Digibirds - The singing table top Pets

Digibirds - The singing table top Pets

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

Finally, the Digibird’s have arrived. These magical little birds, tweet, sing many different songs, move, and join each other in the choir. Yes, just like having your own little bird without any mess. I know who can believe it.

This is one of the hottest new toys on the market, and every child will soon be asking for one.

Digibird just won girls toy of the year 2014” at the Australian Toy Association.

Yes and believe it or not, you can now order them.

Amazingly the Digibird will provide your child with hours of fun. When they blow at their little Digibird, the Digibird will tweet.

When your child uses the whistle ring that comes with the Digibird, they will sing songs.

Your Digibird even comes with a free Android or iPhone App that you download to access more songs, and can play to open up tunes.

When you collect more than one Digibird, they can all sing along together like a little choir. So if your daughter has friends who have a Digibird, they can have them sing along together. What a fun way to learn co-operation?

The Digibird’s also have some of the coolest accessories. You can buy a fun playhouse, seesaw, or birdcage. You can even link the birdcages so you can carry more than one Digibird.

There are 12 beautiful Digibird’s with a whistle ring to choose from or collect, and we are taking orders now. Don’t miss out!

Click here to buy the Digibirds interactive singing pet for your little girl or boy.

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