Is your child word smart?

Is your child word smart?

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

For the next 8 weeks, we are going to outline each of the broad categories of multiple intelligence, that we feel every parent should know. Now we should warn you up front that we hold the belief that every child is gifted and has their own unique talents. And one of our goals is to help you identify your child’s gift and or natural talents.

Please be aware that your child will posses all of the multiple intelligence areas, and will likely have a combination of these talents that are quite strong, and if you are not sure what skills your little one might have, keep an eye on these posts for signs. 

So today we are going to discuss “word smart”, with a focus on 0 - 5 years old's.

As you might suspect word smart covers language, reading, writing and the skills associated with communication. It is important to note it is not really a combination of all of these skills, and sometimes it is just a deep skill in one of these area’s (like writing), and sometimes it involves all of these areas.

To illustrate this point further, did you know that when J.K Rowling came up with her idea for the Harry Potter novels in 1990 while traveling on a train from London to Heathrow, and she was too shy to approach fellow passengers on that train so she could borrow a pen and write down her idea! Interesting right?

So let’s begin, what to look for in your little one when identifying if they are “word smart”.

  • Your little one may have a fascination with books
  • Have you read to them for hours on end, or read for hours themselves
  • They may also pick books up, prior to learning to read, and pretend to read
  • They might like to repeat or tell you the sentence before you begin, and they may correct you, if you mispronounce a word, or miss a page accidentally.
  • They are likely to use words early, and try different combinations
  • They will want to develop their vocabulary, and use big words
  • They may be ready and wanting to learn to read as early as 2-3 years of age
  • They might like to make up stories, and you could easily find them playing and talking at the same time.
  • This child is also likely to form wonderful arguments as to why they should stay up late, eat chocolate, or ride their scooter in the house.
  • And of course they will talk your ear off for the rest of their beautiful lives.
A child with word smart is a gift to our world; they are the storytellers, they are poets, they are actors, journalists,  communicators and creators of history.


Is your little one word smart? If so please share your story....

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