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Posted on November 11, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

If you have read any of our recent articles you would know that we absolutely love Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles.  

These Magnetic Blocks are amazing, and so much fun, our whole family plays with them. Whilst they are recommended for 3+, our little boy who is only 19 months stills try's to grab them off his four-year-old sister.

The 3+ recommendation has to do with the fact that they are made out of a clear plastic and contain small magnets, so best to keep the real little ones away from them.

None the less the whole family loves the Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles. Your child can almost build any shape they desire. The structure choices are endless, they connect easily and provide a fun sensation every time.

In terms of children development this is where math, science and creativity meet.

The Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles come in 32, 48, or 100 Piece Set.

We currently have all of these on sale, and a 100 piece is proving to be the most popular. We started with a 32 piece set but will upgrade soon to the 100 piece. Luckily because they are all the same, all the sets work together.

Back to the serious part, the developmental side of the Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles. The Valtech Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles are popular in thousands of preschools across America. They are increasing every day in popularity here in Australia.

By using the Magna Blocks Magnetic Tiles children learn about constructing 3 D objects, geometric shapes, and develop fine and major motor skills.

In addition to this, they build a child’s creativity through designing almost anything they could imagine.

This allows your child to enhance critical thinking skills through play.

The Manga Tiles Magnetic Blocks are valuable for problem-solving. They are great for logical thinking and developing spatial relationship through creative play.

If you or child has had exposure to Magna Tiles Magnetic Blocks, you will know exactly what we are talking about. If you have not and are thinking about making a purchase, you will not be disappointed.

Like us, the only problem you may have is that you didn’t buy enough :). Nonetheless, whether you buy the 32, 48 or 100 pieces, we know you and your little  one will be happy.

Learning should be fun!

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