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How to Pick Educational Toys for 9 Year Olds

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Mathew Slavica

educational toys for 9 year olds

Nine-year-olds are bright, curious, and starting to develop inner depth. Children at this age are often more thoughtful and have started considering things they've never thought about before.

Nine-year-olds often become more social and friend time becomes very important. Many become distinctly more or less interested in athletics, and high-quality board games are a must for group and solo play.

What do you give a nine-year-old who is clearly experiencing and processing all sorts of new thoughts?

Some of the best gift ideas for a fourth-grader are STEM toys, active play toys, and games that inspire their creative application of learned skills.

Nine is an important year for cognitive and emotional development together, so consider gifts that encourage your fourth grader to take on challenges on their own with hands-on activities.


Stanley 3-in-1 Keypad Robot

Educational Toys for Tweens - 12 in Solar Robot

If your child has ever wanted to build a robot, Stanley is an excellent place to start. This robot doesn't come pre-built; Stanley, the multi-purpose keypad robot, comes in 182 pieces that will teach your nine-year-old early robotics and mechanical engineering as they build their own electric remote-control toy.

Why 3 in 1? Once built, Stanley has three modes, a nerf gun, a doodle marker, and a sweeper. This is a fantastic robot kit for kids.

Gift your nine-year-old with a friend they can build themselves. The robot will draw for them, clean up (a little bit), and be remote-controlled as a sneaky unit in a house-wide nerf battle. Older kids love this one too! A brilliant STEM learning toy.


My First Chemistry Set by Clementoni

Clemontoni Chemistry Set

Chemistry is fun for kids who love hands-on play. There are so many ways to see chemistry in action.

With the My First Chemistry Set by Clementoni, your nine-year-old can test, mix, and experiment with both chemical and household products. They can watch chemistry cause things to change colours, bubble and fizz, dissolve and condense, mix and separate, and create multi-step reaction chains.

This is the perfect gift if you plan to explore with your nine-year-old. The kit comes with a few chemical substances like copper, tartaric acid, and litmus paper, along with a wide range of test tubes with caps, stir sticks, tweezers, droppers, and safety goggles.

Encourage your child to get into the physical sciences early with the fun of Chemistry.

This science kit helps children learn about chemistry and is sustainable for 8 years and older age groups.


KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit

Educational Toys for Pre-Teen - Finger Prints

Is your nine-year-old a super sleuth? Some kids love detective and crime stories. They crawl around with their first magnifying glass. A classic Kidzlabs Fingerprint Kit

They love both classic and modern detective novels, from Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew to the latest crime-stopping cartoon heroes. Kids who are serious about catching criminals will dive into forensic science with the KidsLabs Fingerprint Kit.

Most kids wonder how fingerprints work, pay attention to the dusting, and think about catching criminals with those special marks.

This could be the gift of the season for a nine-year-old who has been soaking up detective strategies and is ready to fingerprint the family. Get ready to have your hands inked and your surfaces lightly dusted by an extremely curious justice-driven grade-schooler.

Kids and adults will both love this one, teaching kids that no two fingerprints are the same.


Door Pong Game

Educational Toys Pre-Teen - Door Pong

Of course, nine-year-olds are also growing fast physically as well as mentally. Nine is a common year for growth spurts and a need to burn off energy between schoolwork and science projects.

Door pong is a great indoor solution to a need for sports, activities, and a way for siblings to play together.

The door pong game clamps to the centre of a doorway and attaches to a ping-pong ball by a string.

You control how long the string is and, therefore, how far the ball can swing (and how tall the players have to be). Your nine-year-old will appreciate a way to jump, play, and practice their gross motor skills as they grow new inches in every direction.

A fast-paced, enjoyable toy for kids when they are stuck indoors.

Finding the perfect gift for your nine-year-old relies on balancing their interests with games and toys that will challenge them at their current level.

Encourage your nine-year-old to dive into STEM skills, use their existing knowledge, and practice all-new skills they discover along the way.

Whether learning new math skills, science skills, or about the human body, it should be fun! At KidzInc, we sell child development packaged as fun.

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