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Posted on October 12, 2018 by Lubica Misevski

Tech Will Save Us Educational STEM Kits | KidzInc Australia

We love STEM kits! 

Tech Will Save Us has designed engaging and educational STEM kits to promote the development of STEM skills, combined with creativity and craftiness to make learning fun. Each kit has something unique to offer, but they all focus on making STEM fun for children by incorporating colourful lights that children control by with coding and design. All of the STEM kits focus on allowing children to express their creativity by allowing them to test and analyse their designs based on how well the results turned out, and they can modify as needed—an important aspect of STEM learning! In addition to the important problem-solving and analytical skills these kits develop, the kits also encourage physical activity, which is important for your child's ongoing development, and craftsmanship, which can teach them valuable lessons about what it means to be detail-oriented. By incorporating motor skills and problem-solving, these kits teach children to employ several skills at once when faced with future challenges.

Light Racer Kit

The Light Racer Kit allows children to create bicycle lights that run on wireless power. Children build an electromagnetic light and then attach the light to their bicycle wheels—the energy the lights need to flash is powered by the movement of the bicycle itself! This kit is perfect for high-energy children who enjoy being creative through physical action.

▶︎ Children will learn about the way that light and electromagnetism work, and they also learn about generating energy in a renewable way.

▶︎ They also get the added fun of showing off their efforts when they ride their bikes, just one way that this kit encourages children to be physically active as well as intellectually curious.

    Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit Australia

    Sew and Glow Kit

    The Sew and Glow Kit use a special type of thread, called conductive electro thread, that lights up in the dark. Children use the thread to sew together bright and eye-catching badges, using either the templates provided or by designing their own, which they can add to their backpacks or clothing as they please.

    ▶︎ Children learn about conductivity through understanding how the electro thread works.
    ▶︎ The kit promotes ultimate creativity by letting kids create whatever designs they like, and they can proudly show off the results of their labour at the end!
    ▶︎ It also encourages the development of crafting skills through sewing and cutting, which are both valuable skills for childhood development.

      Tech Will Save Us Code and Glow Kit | STEM Toys | KidzInc Australia

      Creative Coder Kit

      The Creative Coder Kit is a wearable that children can build and code using block-based coding. The kit comes with simple software that you connect the wearable to once it's built, and then children can program the wearable to light up with specific movements. There are also more projects available in the online community, such as building a lightsaber or coding a hot potato game.

      ▶︎ Children learn the elements of coding, which is a useful skill as we move towards more technology-based jobs.
      ▶︎ Children are also encouraged to be physically active in their play, as the wearable responds to movement and flashes different coloured lights.
      ▶︎ It encourages creativity by allowing children to explore additional projects, or to design their own!

        Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder Kit | STEM Toys | KidzInc Australia

        These STEM kits bring together creativity, physical activity, and problem-solving all in one. Each kit teaches children different elements of STEM, such as electromagnetism, conductivity, and coding, while making it fun by combining it with movement and crafts. There is also ample play time, as each STEM kit has an online community where children can find more projects to try or create their own. There is bound to be a kit that appeals to your child, so we highly encourage you to take a look at each of the kits and find the one that's perfect for your child!

        At Kidzinc we have a huge range of STEM kits and STEM toys.

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