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Posted on February 22, 2018 by Lubica Misevski


Buying gifts for babies is challenging. After all, they can't tell you what they like, which means you're forced to guess at their preferences. Which toys will actually be used, and which ones will simply clutter up your floor after the toy is received? While there's never any guarantee that your little one will fall in love with a toy, these great gifts for babies will offer a multitude of educational benefits to your little one. And these ones have had so many wonderful reviews from our mums, dads and anyone giving these gifts. 

1. Tobbles Neo from Fat Brain Toy Co

Tobbles stack, topple, spin, and balance, offering great opportunities for your little one to check out cause and effect, learn how to pile and stack, and improve their hand-eye coordination. Each of the six spheres comes in a bright colour that will be sure to catch the eye, while the wavy design is stimulating to little brains. It's a great educational toy for babies six months and up--and one that will be sure to see plenty of use.

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toy Shop

2. Atom Teething Toy from Manhattan Toy

Babies chew on everything--and the atom teething toy allows them to chew and grab plenty of fun surfaces. In addition, little rings offer plenty of manipulative fun that will keep your little one entertained during car trips and other long periods when they're forced to be stationary. They also provide a soft rattling sound that will intrigue and delight the little one in your life, making it a wonderful gift for babies.

Manhattan Toy Atom Teeter Baby Toy | Kidzinc Australia | Online Educational Toys

3. Pocket Pouch Original Mahogany from Tegu

Tegu's magnetic wooden blocks are an excellent investment for your little one. Not only will they be able to manipulate them at a young age, sticking them together and pulling them apart again for plenty of giggles, as your little one gets older, they'll be able to manipulate their magnetic blocks into exciting designs. The pocket pouch original mahogany is an excellent introduction to the fantastic world of magnetic blocks, allowing your little one to enjoy a fun, small set of pieces that can be manipulated in many different ways. 

Tegu Pocket Pouch Original Mahogany | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toy Shop

4. Take-Along Activity Box from Hape

Hape's take-along activity box isn't just an excellent tool for keeping your little one busy during any travels you're undertaking this holiday season. It's also plenty of fun on your own living room floor! With five separate sides, each of which offers a distinct activity for your little one, it's brain-building fun that you can take with you whether you're headed out to the doctor's office or a play date or simply heading into your little one's room. With vibrant colours, spinning gears, and a fun maze, your little one will be entranced while building a variety of problem-solving skills alongside spatial understanding. 

Hape Take Along Activity Box | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toy Shop

5. Wonder Walker by Hape

When you have a little one who is taking those first tentative assisted steps, you know that they're soon going to want to go everywhere--and the wonder walker can help! Not only is it a great tool for supporting your little one as they learn to balance on their own two feet, the wonder walker offers a number of interactive features, including abacus beads, gears, and a car key. It's interactive fun that will grow with your child while helping with that vital brain and body development. 

Hape Wonder Baby Walker | KidzInc Australia | Online Educational Toys


When choosing a gift for babies, don't just choose toys that you think will bring a smile. Choose toys that, along with their fun, will bring plenty of learning and developmental potential. These great educational toys will help your child build their understanding of the world around them, helping them learn how things work and how to manipulate their world. Even if your little one is still too small for these toys, they make great gifts that will be put to good use in the coming months.

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