Music And Child Development

Music And Child Development

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Music & Child Development

As you know music is one of the most magical forms of entertainment and enjoyment, from the moment we are born. And for most of us this entertainment never ceases.

The wonderful thing about music is not only is it enjoyable but it taps into a number of areas for child development. A study by “Joyce Eastlund Gromko” found that children who receive music training will develop aural skills. They learn words faster than children who do not learn music.

I guess when we think about this further, I do not know about you, but when I recite the alphabet I sing it in my head. I enjoy the song, and because I enjoy I am sure I sang it many times. When I was younger, I probably wanted to learn it, and was motivated to do so.

I don’t know if such a test exists, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see how different children performed. One hearing the alphabet through instruction, and the other learning it through music? My guess would be that the one who enjoyed learning the alphabet through music would learn it quicker, and hold onto the information more permanently.

In fact there are a number of things that music is commonly believed to have an effect on, when it comes to child development;

Creativity - when your little one, makes words up because they forget how they go

Dance - Motor skills

Team Work & Social Skills - Playing music with other children

And let's not forget fun.

Music plays a crucial role in child development, as it builds and develops social, emotional, and intellectual skills.

So go ahead sing to your little one, bang the table with a wooden block, play music to them, and listen to it until you know the words yourself.

I often find myself these day’s driving along listening to nursery rhymes singing the songs to realise I am the only one in the car. Only sometimes do I then put the radio on :).

I love the enjoyment music brings my children, and how quickly our daughter learned her ABC through the song. Could there be a more enjoyable way to learn them?

We would love to hear about what your little one has learned through music, their favourite song, or instrument?

Music is magical and so are children, it seems like the perfect combination!

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