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Posted on July 18, 2019 by Lubica Misevski

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The newest product from Fat Brain Toys inspires children of all ages to create and innovate. Fat Brain Toys Joinks Construction Set 76 Piece provides endless options for children to stretch and bend their imaginations. 

What are Joinks?

Joinks are lightweight dowels that join together with the help of multi-pronged silicone connectors. The possibilities for creation are endless, as each dowel can be connected with 1 to 4 other dowels, to form inventive combinations.

The quality materials in Fat Brain Toys ensure it will last and continue to be a part of a child's life, for a long time to come. Safe and kid-friendly joinks appeal to builders of all ages. The substantial size of this set means that there are enough pieces for adults to create their own structures, side-by-side with the children in their lives.

Joinks Appeals to all the senses

Fat Brain Toys Joinks Construction Set 76 Piece appeals to all the senses of the developing child. This set works on multiple levels, with the ability to stretch into extension activities. It appeals to the senses of all learners:

Tactile learners will appreciate the ability to tinker with these toys to their hearts' content!  The smooth birch wood dowels are pleasingly round. The set comes with a variety of soft silicone connectors, each with their own satisfying "squeezy" feel. Children will naturally explore the contrast of textures in this set.
Visual learners enjoy the variety of pieces in this set, from the brightly-hued connectors to the wooden, neutral tones of the dowels. Visual learners will enjoy using this set to replicate structures they see elsewhere. You can challenge them by providing photographs of famous landmarks. They will also enjoy creating unique geometric patterns and constructing appealing 3-dimensional builds.
Auditory learners will be tickled with the surprising ability of this set to make fun, satisfying sounds. Children receive auditory feedback as they pull apart the dowels and silicone connectors and hear a delightful "POP" to understand they've completed the job! Auditory learners can also use this set to listen to an adult describe how to build and to hear themselves narrate their own process of construction.

    Sized right for all ages and STEAM applications

    The set is suitable for ages 3 and up, meaning that kids can enjoy this as an early-learning toy. But the possibilities don't end at preschool, as developing learners can use this set as their own learning expands. 

    The "STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) applications of this set are inclusive of many skill sets. Learners can create models of molecules, or demonstrate how something works. Young engineers can plan out innovative prototypes and create new structures. Budding artists can design sculptural creations from their own imaginations. Mathematical concepts can be illustrated through counting, combining, and creating—much is possible with the pieces in this set. 

    Put downtime to good use

    Parents and caretakers today know the importance of good, old-fashioned playtime. Unstructured play allows children to explore their talents and skills, as well as learning important problem-solving skills. The Fat Brain Toys Joinks Construction Set 76 Piece provides youngsters with important opportunities to see "what works." If a structure leans, a child will learn how to fix it. If something looks unbalanced, a child will learn how to make it even.

    The set can also be used for cooperative and collaborative activities. If a child works together with another child (or multiple children), important social skills of sharing and communicating come into play, as they set forward on bringing forth a structure out of their imaginations.

    Kidzinc is proud to offer stimulating, educational products to the next generation of learners. We curate particular toys like this construction set to give the children in your life the best opportunities for fun and development.

    You can purchase the Joinks construction set by Fat Brain Toys by clicking the link here

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