - while they have fun at the same time! 

      Make sure to check out all of the entire collection of Magformers in our shop, to see amazing Magformers variations like the Educational Pythagoras set, the Deluxe Smart set, Vehicles WOW set and more.

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