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Social skills learnt through playing with Sylvanian Families

Posted on August 03, 2014 by Lubica Misevski


We all know the importance of our family, the love we share amongst each other, the hopes, dreams, and so much more. We learn this from the moment we are born, and there is nothing more important than family to us.

This is why we love Sylvanian families. It is such a wonderful collection of little families, who live together, share and enjoy their little village life. There are so many aspects to the Sylvanian families that we are unlikely to include them all in this post.

Created back in 1965, Sylvanian Families have continued to grow around the world. Their focus has always been on three main principles, nature, family, and love and what a wonderful aspiration that is.

With Sylvanian Families, your children learn key social skills. They learn how diverse families can be through the different types of families. The collections include the chocolate rabbit family, silk cat family, and the walnut squirrel family. They all might just live in a cosy cottage starter home :), or the grand Beachwood hall.

Whether you start with the cottage starter home, of cedar terrace you can start small and slowly build your village. There are eating out sets like the hamburger restaurant, juice bar for the healthier families, or the courtyard restaurant. In fact, you can build this to include the soft ice cream shop, the pizza parlour, or the popcorn cart. Luckily they all live near the forest, so they can go for a run afterwards :).

This enables you to build a little village, and that brings all of the Sylvanian communities together. Also, we personally love the tree house, as it comes with a slide, and hammock when joined with the log cabin.

With a great focus on nature, all the settings have that forest village feel. It helps your little one learn about relationships and love of others.

All the figures are soft and warm by appearance, and are very detailed with a happy disposition. It is not trendy per se, even though it grows in popularity every single year. It is a collectable and whether your child has one family, one piece or many we know they will love playing with them.

How do we know, our daughter loves them, and her passion for them has made us fall in love with the Sylvanian families even more than we originally had.

From an education point of view, the Sylvanian families teach your child about love, social interaction, and fine motor skills. It is also great for understanding different animals and nature and emotional development. The families are always happy, and whilst life is not always that way it is a wonderful disposition to have.

We stock the complete range, because we believe in the Sylvanian families so strongly. Even our little boy has started to play with them. Oh yes, he loves the Sylvanian family saloon car.

They are a beautifully made product, and one that you will be happy you bought. We are proud to sell it, and use it ourselves :)

For the full range please click here, and we would love to hear about your experiences with this wonderful collection.

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