Ravensburger Puzzles and the Benefits to your Childs Mind

Ravensburger Puzzles and the Benefits to your Childs Mind

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Lubica Misevski

For only a few more days, we have Ravensburger puzzles on sale. If you have not heard about their collection and the puzzles they make, you are in for a surprise.

However, before we tell you about the quality of these puzzles, let us share with you how they develop your child. Puzzles develop your child’s spatial skills, fine motor skills, attention, concentration and focus. It also helps them learn about matching, sorting, and how many components can end up making something bigger than the sum of the parts. It also develops their memory, and recognition skills as well as problem solving capability.

In fact, puzzles are nothing short of amazing for educational development. They touch on so many area’s of both physical and brain development, that we feel every home should have them. They are superb for adults too :)

However, like anything if the product is not good the enjoyment does not last. This is why we are so proud to bring you the Ravensburger collection and also at a sale price.

Now this sales will end 30th July 2014, so with only a few days left, we wanted to write a blog and just let you know why they are so good.

The Ravensburger puzzles have soft click technology, so this means when you put them together they have that nice clicking feel. You know where it just fits snugly into the next piece.

Ravensburger creates puzzles were no two pieces are the same. Ravensburger uses international photography agencies, photographers, and internationally renowned illustrators. These agencies and illustrators create their unique pictures, portraits, and puzzle boards.

All the Ravensburger puzzles are produced on the finest composition of cardboard and must be perfect. It has been specifically designed for Ravensburger. As per their unique and exacting guidelines, they are environmentally friendly.

The secret behind the print of the puzzle picture onto a high-quality linen embossed paper, is using high-tech machines. Each puzzle picture is created with almost watchmaker precision.

Oh yes, if you ever loose a piece of the puzzle, the Ravensburger service department will be glad to assist you.

We are proud to carry this range, and we know it will bring you and your child hours of fun and development. It is one of the highest quality puzzle products on the market, and we know it will serve you and your family well.

There is a puzzle for everyone, please click here to see the full range.

Should you be after one that we do not carry, please let us know, and we can get one for you.

KidzInc because learning should be fun!

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