GoldieBlox - The Construction Toy Made for Girls

GoldieBlox - The Construction Toy Made for Girls

Posted on July 19, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


Hey??? Yes you heard us right the construction made for little girls. You see there is this story about this engineer by the name of Debbie Sterling, who only discovered engineering at the age of 18.

She was never exposed to building toys, even Lego as a little girl and never thought twice about it. Until she discovered engineering, and then she discovered that 80% of the engineers were male.

Why? Well she figured the answer was simple, no little girls are given construction toys like GoldieBlox. So GoldieBlox was born through the ingenuity of Debra, and the community of Kickstarter.

GoldieBlox is an engineering toy made for little girls. It is a book and construction set, because little girls love to read, and they get to do this with Goldie and her crew of motley friends. As they read along they build and create the same construction sets as Goldie and her friends.

They build what Goldie builds, and at the same time they develop their spatial skills. It is the toy you may have wished you had, and the one toy that helps little girls discover if they would also like to be engineers one day. Even if they don’t, they will develop their spatial skills, be creative when they make their own designs, and love the adventure part of the GoldieBlox story.

GoldieBlox combines spatial skills and reading skills. Which of course develops verbal skill. GoldieBlox was born in San Francisco just over a year ago, and we are proud to help bring it to the world, and your daughter.

Oh yes, did we mention it comes in pink :)

Click here to buy the GoldieBlox construction toy for your little girl.

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