Bonikka Dolls and the Benefits to Your Child

Posted on March 25, 2022 by Lubica Misevski

Choosing a doll for your child is often a tough decision. How can you know whether your child will appreciate and enjoy a specific doll? Bonikka Dolls are an amazing choice. These soft dolls, rag dolls, and cloth dolls are handmade with gorgeous fabrics. They come in both contemporary and traditional designs that are soft and huggable and safe for babies and toddlers as well as older children. This timeless, classic soft toy is sure to become a favourite for your child or children. 

There are many benefits associated with allowing kids, including both boys and girls, to play with dolls, and Bonikka Dolls, with their timeless design, are some of the best options available. 

Bonikka dolls help encourage imagination.

It takes a lot of imagination to play with Bonikka Dolls and other toys. Children get to imagine who their dolls are and what their relationship is to the other dolls and toys around them--as well as to the child themselves. Playing with dolls encourages creative thinking skills and encourages the child to explore imaginatively. Playing with dolls, including Bonikka dolls, offers endless opportunity for creative exploration and a wide range of potential scenarios that can help encourage creative thinking. 

Those vital creative thinking skills often help kids in many other areas of their lives. Children who are creative thinkers are adaptive, ready to handle challenges, and often highly engaged with their environments.

Playing with dolls can help develop motor skills.

As your child plays with their doll, they will have the chance to manipulate the doll, bounce it, and hold it. Soft dolls are great for little learners who are developing their early fine motor skills and for older learners who may want to pose their dolls, put food or other items in their hands, or engage with them in a variety of activities. 

Motor skills are incredibly important at all stages of a child's development. A child with strong motor skills is often better able to handle schoolwork down the road as well as being better able to take on a number of tasks, including dressing, eating, and picking up toys after playing. 

Doll play can help encourage and develop caring and empathy.

Playing with dolls is a great way to encourage little ones to develop a strong sense of empathy that may carry them later in life, too. Often, playing with dolls helps encourage children to view concepts and situations through the lens of someone else's experience. Playing with dolls also helps them imagine what future life, including life with kids, might look like. Many of the children playing with dolls today will be parents in the future, and the skills they develop playing with those dolls may help carry them as they parent their children.

In addition, many children will relate and talk to their dolls, sharing their secrets with them and taking comfort in them when they feel sad or lonely. Bonikka dolls, with their soft construction, are ideal for developing empathy and connection. 

Playing with Bonikka Dolls may boost independence. 

When children role play with a doll, they have the opportunity to pretend that they are the grown-up and that the doll needs their assistance. Playing with dolls can help encourage children to take on more independent tasks, from setting the table to tying their own shoes. As they "help" their dolls with those tasks, many children will develop a deeper understanding of how to perform the task on their own, which may better prepare them to take on those tasks in everyday life. 

Bonikka Dolls are beautiful, soft, timeless toys that can help bring your child immense comfort and encourage a variety of creative play opportunities. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find a doll that will fit your child's unique needs and personality. 

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