GoldieBlox Educational Games that Get Girls Building

Posted on April 13, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


Since GoldieBlox first came on the market in 2014 as what we believe to be the first little girls toy engineering set in the world. Well! It has been nothing short of a runaway success.

If you have followed our blogs, you will know that our little girl loves the GoldieBlox set. The original one being GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine. Sienna has played with the spinning machine when she turned 4. As a side note, this is the suitable age for most of the GoldieBlox games, 4+.

Back to our story. When Sienna plays with this set, she has hours of fun and even creates a few inventions we are not sure the set was made for :).

The last time she was playing with the set, she was singing “I am an engineer.” We know that Debbie Sterling the founder of GoldieBlox would be very happy about this.

If you are looking for an educational game for your daughter, the GoldieBlox range just might be what you are after. Yes, they now have a range, that is how well this product has been received around the world. As far as educational games go for little girls, this is a wonderful addition.

The range now includes:

1. GoldieBlox and the spinning machine. Which in 2014 won the educational games and People Toy Choice of the Year Award. In this game, Goldie builds a spinning machine to help her little Dog, who is named Nacho chase his tale.

2. The Sequel is the Parade Float. It is a wonderful first addition to the range. In this story, Goldie sets out to help her friend Katinka when she loses a pageant competition. Goldie and Ruby want to help Katinka learn that friends are far more important than any pageant.

3. Next in the line-up is GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank. Goldie Dog Nacho does not like taking baths. In fact, Nacho hates water. So Goldie has created a contraption that will clean Nacho. Goldie, of course, creates a Dunk Tank, I mean what else would you create :). It teaches children about hinges and levers, and also lets Goldie and Nacho get to the carnival on time.

And we are very excited about the new additions in 2015.

4. GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine. This educational game introduces children into the concept of making their own movies. In this story, Goldie and her friends need to create a movie, so the Bloxtown Film Festival is not canceled. Your children will learn how to build zoetrope, a pre-cinema animation device.

And for the first time GoldieBlox introduce new characters + pieces. It is also great that all pieces are backward compatible with Goldie Blox sets. The new characters Li Gravity and Valentina Voltz are the first male Latina characters in the range.  

This educational game comes with an app, and your children can make their movies. The app was named one of the App Stories Best iPad Apps of 2014.

5. GoldieBlox Zipline Action Figure - This educational game helps girls develop their suspension engineering principles by building Goldie a Zipline to get her soaring.

6. The Builders Survival Kit - As far as educational games go, this one is for the most adventurous innovator. It has 190 pieces and promises hours of fun for your daughter or son. From cars to bands, to dog houses your little one's imagination can run wild.

This one has all of Goldies secret inventions. So whether you have a budding engineer or advanced architect at home they will be occupied. They have the freedom to choose the difficulty of what they create.

This one is suitable for little ones aged 7-12.

At the outset, we spoke about Debbie desire to bring engineering Educational games to little girls. As the GoldieBlox range has grown, this is a toy that is suitable for girls and boys alike.

The educational games teach children spatial skills, creativity, motor skills, basic engineering principles, reading skills, and problem-solving. Last but not least, the most important skill of all in our opinion, confidence.

We are 110% behind this range, and we have been since Debbie first launched. We know your children will love these educational games as much our little ones do.

To see the full GoldieBlox range or all our educational games, simply click here.

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Awarding Winning Educational Games at KidzInc Toys

Posted on February 25, 2015 by Lubica Misevski


In today's article, we are going to look at some of the best and most awarded educational games on the market for all age groups. Toddlers through to tweens, we have something for everyone.

There might even be one or two adults out there who love these games. Not mentioning any names :).

The first on the list of educational games is one of our personal favourites. Both our daughter and son still play with this one. It is the first game ever made for toddlers and is Roll and Play, made by ThinkFun Games.
This wonderful little game comes with a big plush cube. A cube that you throw around the room and when it lands on its corresponding colour. You simply pick up the colour card and do the action like “make a happy face” or “moo like a Cow.”

Loved by parents everywhere, this educational game has won over 18 awards internationally.


Next in our educational games list is Squigz made by Fat Brain Toys Company. If you have not heard about Fat Brain Toys, then you are in for a surprise, and you might want to check out our previous blog on their range.

Squigz has just arrived in the Australian toy market, and already demand is very high. This is a wonderful game by Fat Brain Toys. It helps your child learn fine motor skills and construct almost any design out of these little well? “Squigz” shapes. Suitable for 3 years + your children will get hours of fun from this one.

Squiz from Fat Brain Toys is also a multiple award winner, including Best Toys for Kids Award Winner 2013 - ASTRA.

What would a list of educational games be without including a spelling game? And what could be more fun than an alligator that teaches spelling. This little alligator is made by Junior Learning and is called Spelligator.

Awarded the Teachers Choice Award in 2014. This little alligator is great for teaching your child spelling. Also helping your children learn phonemic awareness, letter patterns and positioning. Suitable for 5 years +.

Okay, so if we have language in our educational games list, we must cover maths. And if we cover maths, why not make it fractions. I remember spending a lot of time learning fractions, and this game just makes it fun.

Fraction fortress comes with a stack of pieces that must be put together to form a whole piece. This is a brilliant way for your child to see how fraction works in a physical sense and visually watch them form.

Fraction Fortress is suitable for 6 years +. It is an absolute must get for any child struggling with fractions, or who child who is passionate about numbers.

Now we have not saved the best until last, in our educational games list. But we have saved one of the most successful educational games of all time made by none other than ThinkFun Games.

This one is called Rush Hour, and comes in a deluxe edition and junior edition. Rush hour has been Voted one of Parents' Choice Best 25 Toys of 25 Years! That is impressive.

So let us tell you about the game. Rush Hour is a logic puzzle game. You simply pick a challenge card and set up your grid as the challenge explains. The goal is a simple one of getting your car or ice cream van out of the gridlock in a series of moves.

As the challenges get harder, the traffic gets worse! All the while helping your child develop concentration, logic, and problem-solving skills.

Rush Hour Junior is suitable for 6 years+, and Rush Hour, or Rush Hour Deluxe is suitable for 8 years +.

The wonderful thing about Rush Hour by ThinkFun Games is your child can play by themselves as it is a single player game. Of course parents can also play along :).

This is not a full list of our educational games, but just some ones we wanted to highlight for today. The last one we would like to leave you with is one we are sure will end up being a classic game for generations to come.

This one our daughter loves, and runs around our house singing I am an engineer :). Yes, our daughter sings this.

It is Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine the first engineering toy for girls. This game gathered worldwide attention back in 2013 when it challenged the status quo. They asked an important question; why not make an engineering game for girls.

We agree why not! In this now award winning game, Goldie makes a spinning machine that helps her little friend Nacho the Dog chase his tail. Not long after this machine is built, all her friends want to join in. All the little girls then help Goldie build a belt drive that can spin everyone!

The video below shows just how much fun this game can be. If you like this range as much as we do? You will want to know that they have also just released GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank, as well as GoldieBlox and the Parade Float.

No matter which one of the educational games you choose above, you will be happy. More importantly your children will be happy with them, learning at the same time.

After all, shouldn’t learning be fun? Please let us know if you have questions, or if there is anything you would like us to add to our range?

Our full range of educational games can be found here.

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GoldieBlox and the Parade Float

Posted on August 18, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


Here comes the Parade! That is GoldieBlox and the Parade Float. Just like any Parade, we have been looking forward to the launch date of this event for a while.

This is certainly one parade that will not disappoint. It is the long awaited partner to GoldieBlox’s Ruby and friends. What a wonderful partner it is. Ruby and Katinka must use all their skills to compete in the upcoming princess pageant with the hopes of riding in the town parade.

Whilst the theme is centred on the competition, the lessons learned focus on true friendship and creativity. Showing that this is far more important than any pageant or parade.

Centred on the biggest event in the whole year. The miss princess pageant finally arrives in town. Whilst competing for a chance to ride in the town pageant there can only be one winner to ride on the princess float. Without spoiling the surprise, too much Ruby wins the princess parade and is chosen to ride on the float. Katinka, who is a beautiful little dolphin, by the way is understandably disappointed.

Ruby is a good sport and does not want to make anyone feel bad. So she Goldie and Katinka set about working together to build a float for the parade. Each step of the way they work together learning how to engineer the podium first and then the float. Katinka, Ruby, and Goldie working as a team towards the day of the parade.

However, at the very last minute they find out they have no one to pull the float along, what will happen next? Well, that part of the story we will not spoil for you.

Needless to say we love this series, and we love this game. Katinka, Ruby and Goldie are wonderful friends, and the skills your daughter will learn by playing are extensive.

Your child will develop her spatial skills (the ability to understand and solve problems, of physical spaces, shapes, or forms). Your child will learn engineering principles, and how to solve problems, whilst also learning how to work towards goals.

We feel it is the perfect little girl’s toy, and it is compatible with all the GoldieBox range.

It comes with nine different design ideas, a DIY project, and unlimited building possibilities.

It is a great toy for helping your daughter build confidence, and is suitable for 4+ up.

We love this range because we feel it offers little girls something that only boys once had access to. It is fun, and it helps your child learn. The great part is they will be having too much fun to realise they are also learning.

For the GoldieBlox and Parade Float, just click here, or for the full range please click here.

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GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank

Posted on August 17, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

We are pleased to introduce you to GoldieBlox Dunk Tank. One of the newest additions to the award-winning, global phenomenon toys of 2013.

In case you missed it, the GoldieBlox range is a range of games for little girls, which expose them to engineering skills. They have been a worldwide success. There has not been another product on the market (ever) that helps bridge the gender gap like this one.

The GoldieBlox games themselves are immense fun for everyone. The newest edition to the range is the GoldieBlox Dunk Tank. This story is about Goldie’s dog Nacho, who well like any dog, plays in the mud, and likes to stay dirty.

Goldie and her friends need to ensure Nacho is clean by the time of the carnival. They must build a dunk tank that has hinges and levers, so they can clean Nacho by the time of the carnival.

The GoldieBlox Dunk Tank comes with a storybook; that is part of the GoldieBlox book series. Although your daughter and her friend will need to read along and devise a plan to get Nacho clean on time.

GoldieBlox Dunk Tank helps build your daughters spatial skills and engineering principles. Growing her confidence through problem solving. It comes with three design ideas so your little girl will not be lost for options to solve the puzzle of Nacho the dirty dog :).

So there are unlimited building possibilities, a bit like life as there is always more than one answer. Your daughter will, of course, love solving the Nacho riddle and ensuring this puppy takes his bath. GoldieBlox Dunk Tank toy is compatible with the whole GoldieBlox range.

It is suitable for girls aged 4 to 9 and do not be surpassed if your son, or little boys also want to play with Nacho and the Dunk Tank.

We love this range for many reasons. Firstly it is the first engineering toy for girls, exposing them to this field of work. It is a wonderful way to develop motor skills, and problem solving. It helps them understand the benefit in creating something that helps others. Even if at this stage it is only Nacho the dirty dog, and last but not least it is fun. Because learning should be fun.

This is a great game for the whole the family. To see more on GoldieBlox Dunk Tank please click here, or to see the full GoldieBlox range click here.

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GoldieBlox - The Construction Toy Made for Girls

Posted on July 19, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


Hey??? Yes you heard us right the construction made for little girls. You see there is this story about this engineer by the name of Debbie Sterling, who only discovered engineering at the age of 18.

She was never exposed to building toys, even Lego as a little girl and never thought twice about it. Until she discovered engineering, and then she discovered that 80% of the engineers were male.

Why? Well she figured the answer was simple, no little girls are given construction toys like GoldieBlox. So GoldieBlox was born through the ingenuity of Debra, and the community of Kickstarter.

GoldieBlox is an engineering toy made for little girls. It is a book and construction set, because little girls love to read, and they get to do this with Goldie and her crew of motley friends. As they read along they build and create the same construction sets as Goldie and her friends.

They build what Goldie builds, and at the same time they develop their spatial skills. It is the toy you may have wished you had, and the one toy that helps little girls discover if they would also like to be engineers one day. Even if they don’t, they will develop their spatial skills, be creative when they make their own designs, and love the adventure part of the GoldieBlox story.

GoldieBlox combines spatial skills and reading skills. Which of course develops verbal skill. GoldieBlox was born in San Francisco just over a year ago, and we are proud to help bring it to the world, and your daughter.

Oh yes, did we mention it comes in pink :)

Click here to buy the GoldieBlox construction toy for your little girl.

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